Master of the End Times - Chapter 467

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Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Meeting Xu Qing Again

After gathering all the gaea crystals, Qin Feng continued to hunt insectoid beasts on the Psipur Holy Mountain . Qin Feng had been roaming on the mountain for days, raising his kill count of the insectoid beasts to an astonishing number .

In just a dozen days, his kill count was much higher than any ordinary C-tier aptitude user’s kill count in a year .

And due to this, the insectoids’ growing rate had been slowing down—they were all hunted down before they got the chance to evolve .

This in turn caused the insectoids to get less and less threatening, leading to an increase of aptitude users .

Now, there were B-tier aptitude users, resulting in the supply of insectoids to not be able to keep up with the aptitude users’ demand!

Naturally, the gaea crystals were also getting less and less in number . Most of the crystals left were all deep inside the gaea . And these crystals were mostly acquired by the insectoids .

“It appears that it’s time for me to go . ” Qin Feng scanned around and noticed there were at least several dozens of C-tier aptitude users observing him .

And in front of Qin Feng, there was a D-tier emperor beast that he was engaging with at the moment .

These C-tiers wanted to gang up on him after he had killed the emperor beast—to ninja away some easy loot .

However, they had second thoughts and started to hesitate after witnessing how powerful Qin Feng’s attacks were .


Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber glinted sharply as he cut down the D-tier emperor beast .

As the huge insectoid monster lay on the ground lifelessly, Qin Feng immediately activated his Absorption Ability and started to devour all its energy into his body .


In an instant, Qin Feng’s body had been strengthened yet again!

He was now D9-tier!

He only needed to ascend one more tier to C-tier!

Qin Feng had absorbed an obscene amount of energy in the numerous days he roamed on the mountain . The amount of energy that was rumbling in his body was insanely high!

As Qin Feng’s power increased, his powerful presence leaked out in an instant, stunting the C-tiers that were hiding the shadows!

“This kid… no wonder he could defeat an emperor beast despite still being D tier . His body is an emperor type I see . ”

“Just where did this monster come from? He is so insanely strong! Considering his age… could he be a Hero Class?”

“Gosh, he’s already D9? He’s really close to C-tier now . Although it’s just one more tier, this kid isn’t some ordinary chum . It’s best for me to stay away!”

Thus, most of the C-tiers retreated . Nonetheless, there were still a few of them tailing Qin Feng .

After collecting his loot, Qin Feng started to head downward, seemingly leaving the Holy Mountain .

Qin Feng had gotten most of the good stuff from Psipur Holy Mountain already . As such, there was no need for him to keep on being there and fight for the small, meager amount of loots left .

Yet, the C-tiers seemed to have misunderstood the situation after seeing Qin Feng leaving .

“This kid has just ascended his tier . And now he’s leaving in a hurry . Could he be running away because his power isn’t stable yet?”

“Could it be that he’s afraid? He has probably used up all his energy after fighting that emperor beast… so he’s now tired?”

“I’ve followed him for so many days . There’s no way I’m going to let him go!”

Thus, they continued tailing Qin Feng .

Qin Feng frowned and opened his mouth .

“I’ll have you know . There are consequences if you continue following me!”

Qin Feng’s voice was sent far and wide through his internal force . His words were like roars of thunder rolling in the sky .

The ones who followed him, however, did not seem intimidated . Realizing that they had been exposed, some of them decided to jump out and attack him .

“So be it!”

Qin Feng did not hesitate in releasing his conscious energy . Magma Pillars instantly enveloped the idiots who wanted to jump him .

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In just the blink of an eye, the four men who tried to attack him were now burned to ashes . They were ancient warriors and aptitude users . And yet, none of them could lay a finger on Qin Feng .

The only one left who was not quick enough to launch his attack gulped down his saliva as he saw this .

Cold sweat rolled down his forehead and back .

After giving him a cold look, Qin Feng turned and started to walk away .

Ten minutes later, the heavy-built C-tier stood up slowly from his hiding place . Being a C-tier, his body was quite heavily trained and powerful . So, there was no way he was feeling cramps from squatting in the bushes for a long time . Instead, he was intimidated by Qin Feng’s cold look .

“Just… just where did this monstrosity come from?” The C-tier blurted out as he felt grateful for escaping a horrible death .

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A few moments later, Qin Feng had reached the entrance of Psipur Holy Mountain .

Ah Psai was not really that great of a man . Yet, he was quite good at setting up camps . After building up the walls, he was able to earn quite a huge sum of money . Most of these D-tiers did not have many opportunities in life; but if they got lucky, they could be swimming in success .

It was then, Qin Feng could hear some noises coming from the entrance . Qin Feng had keen hearing and sharp eye-sight, thus it did not take long for him to notice that there was a row of powerful people at the entrance .

“B tier!” In a glance, Qin Feng was able to tell who they were . And not only that, when Qin Feng saw one of them, he recognized that he was an old acquaintance .

“General Xu Qing!”

It was General Xu Qing from Longchuan .

Psipur Holy Mountain was such a blessed place . Qin Feng did not expect to see friendly faces in the area!

Meanwhile, Xu Qing too saw Qin Feng from afar . After a short moment of surprise, he walked slowly toward Qin Feng .

“Qin Feng!” Xu Qing approached him . “Qin Feng, I’ve been trying to contact you via the communicator a few days ago but I could not get through . It’s so good seeing you here . ”

“Contact me?”

Qin Feng gave Xu Qing a surprised look .

Xu Qing nodded . “After I left, Longchuan was in trouble again . There was no one calling the shots in the city; so, I was hoping to ask you about it!”

It would seem that Xu Qing did not know what happened to Qin Feng .

However, it made sense too . To Xu Qing, Qin Feng was more of a concerned citizen that he could get news from . Thus, Xu Qing did not give it much thought when he could not contact Qin Feng .

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Suddenly, Xu Qing’s communicator started to beep . After checking his communicator, Xu Qing had a huge shock .

“What the hell happened?! Why are you being hunted by the bounty hunters? And you’re now a criminal in the Human Alliance?” Xu Qing asked .

Qin Feng calmly replied, “This is General Guang Wei’s doing . ”

A stern look crept up on Xu Qing’s face .

“Just what on Earth happened?!”

Thus, Qin Feng told him everything that Guang Wei had done . Guang Wei’s dirty businesses would be revealed to the world one day anyway . As such, there was no need for Qin Feng to help him maintain his good name . If Guang Wei had the guts to do all these bad deeds, he must also have the courage to face the consequences .

Xu Qing’s face turned grimmer and grimmer as he heard the news .

“So, in short, he used some trickeries to force you out . And shortly after that, Longchuan fell?”

Xu Qing knew what Qin Feng could do .

If he were not given intel about this, Xu Qing might not have given it much thought . Now that he had learned about what happened, Xu Qing slowly realized that it was Guang Wei and Lei Ying that caused all these ruckuses .

Qin Feng said, “I have very limited knowledge about Longchuan’s attack . So, I hope you’re not pinning this on me . ”

“Why didn’t you seek me out for help?”

Qin Feng smiled . “General, being forced out is my personal problem . I can handle it on my own . ”

Xu Qing’s face turned grim and asked, “Qin Feng, be honest with me . Do you still intend to come back to the Human Alliance?”