Master of the End Times - Chapter 471

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Chapter 471

Chapter 471: This Guy Seems To Be Guang Wei

Enemy? Was he not an enemy?

It was not just that the situation had been turned on its head so quickly, but it had barely been a few months before the person returned!

The original thought had been that it would not be too hard to kill a D-tier, it would be like crushing a bug .

Now it seemed like they had offended a powerful enemy .

Gunners piloted the hover copters but they were not enough to get out of the Floating City’s attack range . If the Floating City were not really aiming for them, how would they have been able to avoid its relentless artillery fire?

Just a barrage of covering fire and they would easily be shot down .

“Stop talking nonsense and run!” Guang Wei’s face was as white as a sheet, feeling like he was being suffocated .

“Run? I need to be able to run first!” The gunner lamented, then he looked like he just had an epiphany and said, “General Guang Wei, what level is this enemy? If he could control the Floating City then it means we could do it too, if his control isn’t that refined then General, you could rush toward the Floating City and the machinery would not be useful against you then!”

Better than staying here and being bombarded .

Guang Wei’s eyes lit up at the idea and his heart beated with adrenaline .

Qin Feng’s original strength was only D-tier . It was hard to gauge his strength in this current situation but it could be presumed that he would not have improved very much in this short amount of time .

Perhaps it was Qin Feng’s girlfriend who had the space ability that allowed him to launch a surprise attack and take the Floating City .

There was no need to say that Guang Wei guessed it correctly!

“That’s right! You keep trying to avoid him . I’m going in!”

His eyes glinted, his morale had been improved .

‘That’s right, Qin Feng could deal with the Grans but he couldn’t deal with me, otherwise, why would he have escaped with his girlfriend? If I beat him, doesn’t that mean that the Floating City is mine?”

The more he thought about this, the more riled up Guang Wei got . Even his normally cold demeanour had a touch of brightness that showed that he was excited .

In the next moment, with a surge of consciousness, his body transformed into a small storm of ice .


The small ice storm was pushed forward by the wind, scattering in all directions as it was blown toward the Floating City .

Then the storm got bigger and bigger until it became a blizzard . Above the Floating City, a massive amount of snow appeared as if it was going to cover the whole thing in the blink of an eye .

Guang Wei had changed into snow and actually landed on the Floating City!

Previously, the Floating City had a protective shield and the Human Alliance sent countless bombardment runs to destroy it but they were all fruitless attempts!

But now, he had managed to arrive using such an obvious method!

Not only that, the Floating City had stopped firing .

“Hmph, must have seen me and is trying to get an emergency rescue, and he stopped firing because of that!” Guang Wei thought, feeling very pleased with himself .

“Qin Feng, this has to be the dumbest thing you’ve done!”

Guang Wei extended his consciousness, wanting to find Qin Feng’s location and control the Floating City .

However, just as his consciousness spread out, a silver light appeared twenty meters away from him .

Then, two figures appeared

He felt a scorching heat rush to his face in an instant .

The snow falling onto the city instantly melted .

Guang Wei narrowed his eyes .

“C-tier! How is that possible?” Guang Wei wondered if he was hallucinating .

How long did Qin Feng leave for? He was now C-tier!

“General Guang, coming in uninvited is bad etiquette!”

“Qin Feng, you are wanted by the Human Alliance and I am here to arrest you, we are beyond invitations now . ”

Qin Feng smirked . “You’re right, but that depends on whether you can actually arrest me . General Guang, for yesterday’s hatred, I’m going to be repaying them in full today!”

During the time in the Human Alliance’s consciousness world, after being targeted by Guang Wei and then chased down, it was impossible to not be angry at the situation .

Naturally there were grievances, and from grievances came revenge!

“So, you still want revenge? That’s one of the worst jokes I’ve heard this year . Let’s see what you have then? That C-tier ability? It won’t be enough!”

As he spoke, ice-blue runes began to appear around him, forming into the silhouette of a phoenix .

“You’ll know once you have a taste of it!”

Qin Feng also unleashed his consciousness, runes floating up into the air and fanning out into the shape of a peacock .

“How could a peacock compare to my Ice Phoenix!” Guang Wei was filled with confidence, his consciousness surged and the Ice Phoenix soared .

Qin Feng raised his hand and gently pushed forward, the Blue Flame Peacock then rushed forward .

The two quickly collided, flapping their wings to strike one another .

The Ice Phoenix lowered the temperature of the Blue Flame Peacock, while the Blue Flame Peacock rapidly burned through the ice, causing its attacker to quickly melt .

As the two clashed, their final impact against one another ended in a resounding explosion .

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Shards of ice and flames were sent scattering .

“How is that possible?”

Guang Wei could not believe it .

Qin Feng’s ability was as powerful as his .

At that moment, Qin Feng mobilized his consciousness again .

Several Blue Flame Peacocks appeared beside him .

Guang Wei’s eyes widened .


Qin Feng raised his hands and pointed at his target .

Guang Wei felt that the situation had turned for the worse .

“Icy Phoenix!”

However, with the speed at which he condensed his runes, he was too slow and obviously could not do it like Qin Feng who unleashed ten in a single moment .

The Icy Phoenix could take on one Blue Flame Peacock but there were nine more incoming!

“Trail of Frost!”

In a split second, Guang Wei retreated with the Blue Flame Peacocks still chasing after him .

“Ice Wall!”

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A massive wall of ice appeared in front of him .

Boom boom boom!

Three Blue Flame Peacocks slammed into it, instantly knocking down the wall .

Guang Wei had only run for about a hundred meters .

There were still six more behind him, rushing after him like targeted missiles .

He continuously unleashed abilities to try and stop these attacks, but he could only release abilities while he was running away .

The transfer of abilities took time!

Even Guang Wei could not bear such an intense transfer .

What was more, he suddenly realized that he had reached the edge of the city .

There was nowhere left to go!

“Skcraw!” A Blue Flame Peacock rammed toward his position .


Guang Wei was immediately sent flying .

Meanwhile, the gunner who thought that Qin Feng had been already defeated by Guang Wei was cautious piloting his hover copter and his eyes lit up when saw a figure fall off the Floating City .

“Wow . General Guang’s really fast!” said the pilot with admiration .

The person who had been sitting behind General Guang earlier had a feeling of suspicion, but then he was shocked and began to panic .

“Hey? Wait… That man, that seems to be General Guang Wei!!!”