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Master of the End Times - Chapter 470

Published at 9th of December 2020 03:20:13 PM

Chapter 470

Chapter 470: Impossible Feat

“What’s going on? Why are we attacking our own people?”

“Whose order was that? This is impossible!”

“Quick! To the control room!”

The Grans rushed to the control room anxiously .

Yet, as they were on their way to the control room, countless auto-defense weaponry started to rain hell from above!

In the past, these weapons would be attacking the intruders and enemies . Now, they fell to their own weapons .

Qin Feng took control of the city’s defense system and started to slaughter the rest of the Gran population .

In just 20 minutes, the rest of the Grans, about 10,000 of them, were all slaughtered by their own weaponry . It was a massacre!

Then, when there were only a few Grans left cowering in fear, Qin Feng then piloted the Floating City away from Longchuan City .

At the same time, the Human Alliance drones that were keeping an eye on Longchuan City too picked up on what was going on there . Several aptitude users rushed straight to the scene and were shocked to see what they found .

In an instant, the news spread like wildfire .

“The Floating City has retreated?”

“And Longchuan City was destroyed?! What? And over 50,000 Grans were slaughtered?!”

“Who did this?”

Deep down, they knew this was definitely not the work of the Grans . They would not murder their own people .

And half an hour later, they were now sure that the Grans had been defeated .

The Floating City had bombarded Colony One to Colony Ten—all of these colonies had fallen to the hands of the Grans . So, with all of these colonies being bombarded to ash, this meant that the Grans were completely wiped out .

Everyone was stunned when they received the news late in the night .

The Human Alliance quickly sent their B-tier aptitude users to rush to the scenes for a quick surveillance . If it were true that the humans had taken control of the Floating City, this meant that the dreaded city in the sky would not attack them now .

Meanwhile, the Floating City did not completely move out of the Longchuan province—it went to the mountains and allowed an aircraft to land on its central plaza . A few minutes later, the aircraft crew got down and stepped onto the city .

“Boss… Boss! Wow… so, this is your hunt?!” Guo Guan was shocked as he looked around him .

It was totally out of anyone’s expectation that Qin Feng was able to do this impossible feat in just a few hours!

This was the first time Guo Guan stood on the Floating City . It was quite difficult for him to believe that he was now standing on the Grans’ Floating City—if you were standing at the edge of the city, the whole place looked almost identical to a city filled with skyscrapers .

Guo Guan was excited to see this unworldly technology!

“Alright, men! You can tour the place some other day . Now, let’s gather up the corpses and throw them off the city!” Qin Feng ordered .

“Yes, Boss!”

Thus, the crew started to clean up the city while the Floating City flew to Longchuan City’s Colony Three and hovered there .

In less than an hour, a hover copter flew straight into the airspace of the Floating City .

With a sharp look, Qin Feng could sense who was in the helicopter .

“Huh, so he dares to come, aye?!” Qin Feng smirked .

Without hesitation, Qin Feng activated the Floating City’s weaponry and started firing at the hover copter .

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Pzzzt Pzzzt!!!

A shower of powerful beams darted straight at the hover copter, forcing it to fly out of the city’s airspace .

Having just narrowly escaped from a horrible death, the faces of the aptitude users on the hover copter had all turned as pale as a sheet .

They had witnessed how the Floating City had slain an A-tier fire-type ability user in an instant . They knew just how powerful this massive city was .

Then, they tried to get near the city again . After all, the Floating City had aided humans to take back Longchuan City . So, the ones in the city could not be their enemies .

Still, another shower of energy beams was shot at them again . The gunner that was piloting the hover copter was so afraid that he felt as though his limbs had gone numb .

Then, he saw a message and opened his mouth, “General Guang Wei, someone is requesting a video communication from the Floating City!”

Guang Wei beamed up with a smile . “So, it’s true that someone has robbed the Floating City from the Grans . They have destroyed the Grans . They have done great deeds for the humans!”

Guang Wei could not wait to leave Longchuan province due to its shortage of resources . However, he was stuck there . After the higher-ups received news that he had fled amidst the battle, they had given him a stern warning .

There was no way he could flee from the battlefield for a second time .

So, when he heard that someone had seized and taken control of the Floating City, it was like a god-sent help that Guang Wei desperately needed . He was eager to thank the person who helped him with his predicament .

“But Sir, he was attacking us earlier!” One of Guang Wei’s underlings, a C-tier, anxiously said .

Guang Wei lowered his head and pondered before saying, “Perhaps he did not want us to get close to the city yet . This is the Floating City, after all . There are so many people who want to own such a massive flying treasure . So, it’s a natural response . ”

Everyone on the hover copter felt a throb of envy in their hearts!

Who was it? Who was the person who now owned the Floating City? He was so lucky!

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“So, he means us no harm . He could not just send a message to us and then kill us . Or else, he would have already shot us down as soon as we appeared in their air space . This is just a gentle tap, asking us to not bother them!”

Guang Wei’s voice was cold and calm .

“Establish the communication, pilot!”

“Yes, Sir!” The gunner activated the communicator after receiving Guang Wei’s order .

Then, a man appeared on the screen of the hover copter’s communicator .

A man that Guang Wei least expected .

Guang Wei’s smile froze the instant he saw the man on the communicator .

“You?! How could it be you?”

The man was a youngster . A really young man .

That was Qin Feng .

“General Guang Wei, long time no see!” Qin Feng smiled .

It was quite amusing to see Guang Wei’s face now .

The person he wanted to thank right now was the person he had forced out—Qin Feng!

How was he going to thank him? Not only that, Guang Wei felt that Qin Feng was trying to shame him via this communication .

What a really huge slap to the face!

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Another C-tier underling, who did not know who Qin Feng was, smiled . “Ah, so this man is an acquaintance of our great General Guang Wei . This is good news . Hey, were you the one who took control of the Floating City and wiped out the Grans?”

“Yes, that was me!” Qin Feng answered calmly .

The C-tier said respectfully, “Dear mister, you have done a great deed for the Human Alliance . The authority would definitely reward you for this!”

Qin Feng started to laugh . “Oh no, I’m a wanted man in the Human Alliance, with my bounty ordered by General Guang Wei . I dare not receive such rewards . Besides, I’ve already been to the City of Death a while ago… so I suppose you should consider me as part of the Dark Coalition now . ”

The C-tier was surprised to hear this .

Qin Feng smirked, “General Guang Wei, do you intend to kill me now and collect my bounty? No? Then how about this? Let’s reverse the role . I’ll do the killing, and the target is you . What do you say?”

Guang Wei’s face turned grim .

“Qin Feng, you’re not kidding, are you?”

Qin Feng’s face turned cold instantly .

“Joking? Guang Wei . When you wanted me to pay the unfair price of 5 trillion, when you put a bounty on my head, were you joking too? If you weren’t joking back then, why would I joke with you too?”

As he was talking, the Floating City’s cannons started to charge up and fire!

“Ahhhh!!” The Gunner screamed as he quickly turned the hover copter around in fear, trying to evade the energy beams .

Qin Feng controlled the Floating City and kept on pursuing them, not intending to let them go .

Guang Wei’s face was as pale as a ghost’s .

“What’s… what’s going on? General Guang Wei, was that man your enemy, Sir?”