Master of the End Times - Chapter 465

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Chapter 465: 465

Chapter 465: A Free Head For You

The glimmering light had instantly caught up with Liu Bei .

Liu Bei turned around while raising his hand and embedded it with his internal strength shield .


A deafening booming sound was heard, the next moment, Liu Bei had already been tossed away .

Both of his hands were charred into coal black color, he was devastated and no longer resembled the characteristics of a gifted and mighty figure of a member from the Dark Coalition!

Qin Feng pursued further, while Liu Bei let out an enraged roar as he tried to dodge Qin Feng’s attack .

“Come and save me!” Liu Bei shouted .

Obviously, both Lei Ying and Han Chengming were being alerted by the scene, surprisingly, none of them had reacted to it .

Qin Feng had also slowed down his movements, like he was taking a stroll in the park, and it was an intentional action to torture Liu Bei and prolong the process of killing him!

Certainly, Liu Bei also realized that with Qin Feng’s powerful capabilities, it would be a piece of cake for him to take his life .

However, Qin Feng did not choose to do so, and he was humiliating him!

It was like how they had teased Cheng Dacheng .

The switch of position was too quick and Liu Bei was definitely unable to accept that the tables have turned!

“Are you guys pretending to be dead?” Liu Bei was infuriated .

Han Chengming was about to make his move, and Qin Feng mocked with a sarcastic sneer, “Yo, and now you know each other?”

Lei Ying reacted instantly and let out an enraged roar, “Qin Feng, you are now a fugitive, you are not supposed to behave so arrogantly, do you think you can get away with the pursuit?”

At that moment, both of them were about to strike together .

Qin Feng’s reaction was faster .

“Dragon Slam!” A slam that was embedded with the internal strength of a B-tier ancient warrior instantly hit Liu Bei .

“Pfft!!!” A mouthful of fresh blood spurted out from Liu Bei’s mouth, his arrogance and complacency with his own talent had diminished, he knew that he was a dead duck .

“Chairman Cheng, how about a free head for you?” As Qin Feng made his offer, he immediately raised his leg and kicked Liu Bei toward Cheng Dacheng, Liu Bei was being treated like a soccer ball .

With the sudden interference from Qin Feng, Cheng Dacheng felt relief as he was no longer restricted by the others, and Qin Feng’s action of kicking Liu Bei over was like sending his enemy to his doorsteps .

Without any hesitation, Cheng Dacheng immediately pierced forward with his spear on hand .


A deadly hit had penetrated into Liu Bei’s heart .

The arrogant and disdainfully proud talent from the Dark Coalition had died in such an unexpected way .

Before Lei Ying and Han Chengming could strike, Liu Bei was already dead!

It had instantly become an awkward situation .

It was supposed to be a confirmed winning situation with two opponents from both sides, and one of them was a D-tier .

Surprisingly, the C-tier aptitude users were no match against the D-tier freak and the tides had turned .

Qin Feng let out a cold sneer, “Chairman Cheng, mind to take another free head from me?”

Cheng Dacheng was consumed by his urge to kill .

“Lei Ying’s filthy head? Sure, why not?!”

Qin Feng instantly disappeared into the shadows and attacked toward Lei Ying .


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Lei Ying was immediately smashed by a punch on his cheek, his face was twisted and all of his teeth were broken while he was tossed away in spinning movements .

Pow pow pow!

Qin Feng continued his smashing and Lei Ying had no chance to defend himself .

Knowing that he had no chance of withstanding Qin Feng’s attack, Lei Ying was scared out of his wits .

Meanwhile, Han Chengming who noticed the unfavorable situation had immediately decided to escape!

However, Qin Feng did not have any significant hatred that would drive his pursuit to hunt down Han Chengming, hence, he was able to escape successfully .

Unfortunately, Lei Ying did not have the same luck!

Lei Ying was instantly smashed and wounded to an unrecognizable state!

Qin Feng sneered, “Lei Ying, Chairman Lei, how does it feel? When you were still at the Conscious Realm of the Human Alliance, have you ever thought of having to face such a situation today?”

