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Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Friend or Foe?

The other guy did not give Qin Feng a chance to explain himself before he launched another attack!

Qin Feng was running at maximum speed around the corner, when…


A violent explosion suddenly went off behind him, throwing up a massive cloud of dust and rubble .

A potent weapon the likes of a high-powered energy gun could kill its target with a single blow . Even if Qin Feng wore rune armor, the blast could still kill him as his head was unprotected .

“If you attack again, I will counter you!” Qin Feng shouted as he looked to the ground, his fists clenched tightly .

However, the answer to his threat was all but another deafening explosion!

The entire place was engulfed with choking smog, and the roof was starting to crumble with debris falling .

That really annoyed him . “I’m also here to clean up the lab! We’re on the same side, you dumbass! Why are you still attacking?!”

At that, the assault immediately stopped .

“Who do you work for?” The assailant asked from across the hallway .

Of course, Qin Feng did not know how to answer the question .

Who was he working for? He worked for no one .

“Ah, forget it . Whoever it is, there’s one thing I know for sure – I won’t let you escape!” The person laughed hysterically and raised his energy cannon again .

Qin Feng was outraged . The gears in his mind ground and whirred like a machine . This guy’s plan was obviously to annihilate the laboratory in its entirety, leaving no one in it alive . That may have seemed to line up with Qin Feng’s intentions, but the latter part sure had a more homicidal ring to it .

On top of that, the man in the suit looked delighted to see the intruder, as if help had finally arrived . Instead, the intruder went ahead and killed him as if they didn’t know each other .

That instant, a thought struck Qin Feng as he remembered somebody in his mind .

“You work for the deputy mayor!” Qin Feng said in a bitter tone .

“Hehe, so what if you guessed, right? Must you know everything? What is the point?” the man responded before pulling the trigger again .

Qin Feng was right . This man did indeed work for the deputy mayor . As a matter of fact, this was his very competent subordinate; an F-tiered gunner named He Li .

G-tier aptitude users were the dominant force in Chengbei . For this reason, those who were F-tier, like Xue Xingfu, could only assume the office of captain . It was, however, a position that should never be underestimated, as they were known to accumulate wealth that most would never imagine having .

Even some of the magnates with a net worth of up to tens of millions had to associate themselves with Xue Xingfu .

It was a well-known fact that tens of millions weren’t nearly enough to raise an F-tier ability user .

“Since you don’t plan to let me off the hook . I won’t either!” Qin Feng grinned . Just because the guy was an F-tier gunner, it did not mean that he had the license to be so arrogant . In his haughtiness, he didn’t realize that chances were, Qin Feng wasn’t inferior to him .

“Xiaobai!” Qin Feng called out softly .

Upon hearing its name, Xiaobai released the space element, and Qin Feng vanished into thin air!

“Again?!” the gunner gasped, unable to fathom how Qin Feng managed the feat . Not to be dismissed, he had also prepared himself mentally and was alert of his surroundings .

Before he knew it, Qin Feng had reappeared behind him!

He Li immediately detected Qin Feng’s presence but could not use his energy cannon because the distance between them was too small . If he were to fire the weapon, he would have placed himself in the line of fire as well . On top of that, the energy cannon was hefty and sluggish to operate .

But then again . How could He Li not possess his own trump card?

Speaking of which, the energy cannon in his hand vanished and in its place were two handguns!

Swiftly, he turned around and fired!

Pow! Pow! Pow!

Zing! Zap! Plonk!!! Qin Feng wielded his Verdant Emperor Saber, ricocheting every shot, and none of the bullets hit him .

A look of genuine surprise flashed across He Li’s face . “Silverlight Rune Equipment!”

Of course, He Li knew that it was not just the rune equipment that was powerful, but his opponent’s defense was swift and alacritous as well .

Qin Feng’s heart was also drumming wildly inside his chest .

“Spatial Rune Equipment!” he screamed!

Previously, the energy cannon that had vanished into thin air was the work of the Spatial Rune Equipment . That was not good news for Qin Feng .

But then again, this was a very normal thing . A competent gunner would choose to have a weapon carrying Spatial Rune Equipment over powerful weapons, which was why only the rich had the means to become accomplished in this profession .

By He Li, having a Spatial Rune Equipment meant that he was carrying a lot of weapons with him . Who knew what he would take out next?

Qin Feng remained vigilant, not out of fear, but out of respect for his opponent . In all honesty, though, he was fired up – fired up to the point he could kill He Li!

“Darkness is coming!” Qin Feng exclaimed frostily as he set his abilities in motion .

Soon, a darkness blacker than death enveloped He Li .

“What is this?!” He Li suddenly lost all vision . Light itself seemed to have extinguished .

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Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber had struck again!

He Li bolted towards Qin Feng . Even though he was unable to determine his exact location, he was able to block off his path .

Qin Feng advanced yet again .

Close combat was the best way to counteract a gunner .

With his enemy at close proximity, Qin Feng drove his knife forwards and pulled downwards, a strike that could easily split a person in half .

But He Li had hastily fallen back, tossing five pieces of something that looked like bottle caps .


Qin Feng ducked and ran for cover as fast as a well-oiled piston .

The EMP had locked onto Qin Feng’s location, but it was not fast enough .

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of powerful explosions ensued, the shockwave throwing Qin Feng into the air!

Knocked out a for a moment, he quickly came to, shaking off his ringing ears . His combat suit was damaged, and he could feel something sharp impaled deep into his arm .

He Li fared no better either .

Swathed in Qin Feng’s darkness, He Li’s reflexes were significantly inhibited . Although he had managed to dodge Qin Feng’s deadly attack, the tip of the saber managed to snag him .


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The blade had sliced through his combat suit as if it was made up of old rags .

The purple rune armor underneath made a loud screeching noise .

He Li reached out to touch his back and felt ridges running along the surface of his skin . A sharp stabbing pain shot down his chest all the way to his abdomen .

Realizing that his enemy’s knife could seriously hurt him, He Li made a swift decision, setting his submachine gun in rapid-fire and sprayed bullets across the room!

Duck! Qin Feng rolled over away from where he was standing and concealed himself in the shadows . Under the veil of darkness, He Li’s perception was greatly reduced, and for a time, he was unable to track where Qin Feng was .

Qin Feng laid low, then launched into another attack .

As soon as that happened, He Li could sense his enemy again and was able to fight back .

They were now in a deadlock, and neither one was about to give in .

The rundown underground laboratory was like a demolished wreck .


Another wall collapsed! The whole place was in tremors, shuddering and creaking as if the ground was about to cave in at any moment .

But neither one retreated . Unless one killed the other, they were not going to stop .

“Let’s see how much perception you can use!!!” He Li roared .