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Master of the End Times - Chapter 466

Published at 7th of December 2020 02:55:11 AM

Chapter 466

Chapter 466: Instantly Overturned

Qin Feng extended his conscious energy to the surroundings .

It turned out that Cheng Dacheng had escaped from the Steel-Armored Snail King, and the snail did not pursue further, instead, it had gone into the rift .

Poisonous water waves had instantly filled the rift .

It was immediately neutralized by Qin Feng’s internal strength shield .

However, he was stuck in a deadlock situation that might eventually lead to his death .

Qin Feng swayed his Verdant Emperor Saber in spiral movements and began to excavate the soil .

The soil was pressured by Qin Feng’s internal strength, and he was able to find a breakthrough spot from a tunnel .

The Steel-Armored Snail King was still releasing abilities into the rift, at the same time, it had also sensed Qin Feng’s presence .

It turned its giant body around and directed water runes toward Qin Feng .


Waves gushed in the direction of Qin Feng .

“Fiery Rampage!”

Qin Feng immediately blinked to a different location to dodge the wave, he continued to activate his conscious energy and initiate fire runes, then, he pointed his finger .

“Magma Pillar!”


A giant magma pillar instantly appeared underneath the snail king and pushed it upward .

The solid outer shell of the snail king was incredibly hard and impenetrable; however, its soft body would appear during its movements; similar to other ultra beasts, having unbending outer skin would also reduce their defense capabilities .

It was impossible to stay on par with Qin Feng’s capabilities .

The attack had instantly wounded the snail king that had its heavy outer shell stuck in between the rift .

However, ultra beasts would usually have their own ways to escape, it immediately activated the water flow to float itself up .

The move was already expected by Qin Feng, and he already had his Verdant Emperor Saber overflowing with a horrifying amount of internal strength .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

Unidentified amounts of realistic magma rays moved and slashed around constantly to seek for kills .

The C-tier beast king was unable to cope with the heavy attacks from Qin Feng, its body was slashed into pieces!

Furthermore, the C-tier beast king was already wounded from the ambush by Cheng Dacheng and the others, hence, it was unable to perform with full capability .

In less than twenty attacks, Qin Feng had already killed the Steel-Armored Snail King .


Flames erupted and burned off the corpse of the snail king, and two giant crystals immediately fell off from the burnt ashes .

One of it was a basketball-sized C-tier water energy core, while the other was a gaea crystal that was twice the size of a basketball; the snail king had been devouring for the past three days and it would only take another short period of time for it to transform into a beast emperor .

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In other words, if the retrieval of gaea crystals and annihilation of the insectoids were not performed quick enough, the Psipur Holy Mountain might become more horrifying .

It might even become a restricted area in the future .

There was only a window of a month to obtain gaea crystals from the area, once the timeframe had lapsed, it would only be possible to obtain the crystals by fate gambling and life risking!

Qin Feng casually gathered the items into his spatial rune equipment and continued to jump into the deep pit again .

The water flow within the pit had disappeared along with the death of the Steel-Armored Snail King, and Qin Feng resumed with the excavation .

Scents that were released from the death of the snail king was like a warning sign for the insectoids to refrain from closing in on the area, and it had enabled an easier excavating job .

Although the insectoids were afraid to come, the humans were not .

A shadow appeared in the rift, it was Cheng Dacheng, the chairman of the Dacheng Group that had returned .

“Mister Qin, I have to thank you for your helping hand earlier!” Cheng Dacheng was grateful and thanked Qin Feng .

Both of them worked together for their common enemies .

It was fortunate for Cheng Dacheng to have Qin Feng’s presence that had facilitated his escape .

Qin Feng paused his task on hand and immediately took out his weapon as soon as he saw Cheng Dacheng’s presence .

“Chairman Cheng, I’m afraid I can’t accept your appreciation, if it weren’t because of you, there could even be the appearance of beast king-tier insectoids!” Qin Feng mocked and answered .

It was a total hoax for Cheng Dacheng to position himself as the innocent one .

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Being a C-tier himself, Qin Feng was not disappointed by it at all, after all, who would not turn into a cunning fox once they have achieved such heights? Not even the capable ones could avoid such traits .

“Keke, I believe you have misunderstood me, Mister Qin, I was also in a desperate situation that has forced me to escape from the snail king!”

Qin Feng casually swayed his Verdant Emperor Saber . “The others might believe in you on this, for me, it was just an old chestnut!”

“Mister Qin, what do you mean by this?” Cheng Dacheng was puzzled by Qin Feng’s vexatious behavior .

How could he just overturn it into a hostile situation in just a short moment?

Did things not go well earlier? He had even gifted Liu Bei’s head that was being set with a huge amount of bounty on the wanted-list .

“Nothing much, just that we do not know each other, and I am now a fugitive being wanted by the Human Alliance, and prefer not to have any other people around me; hence, please make your move, Chairman Cheng!”

Cheng Dacheng was irritated .

“Mister Qin, we were still cooperating earlier, how could you say that we do not know each other? You are simply being unethical, are you planning to take all of these treasures by yourself?!” Cheng Dacheng spoke with dissatisfaction .

Qin Feng raised his eyebrow . “Cooperation? Have you misunderstood the situation Chairman Cheng? I was the one who have saved your life, and I have yet to mention about your hostile reaction to my kind favor! How could you still think that you should get your share on these treasures, shouldn’t I deserve all these? In contrast, Chairman Cheng, you are being too greedy to ask for your share on these gaea crystals, you’re just being thick-skinned and unashamed!”

After all, the gaea crystals were highly sought after by everyone .

Obviously, Cheng Dacheng was still hoping that he could get something out of it!

Meanwhile, an instant urge to kill was exploding from Qin Feng’s body .

“Chairman Cheng, do you wish to go for the easy way, or the hard way? Bear in mind, I was being forced into the Dark Coalition, and I am not required to take any responsibility for your death!”

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Cheng Dacheng was immediately shocked and took a few steps back .

Qin Feng’s past attacks had left Liu Bei and Lei Ying with no choice but to suffer the beatings, it was impossible for Cheng Dacheng to ignore such an intimidating threat .

He was definitely an evildoer .

“After my return, I must find out about this little kid that has come out from nowhere!” Guang Wei had prevented the spread of Qin Feng’s powerful battle results, hence, his heroic deeds were being covered up .

Therefore, it was impossible for Cheng Dacheng to find out about Qin Feng’s origin .

“Alright alright alright, I will leave now!” Cheng Dacheng immediately agreed .

Qin Feng was satisfied by the answer and added on, “Of course, if there is no other harvest for you, I can spare you some at a good discounted price!”

“Keke, well, I’ll thank you for that in advance, Mister Qin!”

If Qin Feng were still with the Human Alliance, Cheng Dacheng would have pointed out his injuries as an unashamed excuse to ask for his share of the treasures .

However, it was unexpected that he was with the Dark Coalition, and what does it mean that he was being forced into the Dark Coalition?

Curiosity began to take over Cheng Dacheng’s mind .

“If I were to find out who’s behind this, I swear that I will not spare their lives! They have spoiled my source of wealth and affected my survival!” Cheng Dacheng expressed his dissatisfaction while he was being careful to not put the blame onto Qin Feng and only directed his blamings onto those that had forced Qin Feng into this!

After Cheng Dacheng left, Qin Feng continued with the retrieval of the gaea crystals .

Rescuing Cheng Dacheng was only a coincidental outcome that came along when taking care of Liu Bei and halting Lei Ying’s plan, how could that amount to him demanding for a share on the loots?

How could that be possible?