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Master of the End Times - Chapter 453

Published at 29th of November 2020 03:25:09 PM

Chapter 453: 453

Chapter 453: The Creeping Eyes

Everyone watched with a surprised face .

It was quite common for a newly beheaded corpse to have blood gushing out . Yet, the blood was fountaining for quite an extended period of time .

“What… what the hell…”

Guo Guan looked at the blood fountain that was bursting from the corpse in shock .

Qin Feng, meanwhile, focused his consciousness on everyone at the scene .

In an instant, everyone felt as though they were being glared at by a really powerful ultra beast, freezing them in fear . Many of them were breathing heavily as their backs started to bend over, seemingly struggling to kneel down before Qin Feng .

“This is the flesh of D-tier beast emperors . Do you think you could take on these things’ power without proper procedures? Get back to work . Don’t worry, I’ll reward all of you accordingly . But no more funny ideas or else you’ll suffer a fate worse than death!”

Qin Feng’s eyes were flashing with a fierce glow .

That F-tier aptitude user had sneakily taken some blood from a Deca Turtle and drunk it in one gulp!

There were tons and tons of flesh and blood left over by the Deca Turtles . And that aptitude user was from the slums . Some people from the slums tended to be filthy thieves who would take advantage of any situation they were in .

Still, if Qin Feng wanted, he could have helped the aptitude user to dissolve the berserking energy in his body . It was quite simple really—even Guo Guan could do the same . By doing that, he could help the aptitude user to acquire great power and he himself could get some friendly networks in the city .

However, Qin Feng was not one who would allow others to take advantage of him . It was simply impossible for him to allow that . Hence, he killed that little twerp without hesitation .

And he had made an example out of that F-tier aptitude user . Seeing this, the others forfeited any selfish ideas and started to cautiously harvest the beast emperors’ corpses .

These things were prized loot . However, the culture within the City of Death was quite different than the ones outside . The good stuff was only reserved for the strong . Without the consent from the strong, it was a crime for the weak to collect these goodies .

Guo Guan’s underlings were quick to return with their hover copters . Now that the equipment to store these Deca Turtles’ flesh were ready, everyone went to work at full speed .

Nonetheless, these beast emperors’ flesh and blood still had a strong stench, luring the other ultra beasts to come forward . They thought that these were dinner .

Most of the people in the scene were low tier aptitude users . Thus, when they saw the ultra beasts, they were so afraid that they froze up in fear—some of them could not even stand properly with their shaking feet .


A Swiftwind Wolf crept over after giving a long howl . These wolves were wind type E-tier ultra beasts, formidable assassins in the wild . Naturally, being wolves, they tended to work in packs . This one was most certainly a scout .

Guo Guan’s face turned grim when he saw this .

“Boss, let’s retreat!”

Although there were still a lot of materials to harvest, Guo Guan felt that it was about time to turn tail . The ability to resist one’s greed was the secret to living longer in this world .

“No! Keep on working . Hurry!” Qin Feng calmly ordered .

Then, Qin Feng vanished into thin air .

In the next instance, Qin Feng had appeared next to the Swiftwind Wolf and slashed his Verdant Emperor Saber diagonally upward . The Swiftwind Wolf’s head fell almost instantly .

“Growl… Howwwwl!!”

A series of howls could be heard from the distance .

The Swiftwind Wolves had good noses and possessed the power of the wind . More importantly, they were team players . Right after Qin Feng had slain the Swiftwind Wolf’s scout, the rest of the pack immediately knew what happened!

Suddenly, there was a huge hurricane blowing up from the horizon . It felt as though there was a massive wall of wind closing in on them at great speed!

Qin Feng squinted his eyes to look at the oncoming storm . With his consciousness, he could see just how many wolves were coming their way .

It seemed that there were over thousands of them! And not only that, some of them were D-tier beast generals and a beast king!

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So that was why they dared to march onward despite sensing a great threat from Qin Feng!

Guo Guan could not say anything this time . But he did not think that Qin Feng could handle an army of these buggers!

“Bo… Boss!!!”

Yet, Qin Feng did not seem to care . Suddenly, a pair of blue, fiery wings appeared on his back! Then, the fearless man darted straight to the air and toward the wolf pack!

He wanted to face them head on!

Guo Guan could not help but feel that Qin Feng had lost his mind .

