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Master of the End Times - Chapter 462

Published at 4th of December 2020 02:45:06 AM

Chapter 462: 462

Chapter 462: Psipur Holy Mountain

Hence, the outside world was not informed about the strange phenomenon that occurred near Psipur on the first day .

However, other dominant tribes near Psipur had of course planted their own informants inside the city so the news eventually broke out after one day .

Now, almost every aptitude user knew that gaea crystals had emerged abundantly near the remote, lawless territory . This was a resource that even an A-tier would yearn for .

Those who got the news wished to rush there immediately .

However, A-tier aptitude users were usually a ruler and could not travel spontaneously .

Thus, only those of B-tier or lower could come to Psipur . Nonetheless, ranked officers such as Guang Wei that was entitled to defend Longchuan could not leave their position as they wished .

As such, B-tiers were scarce too while C-tiers were aplenty .

D-tiers, needless to say, were the main force, but their impact was also the most minimal .

This was because the monsters that came along with the elevated mountains were at least E-tier and above . They would instantly evolve after engulfing the rich gaea crystal .

For D-tier aptitude users, monsters that could instantly turn into D-tier beast kings were disastrous .

It would be days before the other aptitude users reached here . Qin Feng was the first to the scene so he had earned plenty .

The mountains just kept growing . Ah Psai’s men were blocked at the perimeter while Qin Feng continuingly piled up his crystal collection . The number of insectoid kings and emperors he had killed were beyond count .

On the third day, a large crowd began to gather at the Psipur mountains .

“Bai Li, let’s head back!” Qin Feng came out from his killing mood and contacted Bai Li with his consciousness .


Bai Li appeared right next to him immediately . Even Bai Li was tainted by soil after plowing through soil collecting gaea crystal non-stop for three straight days .

Qin Feng knew that the number of crystals they had amassed was only about 10% of the total mine .

With more aptitude users gathering, Qin Feng feared that he might become the consensus target again if people were to realize that he had been mining freely in the mountains way ahead of everyone .

Qin Feng and Bai Li returned to the aircraft .

He took a long shower to cleanse himself from bloodstain and dirt . He went to the cockpit afterward .


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Everyone was nodding to Qin Feng . They had all witnessed Qin Feng’s battle prowess from the aircraft in the past three days . They looked at him with great respect .

Because he had killed too many monsters, the shower did not completely rid the bloody smell on his body . The smell was an accumulation of different beast kings and emperors . The remaining aura was still pretty deterring .

“What’s the current situation?” Qin Feng asked .

Jin Fei answered hastily, “Ah Psai from Psipur has the mountains surrounded . He said that this is their Holy Mountain and people who dare to invade recklessly would be punished . Our men did not set foot in it and only hover around the perimeter . He can’t stop us from the ground anyway . ”

“Okay!” Qin Feng nodded . The name “Psipur Holy Mountain” had indeed been used since the olden days but this did not mean that it belonged to Psipur city .

“More and more aptitude users have gathered around here today but most of them are D-tiers . They only wander around the perimeter like us . These groups are probably scouts and I believe there would be more to come since the news is all over the battle net now . ”

“Then let’s wait for another day . I believe they will be here soon,” Qin Feng said . He was expecting the C-tiers . These people would definitely be here when the situation became out of control .

Qin Feng rested for a day and as he had predicted, five C-tiers arrived alongside a new group at the mountain base the next day .

“Ah Psai, it’s inappropriate for you to seal off the mountain this way . We are all free to compete for the natural resources there . I am here with direct orders from my B-tier superior so please don’t make things difficult for us,” One of the C-tiers argued .

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Ah Psai was definitely enraged but he concealed it and replied politely with a smile, “These peaks are a part of the Holy Mountains since our ancestral times . Foreign people are forbidden to enter because it’s too dangerous there . I am doing this out of concern for everyone’s safety . If you insist, I will only allow C-tiers to pass to minimize casualty . ”

The amount of resources lost would be less if the number of people allowed to enter was restricted . If each C-tier brought along fifty men with them, then twenty C-tiers would mean a thousand men . The mine would be emptied quickly with so many people ravaging the area .

These people were aptitude users, after all .

The C-tiers scanned the area using consciousness and were slightly taken aback by the number of beast kings and emperors in there .

“You are right . After all, we shouldn’t let our underlings take the risk . If so, then only the C-tiers will be going in . ” The C-tier agreed to the proposal and asked their D-tiers to camp somewhere nearby .

Ah Psai’s eyes were filled with hatred when the five C-tiers went past his barricade .

To him, these resources were rightfully his and these people were here to steal them . He was thinking of a way to eliminate them .

Ah Psai’s thinking might not be entirely wrong in the current world but the only problem was that he was too weak to do as he wished .

Qin Feng heard their exchange and he approached Ah Psai after the five C-tiers had entered the mountains .

“Hi, Ah Psai!” Qin Feng greeted the chief .

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Ah Psai was slightly startled being called out when he still had his infuriated expression on .

He recognized Qin Feng almost immediately . “Mr . Qin! You are here to access the Holy Mountain as well?”

“Yea!” Qin Feng answered .

Ah Psai did not try to conceal his displeasure this time . “Mr . Qin, this is not a place that you come and go freely . Going in as a D-tier is no different from suicide . Please listen to my advice as a friend and don’t go in there . ”

It sounded like a warning more than advice .

Qin Feng laughed it off . “I am determined to go no matter what . But then, it would be rude of me if I go in forcefully . So I am willing to compromise and pay you 10 billion as an entrance fee . What do you think, Chief?”

Qin Feng was doing this for a reason .

Indeed, there was a risk for D-tier to enter the Holy Mountains . But when there was such a large group of D-tiers, they could still conquer the mountains easily with C-tiers leading them .

Qin Feng knew that Ah Psai was being wanted by the Human Alliance after he assassinated the C-tier aptitude users . His exile then led to the opening of the mountains to D-tiers .

In other words, Ah Psai was an ideal barrier to fend off competitors . Ten billion was not an amount that many D-tiers could fork out . As a result, the number of people entering the mountains could be conveniently controlled using Ah Psai’s greediness .

Qin Feng would not mind letting Ah Psai play the bad guy role this time .