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Master of the End Times - Chapter 451

Published at 28th of November 2020 03:00:06 PM

Chapter 451: 451

Chapter 451: Self-served Ultra Steak

Guo Guan’s face instantly turned grim!

It was a D-tier beast emperor . They had no way to take on a beast that strong .

Guo Guan wanted to flee but he was piloting an aircraft right now; so, he could not just do whatever he wanted . Besides, Qin Feng was still watching him from behind!

Thus, Guo Guan forced a calm demeanor and turned toward Qin Feng . “Boss, should we flee? It’s a D-tier beast emperor!”

Yet, all he got was a calm reply from Qin Feng, “Flee? Why?”

He was waiting for this very moment!

To others, this ultra beast was nothing but a massive calamity, yet to Qin Feng this was like a massive ultra steak that was serving itself to him directly .

Qin Feng knew what was going to happen in the future . Thus, naturally he would also know what kind of ultra beast would appear at the exact time and location .

Qin Feng did not come to the City of Death solely for the Secret Tower of Death even though the gains he acquired from it was something to grin about .

It was the same with this dimensional rift .

Qin Feng took a long look at the dimensional rift—it was getting bigger and bigger; in just the blink of an eye, it grew to thirty meters in height .

To the others that were onlooking, it felt as though the dimensional rift had become a gigantic, wide mouth, intending to swallow the aircraft whole .


Guo Guan swallowed nervously as he stared at the rift .

He was no longer a child . However, he was not getting stronger or braver . He had never seen a D-tier beast emperor before .

Only the C-tiers would dare to take on this kind of ultra beast . Not only that, it would take only the best of the C-tiers to take it down .

And now, he was going to face this kind of monstrosity head on?

This caused great anxiety to Guo Guan .

Meanwhile, the dimensional rift had widened to an even bigger size now . As it was widening, a massive silhouette crawled out of the dimensional rift .

The silhouette was so huge that it could easily be three-storeys tall . This thing looked like a giant turtle that was a dozen meters in height .


After crawling out of the dimensional rift, the giant turtle fell on the ground . It fell on its back, struggling to get back up with its four feet .

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Several giant turtles crawled out of the dimensional rift again . Of course, only a few of them were lucky enough to land on four feet .

Without hesitation, Qin Feng ordered, “Attack!”

Guo Guan was stunned after hearing this .

Qin Feng frowned as he saw the other giant turtles crawling toward each other and aiding their brethrens to stand firm on their feet .

Qin Feng immediately walked toward the E-tier pilot and carried him out of his pilot seat, and then sat on it .

The E-tier pilot was shocked when he saw this, not knowing what to do . All he was thinking was that Qin Feng should not have been reckless even if he was anxious . If he pushed the wrong button or keys, the aircraft could explode!

Yet, Qin Feng did not meddle with the controls . Instead, he put on a set of eyepatches and a helmet .

That was a set of equipment linking to one’s consciousness .

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In an instant, Qin Feng’s consciousness merged with the aircraft . He felt as though the wings and engines were now his body, and that the weapons had become his limbs .

In a pinch of focus, Qin Feng fired his two cannon shells at his targets .

These were solid, non-energy based shells . Thus, they were not as high-tech as the calvaries . Yet, these babies were still quite destructive .

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The fired cannon shells darted through the air and curved down onto two ultra beasts .

Indeed, these turtles were all beast emperor type . And there were eleven of them in total .

These were Decamillennium Turtles, or in short “Deca Turtles” . And as their names implied, each one of these monsters had lived for over ten thousand years .

These turtles were giant warriors that were quite formidable in the water . However, they did not evolve to have water based runes on them; thus, all they had were sturdy turtle shells and powerful jaws .

Thus, when they left the waters, these Deca Turtles were nothing but easy targets!



Massive explosions instantly turned the two Deca Turtles over on their backs .

Whoosh!!!! Boooom!!

And another shot from the aircraft, turning another Deca Turtle over .

Qin Feng’s attacks were carefully calculated, aiming all his shots at the turtles’ feet .

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Thus, in mere minutes, the rest of the Deca Turtles were now all facing the sky with all their feet in the air . They could not move at all now, posing no threat whatsoever to humanity .

Jin Fei, Guo Guan and the E-tier pilot’s jaws were rolling on the ground as they watched this .

Indeed, it was possible to do this . Yet, to actually do this, it would require a mix of sharply-tuned skills and luck .

Was this guy a gunner?!

So, Qin Feng was not just an ability user but also an ancient warrior that double-majored in skills? He could even shoot like that?

The more Guo Guan looked at it, the more mysterious Qin Feng was to him .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng’s aircraft flew closer to the beast emperors, hovering hundreds of meters above them . The Deca Turtles’ massive bodies were so close to him that he could almost kiss them .

Of course, Qin Feng was not trying to observe the turtles in close range . He was intending to absorb the turtles . And he feared that he might not be able to do it properly from afar .

When he got close, Qin Feng focused his thoughts as several rays of energy burst out .


The energy rays fell toward the Deca Turtles’ heads . The turtles seemed to have sensed danger and instantly pulled their heads back into their turtle shells .

Thus, all the energy rays hit on their shells instead, causing no damage to the turtles .

However, Qin Feng had foreseen this and had prepared a hand for it .

“Refract Shot!”

His consciousness turned into a massive mirror and led the energy rays to burst toward it . As the rays hit on the mirror, it directed them toward the Deca Turtles .

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Thus, the energy rays had been shot straight into the holes of the turtle shells . Then…


The turtle shells exploded . Flesh and shell fragments darted out miles into the air, giving one a glimpse of just how powerful the explosion inside the shells were . Naturally, this had hurt the Deca Turtles tremendously .

“Refract Shot! It’s a Refract Shot!”

Guo Guan’s eyes were so widened that it felt as though his eyeballs wanted to climb out of his eye sockets to watch closely what was going on outside .

Refract Shot was a high tier technique amongst the D-tier aptitude users . However, it was quite difficult to master . Even to this day, there were only a handful of C-tiers who knew how to do it .

And the reason was simple, really .

The projectiles that could be used for Refract Shots were often energy beams . And the beams were not only strong, they were fast—making it difficult for one to control their aim .

Nonetheless, this was a really valuable technique to master . Refract Shot could alter the projectiles’ direction, making it quite difficult to predict their trajectory . If one were to use this in a gunfight, it could end an opponent’s life before he even sees where the shots came from .

Not only that, if the enemies were also using energy beams, the Refract Shot users could also deflect the oncoming attacks too, making them virtually invisible in a gunfight .

Of course, as mentioned earlier, to master Refract Shot would require a lot of training . If one’s focus was not honed to perfection, it would be almost impossible to pull it off .

“Refra… Refract Shot…!!! How… How did Mr Qin do it? How could he have such powerful focus?!” that E-tier pilot cried out in disbelief .

“Idiot! Boss is an ability user . So, it’s natural for him to have this kind of focus!”

Guo Guan, too, was in awe at the display of Refract Shot . However, it did not take long before he realized that Qin Feng was an ability user so he quickly showcased his brownnosing toward his boss . Of course, Qin Feng had no time to entertain him .

As the main cannons and sub-cannons lit up again, the aircraft started to rain another round of shots from above .

Psssstttt… . !!!!!