Those were over thousands of Swiftwind Wolves!

Even the C-tier aptitude users would do their best to avoid clashing with an army of beasts like this!

However, Qin Feng did not intend to do that .

“Come and get it!”

A smirk appeared on Qin Feng’s face as he flew straight to the wolves .

When the Swiftwind Wolves saw Qin Feng, they immediately activated their wind runes without hesitation .

Powerful gusts started to swirl up around him .

Qin Feng’s body started to sizzle with internal force . When the wolves’ wind landed on his body, loud cracks could be heard in the air but Qin Feng’s body did not sustain any damage at all .


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Swiftwind Wolf King was enraged when it saw this . It opened its jaw and shot a powerful Wind Shear Vortex at Qin Feng . These attacks were so powerful that an ordinary human could see them with their bare eyes . And they could tear hills to pieces in seconds too!

Still, Qin Feng did not evade it . Instead, he raised his hand .

“Hellfire Ball!”

A huge fireball, one that was over five meters wide, appeared above his hand and flew straight at the Wind Shear Vortex!


The two attacks clashed and exploded . Flickers of fire flitted in the sky with the wind like red, crimson leaves .

The flittering fires were no ordinary fires too . Hellfires were quite difficult to put out . Much like maggots that had gotten a hold of bones, it was quite difficult for one to get rid of them when these fires had landed on their bodies .

In an instant, the Hellfire had rained down upon the Swiftwind Wolves .

From afar, Qin Feng felt like he was watching huge fireworks exploding in the air and its sparks flittered down . And then, waves of fire bloomed out on the ground as the Swiftwind Wolves yelped painfully .

Qin Feng raised his hand again .

“Decaying Rain!”

The skies suddenly turned dark and gloomy, almost as dark as the cloak of night . Then, black-colored, heavy rain started pouring down onto the Swiftwind Wolves . The wolves’ painful yelps turned into excruciating cries .

Their hides and bones started to wither and decompose . Such was the power of the Decaying Rain .

Thousands of ultra beasts? So what? They all perished almost in the blink of an eye by Qin Feng’s hand .

Guo Guan and the others watched the battle with their jaws rolling on the ground; they could not believe what they had just witnessed .

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“Wow, it’s no wonder these aptitude users are so prideful . They could kill off thousands of ultra beasts in an instant!”

With great power like this, even if he did not go out of the city and slaughter ultra beasts for the Dark Coalition, the coalition would still treat him like royalty .

Besides, if an aptitude user like this were to go berserk, the City of Death could turn into Ruins of Death overnight!

As everyone was in awe and deep in their thoughts, Qin Feng’s work with the Swiftwind Wolves was done .

After witnessing Qin Feng’s might, the Swiftwind Wolf King quickly turned tail and fled . Yet, in less than a second, Qin Feng had already caught up to it . As a fuchsia glare flashed in the air, Qin Feng had cut the beast king down with his Verdant Emperor Saber!

As the Swiftwind Wolf King fell lifelessly on the ground, a surge of energy was absorbed into Qin Feng’s body .

It was not much but it was enough to help Qin Feng ascend to a higher tier . Now, he was a D7-tier aptitude user!

In just a month’s time, Qin Feng had already gotten the power of eleven Deca Turtles and a beast king, giving him a huge leap in strength . Qin Feng was very satisfied with this result .

And Qin Feng’s ascension to a higher tier was also witnessed by everyone who was watching from afar . They almost went numb from the shock of witnessing a series of miracles!

A moment later, there were still a few hordes of ultra beasts marching toward their direction . The corpses of the Deca Turtles were, after all, a delicacy that was quite difficult for these ultra beasts to give up . Needless to say, Qin Feng had slaughtered them all too .

Meanwhile, the C-tiers that were stealthily hiding from afar were watching with great envy, seemingly about to strike at any time!

The City of Death was not far away . As soon as the dimensional rift opened, the city too had caught wind of it and sent their men to check up on the phenomenon . These scouts, when they arrived, saw Qin Feng at the scene attacking the Swiftwind Wolves but they did not dare to help him .

And they were also quite shaken when they saw all of the dead D-tier beast emperors .

These were the cores and flesh of the Decamillenium Turtles .

If given the opportunity, all of them would jump out to grab them all for themselves!