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Master of the End Times - Chapter 474

Published at 10th of December 2020 02:55:06 AM

Chapter 474: 474

Chapter 474: Final Voting

Qin Feng had the capability to fight Guang Wei .

He used his own power to create the current situation .

Zheng Qian felt extremely happy .

She could also recall what Qin Feng had said to her before he left .

“How they drove me out today, I’ll come back and drive them out the same way!”

Qin Feng did what he said he would do!

After hearing Zheng Qian’s words, everyone directed their attention toward her .

She felt that she had been locked onto by countless consciousnesses and was a little bit nervous but when she thought about Qin Feng she felt as if these people were not that scary after all!

After all, what they could not do were things Qin Feng could do!

And he was her superior, her patron . Her boss!

In that instant, Zheng Qian’s heart was full of determination .

Shang Han asked, “Are you someone with inside knowledge?”

Zheng Qian immediately stood up and bowed to Shang Han . “I am a C-tier ancient warrior who just recently ranked up this year, Zheng Qian . I serve as the deputy commander of the mercenary troop created by Qin Feng . At that time, when the incident happened, I was next door to Captain Qin . The Human Alliance had sent a C-tier to give the captain a consciousness connector…”

She did not hesitate to relay the entire story, especially mentioning how Guang Wei, Lei Ying and the dead Li Zishan partnered together to attack Qin Feng .

Shang Han’s face gradually became ghastly, in fact, she had already known about these things!

And off stage, a pale-faced Lei Ying finally understood what was going on .

Qin Feng had turned the situation on its head!

The trouble that he caused was too great . The alliance wanted to find out what happened to Qin Feng before that and reconcile with him . Naturally, it was to find the culprit who wronged him and make them compensate him .

And now, it was naturally Lei Ying who was the culprit, and Guang Wei of course!

Lei Ying wanted to escape but soon a wave of consciousness locked onto him and a set of seats immediately appeared next to Guang Wei, where he himself instantly reappeared .

His own consciousness was locked onto and imprisoned . If Lei Ying wanted to escape by force it could only cause irreparable injuries .

It was too late to run now!

The first thing was to see how the punishment would go . Nobody was going to die anyway, so the punishment would not be too serious .

Lei Ying could only endure with gritted teeth .

“So all this happened in the Consciousness Realm? The people who received Qin Feng at that time, come out and explain!” Shang Han said .

He Liming immediately stood up and said, “Three months ago, Qin Feng planned to take over the position of governor of the Four Cities on the North Sea due to Wang Zhou’s recommendation . However, back then, General Guang Wei recommended another person . He was inferior to Qin Feng in every way and accused…”

He Liming proceeded to go on and explain the events of what occurred during that time and then pointed to Fu Wenjue and said, “General Fu was also there at that time . He can prove that I opposed it, but General Guang Wei insisted on doing it his own way . Afterward, they warned me to not make things worse . That’s about it . I didn’t report this matter to the alliance, which means I am also responsible!”

Fu Wenjue felt like he was going to cry .

At that time, he dragged He Liming into the waters and now He Liming had shoved him into a river .

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He felt like both sides had no humanity!

“General Fu, is there anything else you would like to add?” Shang Han looked between the two .

“No, no!” Fu Wenjue said with a dry mouth .

“Right, now that the truth of this matter has been revealed, Qin Feng has indeed been wronged . According to the regulations, his wanted status on the Bounty Hunter Network must be taken down and his personal account restored!”

Shang Han directly used her authority to restore Qin Feng’s identity .

“However, this matter is not over!”

Shang Han looked at Guang Wei and Lei Ying, along with Fu Wenjue with cold regard . “Qin Feng has been falsely accused, so naturally a compensation must be paid in order to satisfy him . Otherwise, the pilot of the Floating City could join forces with the Dark Coalition . That would be the biggest joke of the century and I won’t even have a job anymore!”

Everyone nodded, giving Qin Feng his identity back was one thing, but finding a way to calm him down was another .

“Now, let’s take a look at this!”

Shang Hand played another video . It was actually the dialogue between Qin Feng and Guang Wei while they were on the Floating City .

This conversation also verified the things that He Liming and Fu Wenjue had said before as true . Not only that, Qin Feng’s request was also frankly voiced .

All this was recorded via drone and passed on to Shang Han .

Among those C-tier aptitude users, it had also caused an uproar .

While Qin Feng did not know many C-tiers, a lot of C-tiers knew about him .

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Cheng Dacheng, Han Chengming and Zheng Qian were naturally familiar, and there were several others who had seen Qin Feng’s military exploits . He had wiped out too many Gran invaders!

Such a person was being falsely accused and extorted for 5 trillion at the time, and He Liming failed to mention this .

Now, even they felt angry!

If everyone were the same as Guang Wei, due to power and privileges, they could easily do this to anyone else at will . Who knew whether or not they would be next .

The fox mourns the rabbit’s death . Without lips, the teeth get cold!*

B-tiers and C-tiers needed to look out for one another!

Shang Han spoke again . “Now everyone, let’s discuss whether Qin Feng’s request is reasonable or not so that it can be approved!”

Many B-tiers began to speak .

“I think it can be approved!”

“Money as compensation seems reasonable!”

“Yes, I’m afraid Qin Feng might want other punishments, like kicking Guang Wei and Lei Ying out!”

“Hmph, no matter how powerful and how much of a genius Qin Feng is, he isn’t entirely faultless . The way I see it, it’s best if we accept whatever is beneficial . The compensation shouldn’t be so much, just give half of it! Who here has never used their privileges? This is uncalled for!”

“Qin Feng is basically trying to give the Human Alliance an ultimatum, that’s too arrogant of him!”

“Figure out the situation, we don’t even have good internal coordination . Now, Qin Feng’s been wronged and not being given an explanation? Well, that’s a bit disappointing, isn’t it? Can the Human Alliance even develop further?”

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Gradually, the quarrelling began to spread throughout the crowd .

Guang Wei felt relieved when he saw this scene!

Obviously, there were still people on his side . After all, everyone had used their status before but Guang Wei crossed the line this time and the most important reason was that Qin Feng was too powerful .

If it were not for his strength, Guang Wei would not be judged .

Since everyone was still arguing, naturally, this matter would be settled through voting!

“Alright, everyone has their own opinions . We shall begin voting . A-tier aptitude users will have one veto vote . A vote from B-tier aptitude users counts as ten votes and C-tier aptitude users will have one vote . The voting begins now!”

“Whether to pay Qin Feng’s request of 5 trillion for compensation!”





Guang Wei and Lei Ying were both tense as they watched the poll data rise and fall .

Their faces completely drained of color .

Even Lei Ying, someone who was a C-tier ability user, was trembling all over .

Translator’s Note: Translated directly from Chinese idioms . When put together, it roughly means ‘Those who find similarities with one another are intimately interdependent with each other’ .