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Master of the End Times - Chapter 472

Published at 9th of December 2020 03:20:10 PM

Chapter 472

Chapter 472: A-tier Regent

It was originally thought that Guang Wei was going to take the Floating City, but who could have expected him to get kicked out of it after no more than five minutes .

“What are you waiting for? Go grab the General!” Another C-tier quickly yelled .

“Ah, right right right!” The pilot snapped out of his daze and hurriedly flew the hover copter toward Guang Wei .

Guang Wei’s injuries were not serious, but the impact still shook up his innards .

Most importantly, it was obviously unwise to try and fight again .

Qin Feng’s growth was too scary!

Meanwhile, Qin Feng stood at the edge of the Floating City, staring downward as his internal force transmitted his voice .

“General Guang Wei, how does it feel to be hunted down?”

This sound made Guang Wei angry, but he almost fainted from getting the air knocked out of him .

The gunner and the other C-tier looked in Qin Feng’s direction, only feeling that they were looking at something that was unattainable and unfathomable .

Otherwise, how could he have defeated Guang Wei so easily?

Their communicators also began to rang and what just happened to appear was Qin Feng’s wanted status on the Bounty Hunter Network .

Obviously the person in front of them was not really a member of the Human Alliance, but a criminal .

However, after hearing the conversation between Qin Feng and Guang Wei, both the gunner and the C-tier looked at each other and knew that there was a deeper history in this kind of situation .

They both felt like a pair of bystanders that were roped into this madness .

No matter, they could not just ditch Guang Wei and run .

At this time, Guang Wei stood on the edge of the hover copter, glaring at Qin Feng .

“Qin Feng, you’re stubborn . You’ve also made a great contribution this time, if you correct that attitude of yours then I wouldn’t mind canceling your wanted status!” Guang Wei said in a menacing way .

Guang Wei rationalized that if they could not be beaten, then maybe they could be reasoned with .

“Oh? Then you’ll find a few more reasons for me to give up the Floating City? General Guang Wei, you’re pretty good at planning but I’ve been duped once, so why would I fall for it the second time?”

Guang Wei’s face flushed with anger .


Qin Feng was only saying it lightly . The last time Guang Wei demanded Qin Feng hand over his girlfriend’s whip and a sum of money, did he not only not pay up, but also ran away?

He said it like he was the one who suffered a lot!

“Qin Feng, you attack me now and you’ll be completely breaking off from the Human Alliance . Have you never thought of the kind of consequences you’ll be facing?!”

Qin Feng let out a frosty laugh, “An A-tier person can get killed by the Floating City’s artillery . What are you going to do? Send an S-tier?”

That was simply impossible!

Guang Wei racked his brain, until finally giving into anger .

However, he had already discovered that Qin Feng was invincible .

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“What on Earth do you want?!”

At this time, words were powerless .

That was because Qin Feng had proven everything with his strength .

“What do I want? It’s simple, General Guang Wei . You make everything clear to the public and give me justice, as for compensation…” Qin Feng smirked, “Didn’t you say you wanted 5 trillion in the beginning? After I get back the money I have in my personal account when it gets unblocked, you compensate me with 5 trillion instead! Of course, I took the Floating City all by myself . Don’t blame me for not being civil to whoever wants to get involved!”

Guang Wei was ashen-faced .

If the situation were known, then Guang Wei would get punished . Of course, when the strong were respected, the punishment would not be too serious . It would just be reputation and property that would suffer from it .

It was just that Guang Wei could not give out 5 trillion .

“Qin Feng, don’t you dare extort me!” Guang Wei could only struggle at this point .

“General Guang Wei, was that not the price you gave me? You think I’m extorting you? You should be regretting your past behavior!” Qin Feng said coldly .

Guang Wei wanted to tear off Qin Feng’s mouth .

He was being too unreasonable!

Guang Wei did not think about how he had been before . What about the fact that he was unreasonably merciless?

Qin Feng was only going in a tooth for a tooth .

Only after he had proven himself to be stronger did Guang Wei realize this .

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“Fine, after a few days I’ll send someone over to give you an answer!” Guang Wei said, but he was planning to gather a few B-tier friends of his to come and assassinate Qin Feng .

“Then I’ll be waiting . I hope that you’ll give me a good answer, General . ” Qin Feng said . “You can go now!”

As they were high up in the air, Qin Feng used his internal force to carry his voice . The pilot naturally heard what he said and sank into his seat in relief, immediately turning around to leave .

As for Guang Wei, he was still standing on the hover copter . His lower half was frozen over with ice, otherwise he would have been thrown off .

Even so, he had to face the violent gusts of wind until he lost sight of the Floating City . Only then did he walk back into the cabin .

“Do not report this to the Human Alliance, I’ll handle this situation myself!” Guang Wei said in a serious tone .

The C-tier next to him trembled and finally opened up his dry mouth to say, “General Guang, I’ve just uh… I’ve already passed the news on and…”

Guang Wei immediately had a bad feeling!

“And what?”

“And…” The man gulped before continuing, “And just now, I passed on the conversation between you two to the Human Alliance . Someone should have reviewed it by now!”

Guang Wei did not look impressed .

Then, his communicator started to ring .

[Human Alliance Notice: General Guang Wei, please use the consciousness connector to enter the Consciousness Realm!]

Not only that, his communicator began to ring again and again .

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Fu Wenjue: “General Guang, I can’t hide what happened before anymore . I’ll admit my mistakes to the Human Alliance, I’m very sorry!”

He Liming: “The plot’s been exposed . I want to see how you explain yourself, and as for dragging me into this… If I’m getting punished too, just you wait!”

Wang Zhou: “You forced Qin Feng to leave the Human Alliance? You know he saved my life before, are you trying to make me lose face?”

Xu Qing: “Guang Wei, you told me to not listen to the other side but how are you going to explain this now?”

However, these were not the most important .

Fu Wenjue and He Liming were both people who reviewed Qin Feng when he was trying to become governor of the Four Cities on the North Sea and they had little to do in this matter .

Wang Zhou owed Qin Feng a favor and Xu Qing only cared about the situation .

It was the next person that gave Guang Wei chills!

Shang Han: “General Guang Wei, I hope you can give me an explanation!

Shang Han, an A-tier aptitude user, was the companion of Cui Lian, who had died in an artillery bombardment during their attack on the Grans .

This person was the one directly in charge of Bai City in the northern area of the Huaxia District .

Based on her position, she was basically minister of war, and was incredibly strong .

“Regent Shang Han, please listen to my explanation!”