Lei Ying broke out in a cold sweat .

Ever since his departure from the conscious realm, Lei Ying had never thought that Qin Feng would slaughter his way out and escape from Guang Wei’s pursuit, not to mention the defeat that he had to face now .

Hence, Lei Ying could never be assured of his safety and stretch his influence into the Four Cities of the North Sea, not until Qin Feng was dead .

Lei Ying had such a feeling that if he were to become the governor of the Four Cities of the North Sea, Qin Feng would definitely hunt him down .

“Chairman Cheng, this is for you!” Qin Feng was about to extend his hand to grab Lei Ying .

It was at that moment, a sudden quake erupted from the ground!

Another unexpected earthquake had erupted at such a crucial moment .

All of a sudden, the ground underneath Qin Feng and Lei Ying cracked and flared-up a giant gap between them .

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The grounds were broken by the earthquake, however, the scene from the exposed underground had drawn everyone’s attention, surprisingly, it was a land filled with gaea crystals!

Lei Ying had only managed to take a glance of it, the next moment, thunder began to shroud around him .

Earlier, Qin Feng’s action was too fast and Lei Ying was unable to react and concentrate his conscious energy to initiate runes, hence, he had to suffer the punches from Qin Feng .

If it were not because of the precious items that he had consumed, Li Ying would have already been punched to death by Qin Feng’s attacks!

Hence, Lei Ying would never have forgo such a great opportunity to escape .


Within the blink of an eye, Lei Ying was surrounded with a purple glimmer that was in a Z shape, he sprinted for over a hundred meters away without any hesitation while being shrouded by a layer of silver glow .

Surprisingly, he had escaped by using spatial runes!

Lei Ying was only able to exhale in relief as soon as his vision had recovered .

“I am free, I am still alive!”

“Qin Feng, you will pay for this!”

“Were those gaea crystals? There seems to be a lot of them underneath the rifts!”

Lei Ying could not constrain his dissatisfaction and jealousy, if it were not because of Qin Feng’s appearance, the gaea crystals would have been his!

Actually, Lei Ying was right, before Qin Feng’s rebirth, Lei Ying had leveraged the huge amount of wealth to pump up his capabilities .

Even Liu Bei, Wang Jian, Liu Yi, and Han Chengming were supposed to benefit from the wealth, however, Qin Feng’s appearance had totally changed their fate .

Wang Jian had died, Liu Yi had separated from Lei Ying, Han Chengming had escaped, while Liu Bei had been killed by Cheng Dacheng .

All of them had brushed past the opportunities that they were supposed to have!

Meanwhile, Qin Feng was delighted by the great amount of gaea crystals underground .

Cheng Dacheng had also witnessed the exciting moment .

“Ay, Brother Qin, your help is much appreciated!” Cheng Dacheng shouted to remind Qin Feng that he had only killed Liu Bei, and the Steel-Armored Snail King was still alive!

However, Qin Feng did not bother about it and immediately jumped into the rifts .

He stabbed his Verdant Emperor Saber into the soil and dug out the gaea crystals .

Qin Feng was swift in his actions, within the blink of an eye, all gaea crystals around the edges were excavated from the soil .

However, the insectoids were also coping up with his high speed of action .

They were alerted by the natural born sensing ability bonded with the gaea crystals and immediately flocked toward the scene .

The opening of the rift was rather small, it was only about two meters in width and thirty meters in depth, hence, within a short moment, the space was completely blocked by the insectoids!


Qin Feng activated his conscious energy, and the entire rift opening was immediately shrouded by Hellfire Carpet .

Every insectoid that came were all dead .

Qin Feng filled his hands with internal strength again . “Dragon Slam!”

Walls within the rift were being wildly scrambled by the golden dragon claw, and all of the hidden gaea crystals were exposed .

Qin Feng had gone wild in collecting the gaea crystals .

It was at that moment, the surroundings glimmered under the reflections of water that was sprinkled into the rift, and the Hellfire Carpet was being put out by the sprinkles .

Qin Feng immediately hid into the giant hole that was excavated by the dragon claw and cranked up his internal strength shield to its maximum level .