Master of the End Times - Chapter 468

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Chapter 468: 468

Chapter 468: Reaching C-tier

Qin Feng was not Xu Qing’s underling . If he went to Xu Qing, things might be solved quite quickly . However, this would not feel as good as him handling things on his own .

Qin Feng was not going to rely on anyone for every small, meager crap thrown his way .

And not only that, Qin Feng could use this newly acquired “wanted” status and venture to the Dark Coalition . And he actually gained a lot from going to that dreadful coalition’s territory .

After hearing Qin Feng’s answer, Xu Qing saw the calm demeanor on Qin Feng’s face . Xu Qing could not help but to feel that Qin Feng had a disdain for the Human Alliance so much so that he thought seeking his help was not worth it .

Nonetheless, Xu Qing continued on, “We must take out all these bad apples in the alliance . If we let them roam around freely, there would be more and more good men like you being forced out . ”

Qin Feng shrugged . “It does not matter to me if you bring them to justice . But in the future, there will be people begging me to come back . ”

The others in the scene did not know much about the situation; and they did not know who Qin Feng was . So, after hearing his words, they started to get pissy .

“You’re just a D-tier aptitude user . And you’re saying that the alliance would beg you to come back? What a joke! Just who do you think you are?”

“Oh, you think you’re such a big shot? If you’re so good, you won’t be forced out!”

“Yeah! How dare you talk to General Xu Qing like this?! The general was giving you face just by talking to you . You better watch your tongue!”

These people seemed to be really triggered by Qin Feng’s attitude .

Qin Feng took a cold look at these people and said, “You have my word, General . Let’s wait and see . As for you all, talk to me when it happens!”

After saying this, Qin Feng left .

“Sigh . Qin Feng…” Xu Qing wanted to persuade Qin Feng further but it was too late – Qin Feng’s qinggong was so good that he vanished without a trace in mere seconds .

The others were shocked when they saw this . Yet, after recalling what he said, they pulled up their long faces again .

“What a jerk!”

“Heh, it’s just a bluff . Anyone can bluff . He will be running on his tail in no time!”

“Yeah, he’s still young . He will see that the world is harsher than he thinks!”

Xu Qing too did not expect to see this happen . And not only that, he had a hunch that something big was about to happen . Yet, this was just a hunch . He could not really point out the logic as to why he thought this was a short moment of peace before a storm kicked in .

As for his underlings, Xu Qing knew they were just trying to defend him; so, he did not want to punish them .

After all, Qin Feng was just a one-time ally . Sure, the man was really tough . Yet, if Qin Feng was unwilling to return to the alliance, there was no need for Xu Qing to keep trying to persuade him to come back .

“Okay, men! Let’s go!” Xu Qing ordered and marched forward .

His underlings too stopped with their chatter and quietly followed Xu Qing into the Psipur Holy Mountain .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng had gotten back to his aircraft .

“Guo Guan, fire up the engine . We’re leaving!”

“Yes, Boss!”

Guo Guan sheepishly acknowledged him .

In the past few days, Guo Guan did not go to Psipur Holy Mountain . Still, he could feel a huge amount of stress on the airship—there were a lot of people on the ship, so it was not uncommon for a D-tier like him to be there .

However, Guo Guan was quite surprised to see people from the City of Death here .

After all, they were the ones who had murdered the owner of the City of Death!

Other than that, many of them were quite interested in the aircraft and wanted to steal it for themselves . Thankfully, Bai Li was there to guard it; or else, the aircraft would have long been stolen .

This place was a really nerve-wrecking place indeed!

“Boss, where are we going this time?” Guo Guan asked .

Qin Feng ordered, “Set course to Longchuan Mountains!”

Guo Guan was surprised after hearing this . “Boss, if you’re heading to the Longchuan Mountains to hunt ultra beasts way before this, I would not object at all . But a month ago, a highly intelligent group moved into the mountains . It’s dangerous to head there now!”

Qin Feng smiled . “Yeah, I know . This aircraft’s weaponry was robbed from those people!”

Guo Guan was surprised again—this was the first time he heard about the origin of this aircraft’s weaponry .

“Alright, Boss . Let’s go . Wherever you go, I’ll follow!”

Guo Guan realized that perhaps his boss had some plan in mind . Besides, no one would actively decide to commit suicide .

Thus, Guo Guan turned the aircraft around and headed straight to the Longchuan Mountains while Qin Feng headed back to his luxurious room on the aircraft .

It was time for him to train in silence again .

Qin Feng’s body had been strengthened all the way to D9-tier now . It would take just a little more for him to reach C-tier!

Qin Feng had reached D9-tier just by killing a lot of insectoid beast kings and emperors in the past few days . And he had not used their cores yet!

Qin Feng waved his hands and the cores started to move toward him .

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The cores came in all sizes . And there were a lot of them . If the crew saw this, perhaps they would go mad from their greed .

To Qin Feng, however, these cores had only one use—for absorption .


As the cores disappeared one by one, Qin Feng’s body was strengthened gradually .

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A moment later…


A powerful surge of energy gushed out of Qin Feng’s body!


Everyone on the aircraft instantly felt a terrifying presence on board and started to tremble in fear . Yet, to their surprise, the alarm was not sounded .

“Wait, isn’t this our boss’s aura?”

As the presence started to fade away, Jin Fei instantly realized that it was Qin Feng .

“What? Our boss is now a C-tier? I thought he was still at D8?”

“Oh, this is nothing . When he first came to the City of Death, he was still D5!”

“He leaped from D5 to C-tier in just two months? Unbelievable!”

To most people, even if they were given a lot of resources and a really sacred, serene place to train, their progress would still be very slow compared to Qin Feng’s .

Thus, to them, it was quite difficult for any ordinary person to ascend five sub-tiers in just two months . In fact, it was quite difficult for them to even reach one sub-tier in a year!

This was the difference .

The difference between an ordinary man and a genius .


At the luxurious room, Qin Feng let out a long breath .

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His body had been strengthened to C-tier, giving him immense power .

Right now, even if Qin Feng was still not able to defeat a B-tier, he could now defend himself from them!

Then, Qin Feng took out his gaea crystals .


The power from the crystals instantly leaked out and gushed straight into Qin Feng’s dantian .

Now, the walls of his dantian had become really sturdy . Not only that, it had also been expanded greatly, making it possible for it to store a lot of internal energy .


Qin Feng’s eyes glimmered with joy .

These gaea crystals were one of the great treasures that he did not get to acquire before he was reborn .

And now, just by using a small amount of these, Qin Feng has acquired a huge amount of internal energy . If he were to use more, his power would be quite terrifying!

“Absorb! Absorb! Absorb!”

The gaea crystals were constantly being absorbed into Qin Feng’s dantian, fueling it further .

A huge gaea crystal, one that was as big as a basketball, was enough to expand one-tenth of his dantian’s current storage . And if he were to absorb ten of those, his dantian would become two times sturdier than it was .

In other words, if Qin Feng wanted, he could make his dantian hold two hundred times more internal energy than most people on the planet . Even the B-tier aptitude users did not have such great supply of internal energy .