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Master of the End Times - Chapter 459

Published at 2nd of December 2020 03:20:07 PM

Chapter 459: 459

Chapter 459: Ah Psai’s Invitation

“Thank you, thank you sir!”

After the man crawled onboard and saw Qin Feng and Bai Li, he started shivering, not expecting Qin Feng to be so tall in stature .

Besides, someone who owned a hover copter like the Sky Dweller must be a wealthy man .

“Do you know how to pilot a hover copter?” Qin Feng asked in a low voice .

“Huh? Ah, yeah yeah!” The watchman quickly nodded . While he was only an F-tier, he was a gunner as well and had piloted hover copters before .

Qin Feng stepped aside and allowed him into the pilot seat before jumping right out of the hover copter’s cabin door .

“Ah! Sir! What are you doing?!”

The person asked Bai Li in a shaky voice, after all a monster wave had broken out below!

They were all E-tier ultra beasts with terrifying strength, and they were Plow Worms, their movements unpredictable . How could Qin Feng just have jumped down?

When Qin Feng landed on the ground, a giant plow worm noticed him and opened its maw, trying to swallow him whole .

But, due to his speed and agility, there was no way that these worms would have been able to even touch the corner of his clothes!

Then, flames burst out into the sky .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

The surrounding one hundred meters were enveloped in flames .


The horrible flames caused these worms to scream the moment they made contact .

The plow worm was huge and it was hard to get a lock on to one due to how it moved but it had low defense . After Qin Feng’s Hellfire Carpet blew up around him, it immediately burned them into ashes .

When he moved, the flames moved with him . No plants grew where he walked and he had no openings for attack .

His consciousness was locked onto the ground below .

“Found it!”

He did not miss a beat as he immediately used his consciousness to control a very small crystal which had been pulled from the plow worm’s tunnel, to the surface and gently floated it into his hands .

It was a yellow nail-sized crystal, which contained an immense amount of energy

Gaea crystal .

In fact, the abnormal behavior of these plow worms were also caused by the gaea crystals . While they were plowing through the earth, they could have swallowed the crystals and evolved .

Many of the plow worms that Qin Feng killed had swallowed these crystals before, but they had not digested it yet . When he burned them all with hellfire, all that remained were these crystals and he took all of them away .

In just a moment, Qin Feng had eradicated an extremely dangerous monster tide with his powerful ability!

The gunner’s jaw dropped, his eyes widened .

“A master ability user!”

Qin Feng was without a doubt the strongest ability user that the gunner had ever seen .

With a flick of his hand, there were flames covering a hundred meters around him . The huge worm tide could not bear this fire and were all burned to ashes .

Just as the gunner was staring in slack-jawed awe, another sentry tower in the distance finally noticed a problem and sent out a red signal .

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This signal was actually a firework that could be only seen from the city .

Qin Feng raised his hand to signal for the hover copter to descend and at this time, a hovercraft soon appeared .


It was Jin Fei! He had not been far from the area, so naturally he witnessed the entire thing .

“Send this sentry to a safe place ahead and then come back!” Qin Feng ordered

“Right!” Jin Fei nodded

The sentry was extremely grateful . “Thank you, Sir, thank you!”

This man did not just save him, but seemed to care for his well-being . Such a high-ranking person made him so excited that he did not know what to say!

Qin Feng ignored the sentry and went back with Bai Li .

After arriving back on the aircraft, he took out the gaea crystals he collected . He had a total of eleven pieces .

The size between the pieces differed, the small ones were about the size of thumbnails, while the big ones were the size of fists .

A fist-sized gaea crystal would have been worth up to tens of billions .

The price of these items could be raised up to hundreds of billions due to how valuable they were .

In fact, the originally estimated price of the gaea crystals were decided due to their plentiful occurrence up until they ran out .

If the topic were about the gaea crystals on Earth alone, their price could be increased by dozens of times . What was more, it was something that no aptitude user could refuse .

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For an ability user, they could evolve their ability core and increase the size of their Mutant Planet .

For ancient warriors, if they wanted to get from A-tier to S-tier, there needed to be a change in quality in which the gaea crystals became a compulsory item .

How could this item not cause competition between people .

Beep beep beep!

His communicator rang, he opened it to see that Jin Fei was calling him .

“Boss, Psipur’s city duke wants to send someone over to thank you for your help earlier!” Jin Fei said .

“Oh?” Qin Feng thought about it for a while and said, “Okay, I’ll be over later!”

“Bai Li, I’ll be going out for a while, you can rest on the airship!”

“Why won’t you take me there?” Bai Li asked curiously .

“That’s because the chief of Psipur is an old pervert . I’m afraid if he falls in love with you I’d have to kill him!”

Bai Li said with a bright smile, “Then just kill him and we’ll be the chiefs instead!”

“Okay, that’s enough from you . ”

“Got it! I was just kidding!” Bai Li did not mind, she would play nice and stay put!

Qin Feng got off the aircraft, taking Jin Fei and Guo Song along, and headed off to Psipur .

From a distance, they saw that Psipur’s walls were made out of the wood from giant trees .

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Due to the year-long hot weather, the soldiers guarding the city did not have on much other than a grass skirt around their waist .

Not only that, but when one enters the city they could also see that the women here were the same, only covered pieces of fabric .

After they saw aptitude users they would immediately kneel on the ground as a manner of greeting .

Such an atmosphere was terrible, Qin Feng did not want Bai Li to come here .

Psipur’s patriarchal system meant that women had a very low status . He was afraid that Bai Li might be asked to wear more exposing clothes, which meant that more people would gawk at her . That meant he would actually have to start murdering again!

Besides, he did not want her to see such a scene .

Soon, under the guidance of an informant, Qin Feng arrived at Psipur’s castle where the chief resided .

The chief of the city was called Ah Psai . That was just a moniker, all of the chiefs had their own titles .

Ah Psai had dark skin, his body was small and round with a pot-belly . However, this man was no pushover . He was a wood ability user and was a C-tier .

If someone were to look down on him, then the consequences could be deadly!

Ah Psai was very good at making poisons!

Qin Feng knew that after the gaea crystals appeared, Ah Psai, who was closest to the source, immediately mustered up a large collection of them and was afraid of people discovering his hoard . As such, he poisoned a large number of people before he was finally exposed .

After all, the situation where planes were melding together was quite spectacular .

Even then, the chief did not stop and kept killing people until he was listed as a wanted criminal by the Human Alliance .