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Master of the End Times - Chapter 475

Published at 11th of December 2020 02:45:11 AM

Chapter 475

Chapter 475: Heavy Penalty

When threatening others, he did not think that 5 trillion was a lot . After all, Qin Feng had probably earned that much during battles .

But when it fell onto himself, 5 trillion would knock the air out of him!

The number of votes rose steadily and finally reached an approval rate of 80%!

Shang Han nodded and announced the punishment: “Guang Wei will pay 4 trillion while Lei Ying will pay 1 trillion . You may mortgage items to the alliance to retrieve the money . You have a day’s time!”

Guang Wei put on a gloomy expression while Lei Ying’s body swayed and he almost collapsed onto his knees .

Even when he had always boasted about how much money the Leitang Organization had, 1 trillion was the equivalent of all of his property .

Shang Han’s voice rang out again . It was obvious that this ruling was not over .

“As General Guang Wei abused his power, he is to be removed from his rank as a general . The voting begins now!”





Guang Wei’s face soured, but the increase in votes was not as egregious as last time .

After all, Guang Wei was still a B-tier powerhouse . After so many years serving in the Northern region, his business contacts should not be underestimated . Most people believe that the compensation price was fair, but being stripped from his rank was a different thing .

Soon, the results came out and Guang Wei was not dismissed as a general .

Shang Han seemed to have expected this result, she nodded and said, “The position of general for Guang Wei will be temporarily preserved!”

He let out a sigh of relief .

“Other punishments will be carried out now!”

Shang Han obviously did not plan on letting Guang Wei go that easily .

After all, Guang Wei was responsible for her partner’s death . If Guang Wei were not punished, she would feel like it was unreasonable .

Sometimes, only those who were truly strong would have the absolute right to speak .

“Other penalties will be imposed as stated . For a year, all of General Guang Wei’s subsidiaries would be halted and any task rewards will be reduced by 50%!”

Guang Wei’s face turned pale .

Shang Han’s eyes were cold, and she continued, “Punishment: Fu Wenjue, for a year, your subsidies are reduced by 30% and any task rewards will be reduced by 30%!”

Fu Wenjue was taken aback, then smiled bitterly . He did not expect to lose all of the minor benefits he had gained back then, having to vomit all of them out . It was a year of resources, gone!

“Punishment: He Liming, even when you conducted yourself virtuously, you are still guilty . For half a year, your subsidies are reduced by 10% and any task rewards will be reduced by 10%!”

He Liming thought himself to be innocent of crime, but he also knew that this was all Guang Wei’s fault, so he naturally started hating him .

“Punishment: Lei Ying!” Shang Han’s attention fell onto him .

That person was not an employee of the Human Alliance and did not serve as governor or general so there was no statement about subsidiaries .

Lei Ying was just a president of the Leitang Organization . The Human Alliance had very little control over these people .

However, she knew just the way to deal with him .

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“For a year, Lei Ying and his forces will have their task rewards reduced by 50%!”

Heavy penalty!

It could be said that the entire Leitang Organization had been brought to damnation because of Lei Ying’s actions .

No member of the group would want to turn in their tasks at the halls only to realize that they were getting half of the rewards back .

Even when some of the Leitang members had physical properties and illegal side businesses, how many people could be accommodated by these resources?

How would these kinds of unbalance work out?

And if their resources were to be reduced, the number of people who were dissatisfied would gradually increase . Leitang would be unable to provide sufficient resources and the entire organization would collapse!

This trick was truly vicious!

“The sentencing is over . Now, I require a representative to negotiate with Qin Feng . Would anyone like to volunteer?” Shang Han asked .

“Let me go!”

“I’ll go!”

There were actually two people who spoke up .

One of them was Wang Zhou, who owed Qin Feng a favor . Of course, the two of them did not owe each other anything due to the recommendation . In the end, Qin Feng was screwed over by Lei Ying and Wang Zhou felt as if his reputation was on the line if he did not do anything .

The other person turned out to be He Liming .

He had audited Qin Feng and tried to speak in his defense but was ultimately useless in changing the situation . He still felt as if he could win Qin Feng over .

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After a divine miracle had occured, it should not be ignored but befriended instead .

“Yes, we will discuss this later . Meeting adjourned, you may all leave now!” Shang Han said .

Then, Shang Han invited Wang Zhou and He Liming to have another round of conversation .

“This time, tell Qin Feng that his money will be given to him by the other parties, along with the position as governor of the Four Cities!” Shang Han said . This can be both his reward and compensation .

Wang Zhou and He Liming nodded .

However, Shang Han clearly had another order .

“What do you two think about the Floating City?”

The two were surprised at the same time, but they both had the same idea of course .

The Floating City could kill even an A-tier . Who would not want such a powerful weapon?

What was more, the Grans obviously had technology that far surpassed their own . If it were studied, then even more powerful weapons could be made .

Ability users were the strongest, but they needed to be awakened . Ancient warriors were strong as well, but they were restricted by physical strength .

As for the gunners, even a child could kill someone if they had a gun .

Gunners were the only profession that could be mass produced .

This could change the current state of mankind!

“The regent wants to get the Floating City from Qin Feng?” Wang Zhou said .

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Shang Han thought for a while and said, “Although Qin Feng is very young, he is hard to read . He was swindled by Lei Ying and with his skills could have easily assassinated the man but he didn’t . It’s almost as if he had expected this day to come!”

“Yes, if he really did kill Lei Ying, then the situation would be different!” Wang Zhou said with a sigh .

He Liming thought for a moment . “I don’t think he would compromise so easily!”

He saw Qin Feng once in the Consciousness Realm and could already guess his intentions!

Shang Han nodded . “In the video, even as a C-tier he could manage to suppress the B-tier Guang Wei . He is vain and arrogant, I doubt he would hand the city over so easily . Ask him for cooperation, to share resources and provide technology . Tell him that we’re ready to compensate him for it!”


“That’s fine by me . ”

All three of them thought that this idea was pretty good!


On the Floating City, Qin Feng stared at the horizon as the sun slowly began to rise . However, his thoughts flickered quickly through his mind .

‘Guang Wei and Lei Ying, the both of them might get punished but the Human Alliance wouldn’t severely punish such a strong person . At best they’d get a small fine or something . ’

‘I don’t need to pay attention to those two . The most important thing right now is how the Human Alliance is going to treat the Floating City!’

‘If they think they can come here and just take it, then they really have their heads in the clouds!’

A bright glint appeared in his eyes .

If the Human Alliance did try to take the city, he could just easily leave with it .

At this moment, his communicator started to ring .