Master of the End Times - Chapter 452

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Chapter 452


Chapter 452: Decimating The Turtles

Energy rays rained down from the sky at a rate that was quite difficult to follow with mortal eyes, dazzling every onlooker that was trying to observe the battle .

Guo Guan widened his eyes in disbelief as he watched Qin Feng’s aircraft maneuver . It felt as though this man was doing something impossible for a human being every single minute at the pilot seat .

The whole aircraft was about three hundred meters in length, equipped with several heavy duty main cannons, thousands of sub-cannons and other weaponries . It would take a lot of focus for Qin Feng to pull this off .

Yet, Qin Feng did not seem to be strained by the ordeal of piloting the aircraft using his consciousness .

“Thanks to Godwill Atlas, I have acquired the art of multi-tasking via training . No one can top my skill in multi-tasking!”

Qin Feng seemed to be quite relaxed as he said this .

“Boss, let me help you!”

Seeing that Qin Feng had already beaten the beast emperors to a pulp, Guo Guan hurried to one of the controls and took control of parts of the aircraft .

However, as he merged his consciousness into the aircraft, Guo Guan could feel a very terrifying presence .

This terror… it felt as though it was an enormous, never-ending abyss staring into his soul . This was a rather powerful consciousness that he was sensing .

Guo Guan was a gunner . As such, he had keen and sensitive sensing ability . Qin Feng had great powers hidden within him but he had been actively hiding his powers, resulting in Guo Guan not being able to sense them until this moment

Right now, Guo Guan felt as though he was facing a tremendously powerful ultra beast… an overwhelmingly powerful beast emperor .

If his guesses were correct, Qin Feng’s consciousness and powers had already reached that of emperor level!

Meanwhile, Qin Feng took a glance at Guo Guan’s consciousness . He felt as though he was looking at a weak, feeble child . The poor gunner could be easily crushed by his consciousness if he wanted .

However, Qin Feng had taken care to provide some controls for Guo Guan . He actively let go of the sub-cannons on the left side of the aircraft and pulled Guo Guan’s consciousness to them!

The force of the pull was so great that Guo Guan could not reject it at all . He felt as though he was a toddler being pulled around by an adult straight to the left side of the aircraft .

Guo Guan let out a dry smile as he took control of the sub-cannons and started attacking .

Of course, his attacks were not as great as Qin Feng’s . All he could do was to perform direct shots at the Deca Turtles’ obvious weak spots .

Again, perhaps it was an attempt to be considerate to Guo Guan, Qin Feng flew the aircraft lower—all the way to sixty meters high . If the Deca Turtles were to turn their bodies, their tummies might actually hit the aircraft .

Still, these giant turtles could not do much to hurt them .

As Qin Feng’s energy beam rained down again, a Deca Turtle’s body was pierced through .

Then, an enormous energy burst out of the turtle’s body, feeding themselves back to Qin Feng .

It felt as though a huge mouth was widening up as it devoured the Deca Turtle’s energy .

In an instant, Qin Feng could feel that his body had gotten stronger again . His heart was beating stronger and livelier than before .

He could even feel that his lifespan appeared to have been extended too .

The Deca Turtles were a rare kind of ultra beast . Their cores could prolong human lifespan .

One core could raise one’s lifespan by ten years!

That was why many people were killing one another to grab these resources .

Qin Feng’s eyes were beaming with laughter .

There was no way he would let others acquire these cores .

Although increasing his own lifespan did not mean that he could avoid other kinds of untimely demise, still Qin Feng did not want to miss this opportunity .

As the aircraft kept firing at the turtles, the onlookers could see very clearly that the aircraft’s left cannons and weapons were not as efficient as the others .

However, since the Deca Turtles were all turned over and incapacitated, there was no need to worry about them attacking back . These ultra beasts were no threat to them whatsoever .


Qin Feng had devoured another Deca Turtle… and another… and another…

In just half an hour, all eleven Deca Turtles were slaughtered . At the same time, Qin Feng could feel that his power had been increased by a great deal!

The last time he got to raise his power level like this was about a month ago .

Yet, this time he was able to absorb eleven beast emperors in one go . The energy that he got to devour was quite huge . Thus, it was natural for him to feel a major jump in his own power .

The battle was now over .

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Qin Feng took in a huge breath before descending the aircraft, all the way to a dozen meters above the ground!

“Let’s go down . We have loads of materials to harvest!” Qin Feng ordered .

The others seemed to have awakened from their awe after hearing what Qin Feng said . They quickly got ready and got down from the aircraft .

There were about, including Guo Guan, a hundred men on the aircraft . There were around thirty E-tier aptitude users and the rest of them were just janitors, cooks and cleaners .

As such, it seemed unthinkable for them to have all the aptitude users leave the aircraft, leaving it undefended . Not only that, they did not even know what these giant turtles were called . These things were so enormous that each one of them looked like a huge villa . If they were to climb into the turtle shells, it would seem as though they had entered a massive building .

Bai Li raised her hand and focused her Psionic power . In an instant, the beast emperors’ cores, each a meter wide, appeared on the ground!

The cores had rims of golden radiant on them, attracting the eyes of the ones who were looking at them . And there were eleven of them in total .

Bai Li raised her hand again and moved the cores into her spatial rune equipment .

“Quick, harvest the flesh . We need to get them boarded onto the aircraft! What? We don’t have enough containers? Then what are you waiting for? Get the hover copter and buy more of them . The nearest market should be minutes of flight away! Go!!”

Guo Guan excitedly ordered his underlings to work . The others, at the same time, started to clean up the area with tools in their hands .

“These turtle shells can be melted and made into rune equipment . And you can cut them open vertically like this . It’s easier to get their flesh this way!”

The Deca Turtles had a lot of goodies on them . Qin Feng did not want to waste an inch of their corpses . Meanwhile, he also needed to be careful to not expose Bai Li’s spatial dimension . As such, Qin Feng assigned everyone to dissect the Deca Turtles’ shells .

Bai Li, together with the rest of the crew, started to dissect the turtles and opened up their shells, cutting them up to pieces of three meters wide as Qin Feng put them all into the spatial rune equipment .

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Qin Feng had too many of these equipment on his hands anyway . So, it would be a waste if he did not use them here now . If there were loot that did not look particularly interesting to Qin Feng, he would toss them into the Battlegod Tomb . Xue Xingfu could handle those for him .

Thus, Qin Feng took out one spatial rune equipment after another as he filled them up with loot .

Suddenly, an aptitude user let out an excruciating cry and started to roll around in one of the turtle shells . His body had turned as red as blood!

“Wha… what is happening?”

The others in the crew were shocked when they saw this .

Qin Feng too took a look at the scene before letting out a cold smirk .

He raised his hand and used his Psionic power to throw the aptitude user out of the turtle shell .

For a while, the aptitude user kept on rolling on the ground painfully . Then, a surge of energy rose up from his body .

This was an F-tier aptitude user . In the City of Death, people like him tended to only get janitorial jobs . Usually, they were cannon fodders in the slums . With their abilities, they could bully the commoners who had no powers but due to them being weak it was not uncommon to be slaughtered by the stronger users .

Yet, this person’s presence suddenly experienced a huge burst . And in an instant, he turned into E-tier!

Still, despite the increase in tier, this aptitude user seemed to have suffered a great deal . His body had swelled up a lot—it looked as though his whole body had become a filled balloon and he could burst into pieces at any time .

Qin Feng clenched a fist of internal force and released it .


The aptitude user’s head instantly broke from his neck and shot one meter high up into the sky . Blood burst out of the aptitude user’s neck like a mini fountain of blood .