Master of the End Times - Chapter 461

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Chapter 461: 461

Chapter 461: Ah Psai Blocked the News

Qin Feng was exasperated that the monster beat him to it .

He raised his hand and drew the Verdant Emperor Saber from his spatial equipment .


A powerful beam was unleashed from the saber and it was scorching like magma .


Even though it had reached D-tier, the attack was still too much to bear for the plow worm . The earth-type shell that it had just acquired instantly shattered under the attack .

The monster shrieked painfully and attempted to escape underground .

‘Don’t you dare run away from me!’

Qin Feng maneuvered the fire runes with his consciousness .

“Hell Magma!”

The ground under Qin Feng instantly turned into a pool of magma .

The plow worm cried hysterically with half of its body submerged inside the magma . The scale on its shell was melted away by the blistering magma .

Its body jerked continuously and the plow worm was nearing its end within a few minutes after its glorious evolution .

Qin Feng gave it the final blow with his saber .


The plow worm was cut into half and the struggling upper part froze and dropped into the magma pool as well .

Qin Feng triggered his consciousness and retrieved two crystals out of the pool .

One of them was of course the large gaea crystal, while the other one was the energy core of the beast king .

A thin outer layer had been absorbed from the former but the power was already great enough to turn an E-tier into a D-tier beast king .

Qin Feng kept the two crystals in his storage and looked up again . The mountains had gone even higher . A lot of clods slid down the hill as a result of the upward momentum . More gaea crystals were unearthed as the soil slipped . The insectoids were all over the crystals as soon as they surfaced .


An iron beetle engulfed one piece of gaea crystal and transfigured rapidly . Its body turned from black into silver, then gold, and finally became crystal clear .

A D-tier beast emperor . This monster must have eaten something extraordinary .

Qin Feng could not care less about the scattered crystals and charge straight at the D-tier beast emperor .

Qin Feng’s internal force was almost equivalent to B1-tier now . Besides, his Verdant Emperor Saber was a God’s weapon and extremely sharp . This combination was more than enough to finish off the D-tier beast .

“Blazing Sky!”

A glaring fuchsia beam unleashed from the saber and penetrated the crystal beetle with ease .

Before the emperor beast had the chance to showcase its supremacy, it was killed instantly by Qin Feng’s saber . The gaea crystal and its power core were snatched by Qin Feng .

Other than that, the Beetle Emperor’s pure life force also flowed into Qin Feng after it was killed .

Within the short time Qin Feng used to kill the beast emperor, various insectoids on the mountain experienced the same transfiguration as the crystal beetle . In that short span, ample beast generals, beast kings, and at least a dozen of beast emperors were shaped on the mountain .

The concentrated group of high-level beasts would petrify any E-tier aptitude user .

Even a D-tier aptitude user would find it hard to move and be suffocated by the immense pressure .

Qin Feng knew that it was only a matter of days before C-tiers would begin to start roaming this mountain . By that time, this place would be declared a forbidden area and only true elects could set foot on this mountain .

This was why Qin Feng did not bring along Jin Fei and the others . They would not survive this horrendous swamp of insectoid for more than half an hour .

Qin Feng was no longer busy looking for gaea crystals . He just started killing all the evolved insectoids because they must have engulfed the crystal, saving him the trouble .

“Decaying Rain!”

Instantly, a dark cloud appeared above the mountain and covered almost half of the area .

A pair of blue-flamed wings appeared behind Qin Feng . He ascended and hovered in mid-air while scanning the insectoids that kept popping out from the mountain ground .

Even an armadillo had evolved into a ten-meter-long beast . The beast king swerved about recklessly and stampeded numerous smaller insectoids .

As a monster, its size did give the armadillo a lot of advantage . But it also presented itself as an easier target under the corrosive rain .

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“Fiery Rampant!”

A straight line of fire appeared on top of the beast king, which had been greatly weakened by Decaying Rain .

“Blooming Flame!”

The crimson flame above it bloomed in multiple directions and one of the flame swords instantly cut off the monster’s giant head .


Its blood spilled all over the place .

Qin Feng had no use of the beast king corpse and burned it into ashes using hellfire . All that was left were its power core and the gaea crystal that had yet to be digested by the armadillo .

He could not stop killing after that . The maddening slaughter went on endlessly .

The earth continued to elevate until it became a high plain . It did not stop expanding and was about to turn into a mountain ridge .

The monsters around the area continuously consumed the enriched crystal and turned into powerful beast kings and emperors . They came out from the underground hurriedly to avoid being buried but unbeknownst to them, a more dangerous foe was waiting for them in the sky .

Qin Feng killed any beast that came into his sight for 24 hours straight . The mountain ridge was still expanding and the place where Qin Feng was at had become the center of the continuous mountains .

Nobody would come to disturb him here .

Of course, his whereabouts were still known to those observing him from the aircraft .

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“Our boss is invincible!”

“I am greatly inspired after watching him fight . Unfortunately, the monsters he is facing are not too powerful . Otherwise, we might get to see some of his best ultimates!”

“I wonder how strong he would become if he were to fight 100%?”

The people in the aircraft watched the annihilation excitedly .

“Only people like Qin Feng could survive in such a dangerous place . ”

“I agree . Look at Psipur’s troop . Didn’t you see how they were being chased back to his warm castle?” Jin Fei lamented in an admiring tone .

The others nodded . The quake could be felt as far as Psipur so Ah Psai had sent his men to check on the situation . Unfortunately, they could not even cross the first wave of insectoids .

They did not understand what was happening . After they went back, they even cautiously constructed a defense line in front of their city in preparation against the monster horde .

To their surprise, the monsters did not go near their city at all but lingered around the newly-elevated mountains .

Not only that but those D1-tier monsters suddenly transformed into D6-tier overnight . They would probably enter C-tier if given another day .

A theory slowly formed in Ah Psai’s bewildered mind .

“Something special must have occurred near the mountain range . ”

With this thought in mind, Ah Psai immediately sent a team to hunt down a D-tier beast king . The team fought painstakingly to finally take down one D-tier insectoid . From the corpse, they had successfully retrieved a small piece of gaea crystal .

Ah Psai reflexively warned his team not to leak the news out of Psipur .