Master of the End Times - Chapter 457

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Chapter 457

Chapter 457: The Regretful Death of a B-Tier

Although the city duke had blocked off Qin Feng’s consciousness, he still could not defend entirely against him . Qin Feng might not be able to find any useful information about the duke but he could still pinpoint his location .

The corners of Qin Feng’s mouth twitched and his consciousness surged .


The main cannon of the aircraft emitted a brilliant light .

At this time, the city duke fell from the destroyed hover copter with an immensely strong internal force shield wrapped around him!

In the next moment, the city duke felt a deadly threat .

He was still surrounded by smoke and flames . He could not see the danger with his eyes . He was an ancient warrior with a powerful consciousness and strong perception, but he still could not ‘see’ things that were too far away .

A beam of light suddenly shot through the smoke and instantly hit the city duke’s body .

Even his immensely strong internal force shield was instantly shattered before the light speared right through his body .

In the thick smoke, a figure dropped from the sky .

Qin Feng piloted the airship and flew it forward, flying above the area where the city duke was .

Numerous electronic scanners allowed them to quickly find the body .

There was a gaping hole in his chest that was still smoking from the attack . The body had been caught by a branch of a huge tree and was hanging there, still staring at the sky .

When the corpse appeared on the scanner, Guo Guan’s eyes widened and he could not believe it!

“That’s… that’s…”

His tongue was in a knot! He did not know what to say .

“You know them?” Qin Feng took off the consciousness controller .

“He… he…” Guo Guan’s voice trembled .

Qin Feng then said, “Looks like that really is the city duke! I didn’t kill the wrong guy!”

The corner of Qin Feng’s mouth turned into a smirk .

“What?!” Jin Fei and the other gunners all stared at the dead body with wide eyes . Then an absurd idea appeared in their heads .

This, this killed a B-tier?

By using this very aircraft?

Goodness! This was not something that people could even imagine .

How strong was a B-tier? One could raze a city with the flick of a hand but now this one was dead in the wild, his body hanging on a tree .

Qin Feng ignored the shock of these people and immediately ordered, “Bai Li, bring up the corpse . Let’s see if the city duke has anything good on him!”

It was a big boss after all .

If it were someone else, they would have been very excited after killing the City of Death’s duke but Qin Feng remained calm, even when he had never done this in his past life!

Bai Li’s consciousness shifted and a spatial rune appeared . Then, the body of the B-tier ancient warrior suddenly appeared on the aircraft .

The energy in the other’s dantian had not completely dissipated yet and Qin Feng quietly absorbed it while he was pretending to search the body .

When an ancient warrior had reached C-tier, their clusters of internal force would change from being like a splash of liquid into a pond . When they reach B-tier, that pond would become a lake!

A huge lake . One could only imagine how powerful this man’s internal force was .

Qin Feng’s Asteroid Assimilation instantly absorbed twenty segments of that pool into his body . His internal force was now thirty times stronger than someone of the same rank, that was the equivalent of 3 lakes, which was like a B3-tier ancient warrior .

But he had not condensed this power yet . He was powerful but his physical body was not able to show his inner strength . He was still D8-tier in terms of power .

He was not too far away from C-tier now!

Qin Feng flicked a finger and hell flame burned the body of the city duke, quickly turning it into ashes .

What remained were only a few inner armor and his spatial rune equipment!


After a little investigating, he found five more spatial rune equipment . This city duke really was very rich!

Of course, if anyone could kill Qin Feng now, it would be normal to find more than a dozen spatial rune equipment on him!

Qin Feng peered into it and was shocked by what he found .

The city duke had more than 30 trillion in just energy credits! Not to mention, there were different kinds of crystal cores and materials .

“Huh, why did you come after me, city duke? If you didn’t, you might still have had the chance to enjoy all these treasures . ” Qin Feng said .

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Guo Guan and the others just stared at where the city duke used to be . Qin Feng was still speaking like normal and they had no clue how to express their feelings .

“Boss, maybe he was doing it for the sake of saving face . You killed his subordinate and challenged his authority, so he decided to come out himself to teach you a lesson!” Jin Fei said .

Qin Feng smirked . “So we did everything we could then!”

Guo Guan’s mouth twitched . “I’m afraid that no one would have thought of it!”

For the City of Death’s duke, a B2-tier ancient warrior, would killing a D-tier aptitude user not be as simple as squishing an ant?

Who would have thought that this ant carried with it a lethal toxin and bit back, killing the duke instead .

“Alright, stop crowding around here and clean this up . We’re going to keep moving!”

The surrounding people moved, but in their minds, Qin Feng had already reached the mountain’s peak and ascended into godhood!

“Boss, we’re going back to the City of Death now?” Guo Guan asked .

“Why go back?”

Qin Feng had never thought of going back .

Guo Guan said, “But boss, you killed the city duke . If we go back, we can inherit his position as the City of Death’s new duke . Then the entire city would be ours!”

These thoughts would excite people, infinitely inflating one’s desires .

The City of Death was too profitable .

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From gambling in the Secret Tower of Death to even a ticket needed to enter the city .

The whole place was a money making machine .

“The body’s gone . I say I’ve killed the duke of the City of Death, would other people buy that? Even if they did, wouldn’t other Dark Coalition people come for me? We just killed a B-tier from the City of Death, do you plan to kill another one? And what if they send more than one?”

Guo Guan hung his head dejectedly as if he was just splashed with cold water .

That made sense .

Although Qin Feng killed the City of Death’s duke, it was because of luck for the most part!

If another B-tier were to come, it could be impossible to succeed .

There were still other factions established by other B-tier bosses around the City but they did not raise idlers or make colonies . They were a group of aptitude users working together, facing down the Human Alliance from time to time, and raiding their loot transports .

But that did not mean these people were weak .

On the contrary, there were quite a few B-tier aptitude users among them .

These people were all staring covetously at the City of Death . If Qin Feng went back to take the position of city duke, would he not get headhunted?

If that were the case, why bother with all the trouble?

Thinking of this, Guo Guan made a decision . So long as he followed Qin Feng, all would be well .

The aircraft resumed its journey and finally arrived at Psipur after four days!