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Master of the End Times - Chapter 469

Published at 7th of December 2020 03:00:07 PM

Chapter 469: 469

Chapter 469: Returning to Long Chuan

Still, Qin Feng was not satisfied .

“I have so many gaea crystals and I’m stopping when my dantian has only grown twice as huge? How is that enough?”

“Those overpowered geniuses at Dragon Capital… all of them have dantians that are several times stronger than this . I’ve even heard that in some powerful ancient warrior families, they even have their own unique, powerful neigong secret techniques!”

“They had to train since they were three years old . They had started training their neigong techniques . Most of them have already trained for ten years when they reached 16 years of age and ascended to D-tier . Their dantian could store several times more internal energy than any mere ancient warrior!”

Qin Feng, on the other hand, came from one of the satellite towns in an underdeveloped city . It was quite rare for them to have any D-tier aptitude user; but whenever there was any aptitude user rising up, those tended to be really powerful .

Nonetheless, it was a common phenomenon for Dragon Capital to get at least 10 D-tiers in a year .

“So, I’ll keep absorbing!”

He had harvested this many gaea crystals after all . If he did not use them all, what would he need them for? And Qin Feng had a lot of them too—after all, he was one of the firsts to climb up to Psipur Holy Mountain . As such, Qin Feng could afford to absorb one hundred of them without batting an eye .

In the following days, Qin Feng kept absorbing the gaea crystals like a mad man . And thus, his dantian had grown ten times sturdier than that of an ordinary man . His dantian had now expanded to its maximum potential, and there was no way it could grow anymore .

“My dantian is now ten times sturdier than before . I suppose even those people in Dragon Capital can’t achieve this!” Qin Feng nodded to himself in satisfaction .

However, he did not intend to stop absorbing . He started to focus his consciousness at the Diamond Starglobe . As the gaea crystals were being absorbed, the Diamond Starglobe too was expanding rapidly .

Compared to their effects on the dantian, the gaea crystals had more chemistry with the consciousness crystal cores .

“I see . That’s why Xiao Bai has been hugging and nibbling on them all day . So, that’s why!”

These gaea crystals were indeed invaluable treasures . These were so beneficial to the aptitude users .

Thus, Qin Feng kept on absorbing while the aircraft kept on moving forward to its destination .


After the invasion of the Grans, the Longchuan Mountains finally started to be able to enjoy a little bit of peace . The Grans were an intelligent race; thus, they did not take up space in the mountains . Instead, they decided to move into the towns and cities that humans built .

Now, there were Grans everywhere in the ten colonies . Some of them even kept humans as their slaves . They had also taken up residence in Longchuan City – the original place where those high-tier aptitude users lived .

The whole place had now fallen to their hands entirely .

Different civilizations had different concepts of what was valuable . Therefore, when the Grans explored and plundered the city, they were overjoyed to find countless priceless materials that the humans thought to be useless and common in the area . One of the most precious things were the spatial stones .

Thus, they kept plundering and plundering, increasing their wealth tremendously day by day .

Due to them focusing their attention on land now, there were only one-tenth of Grans on the Floating City now . Some high ranking Grans even piloted their own unique aircraft and ventured out to complete missions!

“Guo Guan, halt . We’ll stop here . ” Qin Feng ordered .

“Yes, Boss! I have a document containing the recent intel in the area . ” Guo Guan handed a document to Qin Feng . The document detailed the recent changes in Longchuan .

There were still other Human Alliance cities in the Longchuan province . However, the Grans did not seem to intend to invade further, resulting in a stalemate between the two factions .

However, the Human Alliance had lost one A-tier Aptitude User from the fall of Longchuan City . This was quite a great loss .

“Right . I’ll head out tonight . All of you should get some rest!” Qin Feng ordered .

“Certainly . I’ll let the others know . So, you want to head out to do some hunting, Boss?”

“Hunting?” Qin Feng smiled . “Well, maybe . You could say this is a hunt indeed!”

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A few hours later, the night started to cloak the massive landscape of Longchuan!

And in this environment, Qin Feng, who had dark abilities, felt great power surging in his body! Now, after absorbing two-third of their supply of gaea crystals, Qin Feng and Bai Li’s crystal cores had been expanded to at least ten times than before .

Their combat prowess had certainly grown to horrifying levels!

“Let’s go!”

“Now I can pinpoint a precise location and teleport us there!” Bai Li’s power had advanced a lot . So, naturally, she was very happy to bring Qin Feng to his destination .

In no time, they had zoomed past the entire Longchuan Mountains and reached Colony Three .

And then, they kept on moving forward and arrived straight at Longchuan City .

As they raised their heads, they could see a massive city-like structure hovering above Longchuan City . This was the “city” that threatened the Human Alliance, the reason why the high-tier aptitude users dared not go near Longchuan City—the infamous “Floating City” .


In the blink of an eye, Qin Feng and Bai Li had teleported onto the Floating City .

The lower half of the Floating City was a half-globe while the upper part was a massive flat area with layers of towering structures and houses, giving a sphere shape from afar .

The Floating City was so huge that it could easily house around 100,000 people . However, at this moment, the Floating City had only around 10,000 people in it .

Thus, when Qin Feng and Bai Li teleported into the city, they were able to appear straight into an empty house, thus not seen by any Grans .

This was why Bai Li’s abilities were so great . As Bai Li scanned their surroundings once more, both of them vanished into thin air again before reappearing again in a massive room with devices and screens—a room that looked like a control center .

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This control room was even bigger than the one in the aircraft . There were a lot of buttons and analogs . And more importantly, there were a lot of Grans moving about in the room .

It was quite obvious that they were now deep inside the Floating City!

“Who’s there?!”

A Gran let out an ear-piercing screech .

This was expected . After all, they did not expect Qin Feng and Bai Li to appear in the Floating City’s command center!

One of the Grans was a man with a pair of wings on his back, clad in a colorful robe, emitting a powerful aura that was akin to a C-tier beast emperor’s . This must be the general that commanded the Grans to invade Longchuan City!

“Humans! Humans!! Kill them!” The Gran general pointed at Qin Feng and Bai Li and ordered .

The other Grans immediately whipped out their weapons and took aim at Qin Feng .

However, in the next moment, everything went dark .

Then, excruciating cries could be heard everywhere .

The Gran general could not utter another sentence before being cut down by Qin Feng with his Verdant Emperor Saber!

In an instant, several Grans were slain!

Then, Qin Feng activated a few devices of the Floating City .

Piloting the Floating City was quite different from piloting the aircraft . However, this was no problem for Qin Feng because he did get to pilot a Floating City replica in his previous life . So, he knew what buttons to push and which levers to pull .

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Not only that, there were also a few devices and controls that could only be activated via conscious energy .

Usually, this would require a lot of people to coordinate together to perform proper control of the massive city .

However, this was not necessary when Qin Feng was there .

After connecting his consciousness to the controls, in an instant countless cannons were activated and started to charge up .

All these cannons were aiming at Longchuan City .

The Grans that were guarding the night at Longchuan City raised their heads in surprise as they saw the silver ray beaming up in the night sky . It was the Floating City, charging up its cannons!

“What’s going on? The Floating City has activated its weaponry!”

“What are they doing? Are they nuts?!”


Their confusion was never answered . All of them vanished and turned to dust as huge pillars of white beams rained down from the sky .

Qin Feng had taken control of the Floating City and bombarded Longchuan City!

Tens of thousands of Grans were now dead!

Meanwhile, the rest of the Grans that were still active on the Floating City were all petrified as confusion and fear overwhelmed them!