Master of the End Times - Chapter 455

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Chapter 455: 455

Chapter 455: Opposition Must Be Killed

With Qin Feng’s chuckle, the others naturally noticed his presence .

“Mr . Qin! How arrogant you are!” A C-tier said in a tone that dripped acid, sitting down with one leg over the other and not standing up .

Qin Feng walked over and stood beside Bai Li, holding her shoulders as if he was supporting her, and sneered at the C-tiers .

“Get up and get out!”

Qin Feng was not planning on being polite at all .

These people came to buy the Deca Turtle’s crystal core, not to say that he did not have one now but even if he did he was not planning on selling it .

The five C-tiers’ expressions suddenly fell, they did not expect Qin Feng to be so merciless .

“What? You want me to force you out?” Qin Feng let out a chilling laugh, his consciousness was getting stronger and stronger as it reached a terrifying height that began to put pressure on these C-tiers .

This was the will of a beast emperor .

The faces of these C-tiers began to pale, but they did not plan on letting this opportunity slip from them and were thinking of something else to say .

At this moment, Jin Fei burst through the door .

“Boss, there’s a guest from the city duke’s mansion!” A flustered Jin Fei said .

Then, a black-robed man who clearly had the presence of a C-tier aptitude user walked in .

The other C-tiers saw this obvious signal and were caught off guard, they all stood up .

The black-robed man swept his gaze across the C-tiers and even through the cloak, he could guess the intention of these other C-tiers .

The man then spoke in a deep voice, “I have something to discuss with Mr . Qin, the rest of you can come back tomorrow if you have any business with him!”

The City of Death was like the city duke’s own home, so these people understood that the black-robed man had the same intention as they did . They were here to set boundaries, but they themselves had no way to do it .

But the thought of the arrogant Qin Feng not being able to act arrogant made them pleased at his misfortune and all gave him a mischievous look .

“Oh, since it’s someone from the city duke’s mansion then we’ll come tomorrow!”

“It’s farewell for now, we should not be delaying the duke’s business!”

These people, who were originally like stubborn taffy, all suddenly dispersed .

Now, only the black-robed man remained .

He looked at Qin Feng and said, “Hand over all the Deca Turtle’s crystal cores!”

Qin Feng put on an indifferent face and responded coldly, “What do you mean?”

The person did not expect Qin Feng to be so ignorant and sneered, “Qin Feng, don’t think just because you’re some kind of untouchable miracle that can defy all the odds that you can be so selfish . The City of Death kindly took you in, it’s time that you show some appreciation!”

“You’ve been in the City of Death for so long and have gained a lot . The first time you used your tricks to get yourself a large pile of money, the city duke turned a blind eye . Consider that a mercy from the law!”

“Those who are acquainted, take out those cores and honor the duke so you may survive in the City . Otherwise, you will die if you provoke the duke!”

This black-robed man’s words started to sound like a threat after that last statement .

Qin Feng let out a sarcastic huff, “That’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard, the City of Death having mercy . Since when did the City of Death understand what mercy is?”

“And law? Since when did the city have laws?”

“As for whether or not I have the core, whether I live or not, that’s none of your concern!”

Qin Feng’s gaze became absolutely chilling .

The rules in the City of Death were different from that of the Human Alliance’s .

It was said before that if the weak were to gain treasures, they would be watched . Only the strong deserved good things .

Right now, Qin Feng was considered as part of the weak .

Unfortunately, the weak would also resist and if they had the power to resist, they might become a piece of iron that could not be bitten off!

Qin Feng’s voice rang out again, this time carrying a murderous intent .

“That’s because you’re not going back!”

He punctuated that sentence with a violent strike, slamming his palm toward the black-robed man .

This man had no idea that Qin Feng would attack and suddenly, he was furious . He was strong enough to become an agent for the city duke and Qin Feng dared to attack him .

Powerful internal force erupted into the surrounding area and the man also raised his palm .


The two’s internal forces slammed against one another and in that instant, the surrounding sofas and coffee table all turned into fragments and Jin Fei was tossed out with this powerful wave of energy .

They found themselves at a stalemate with their palm strikes, but at that moment silver light suddenly appeared all around the black-robed man .

Bai Li unexpectedly pulled a whip out of nowhere, the man did not even realize when she did it as she whipped at his body .

Fwip, crack, crack, crack, crack!

The internal force around the man dissipated instantly and a spatial crack appeared behind him .

He quickly began to retreat .

Pop pop pop pop!

Cracks appeared all around, it was better if the man had not moved as it looked like he had been attacked by a spear, his abdomen perforated with five holes .

The black robe was stained with blood and became even more tattered .

Qin Feng raised his hand and a beam of darkness shot out toward the figure .

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It was a Dark Ray .

Under the cover of powerful Dark runes, the aura of the black-robed man was suddenly weakened .

Now, regardless of whether he was a powerful C-tier, the most powerful display of strength that the black-robed man could unleash was only D-tier .

After being shrouded by such weakness, the black-robed person realised that the situation had turned sour and the face under his cloak finally changed .

“Qin Feng, you dare!”

He uttered a threat, but he did not hesitate to move and bolt straight for the door .

He knew that if he did not run now, he would die .

Just before he reached the door, his form shifted and instantly found himself facing Qin Feng again, appearing right in front of his attacker .

It was Bai Li’s spatial ability .

At this time, Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber was already in mid swing .


The head of the man was sent flying high .

While everything seemed to move slowly, in reality the start till the end of the fight only lasted about a minute . Qin Feng and Bai Li had a tacit understanding of one another, unleashing a sudden, unexpected outburst that could not be defended against .

The black-robed man instantly died .

Jin Fei was injured, but it was not fatal . At this time, he struggled to crawl over and saw the black-robed man’s body drop to the ground .

A huge wave of horror washed over his body .

As bold as he was, as someone who would have countless future achievements, he would have never thought of taking on one of the City of Death’s duke’s lackeys .

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After all, the presence of the black-robed men were deeply rooted in the hearts of the city’s inhabitants as they exuded mystery and fear .

“Boss, you, you… how could you kill him?!” Jin Fei trembled as he spoke .

Qin Feng seemed extremely calm .

“Why can’t I kill him?”

“He’s… he’s the… he’s from the city duke’s mansion! The city duke! The duke is going to get offended!”

Qin Feng let out a chilling laugh, “Opposition must be killed! I don’t care if he’s a city duke, the skies and seas are wide . I wonder if he can cover the sky with his hand?”

Jin Fei was stunned .

Qin Feng’s self-confidence being revealed like this made Jin Fei feel embarrassed .

Even the fear that the black-robed men and the city duke originally had over him was instantly shattered by Qin Feng .

The fear was gradually replaced by a firm gaze .

“I understand, Boss . What’s the next step? Destroy the body?”

Qin Feng simply said, “Move!”

Jin Fei was confused .


“The next step is to leave of course! Are you waiting for a B-tier to come knocking or something?”

Jin Fei’s mouth was agape, he thought that Qin Feng was someone who could back up the amount of pride he had but now he learned that Qin Feng was a murderous escapee!