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Master of the End Times - Chapter 476

Published at 11th of December 2020 02:45:07 AM

Chapter 476: 476

Chapter 476: Establishing Organization

Qin Feng lifted his hand, it was a message from Zheng Qian . She did not make the call out of consideration that Qin Feng might have been sleeping .

Zheng Qian could not wait until the next day to share the good news with Qin Feng .

“Noted . ” Qin Feng replied . The outcome did not come as a surprise to him .

‘So… I still have one more day?’ He smirked . It was indeed a piece of encouraging news .

Qin Feng took out his original communicator and switched it on . It had become functional again .

Not only that but the consciousness connector had also come alive now .

Qin Feng linked up the connector and instantly entered the Consciousness Realm .

Inside the realm, other than the largest Huaxia office building of the Human Alliance, there were also an auction house, battle ring, etc . The realm was comparable to a large city .

Even every person that had access to the realm owned a house there . The aptitude users had collectively formed a large community here .

Qin Feng did not go to other places and went straight to the Human Alliance office .

The place was open for 24 hours and the weakest staff here was at least an E-tier . Being served by these people was also considered a privilege .

“Mister, how can I help you today?” Consciousness did not require sleep but there were usually not many customers around this hour . The receptionist immediately sat up straight and looked at Qin Feng with a polite smile .

“I wish to register an organization!” Qin Feng conveyed his intention .

“Sure . You need to mortgage 100 billion assets to build an organization . Should I start compiling your assets now?” The receptionist asked .

Such a financial compilation was a tedious process since it encompassed assets of all kinds, including real estate, income, etc .

To establish an organization was not an easy task .

Though no rule forbade a D-tier to build an organization, the amount of assets needed was not what a D-tier could afford .

“There’s no need to do so . I will pay with cash . ”

“Eh? Alright!”

The worker immediately helped Qin Feng to sign up for an organization account . Qin Feng then transferred 100 billion as a mortgage . Though it still belonged to the organization, Qin Feng had no right to withdraw or use it . In other words, 100 billion capital flow had been locked dead even before the organization began its operation .

‘What a wealthy young man!’ The staff thought .

“The money is already in . Please give me the name of your organization .

Qin Feng answered without delay, “Fengli!”

“The name is not taken so I will proceed with the registration accordingly . ”

Qin Feng did not stop after he registered the organization . He logged out from the Consciousness Realm and realized it was already five in the morning .

Qin Feng called Xue Xingfu through the communicator .

Xue Xingfu was woken up by the super early ring and cursed the inconsiderate caller . He had no choice but to answer when he saw that the caller was his boss .

“You sure are lively all the time . ”

Qin Feng seemed to always contact him to discuss matters around this hour .

“Boss, what do you need?” Xue Xingfu asked urgently .

“I will be sending you some samples . These are going to be mass-produced in the factory I have recently set up at North Sea Desert . I will allocate 100 billion to you for publicity . Make sure the news reaches every corner of the northern region . ”

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Xue Xingfu was puzzled . “What product are you publicizing?”

Qin Feng smiled and announced calmly, “Fengli Organization, the largest firearms supplier!”

“Ah?” Xue Xingfu was even more confused than before . Since when did Fengli turn from a mercenary troop into an organization?

Qin Feng did not give Xue Xingfu a chance to ask another question and ordered, “You only have one day . ” After that, he sent all the details on the firearm samples to Xue Xingfu .

Xue Xingfu got up and read through it . He was deeply amazed .

‘A cheap D-tier handgun that could be controlled merely through consciousness?’

‘A plasma blaster that could kill a C-tier beast emperor?’

‘Aircraft design? My god!’

Xue Xingfu’s breath became shorter each time he turned the page and found a new product .

He was wide awake now . Together with him was the Fengli Mercenary Troop that had gone under the radar for some time now .

Everyone had received the latest update . Qin Feng’s name had been cleared and he was no longer on the wanted list .

“Quick! Get your ass up and working now . I need the advertisement and words out in the cities by today!”

They must achieve the goal set by Qin Feng—to make Fengli Organization the biggest firearms supplier in the northern region .

In one day, Xue Xingfu managed to make a big deal out of the few samples Qin Feng had sent to him and had the news become the hottest topic in town!


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Qin Feng’s communicator was ringing non-stop .

“Qin Feng, you are back at last! I am going to return the captain position to you now . ”

“Zhou Hao, thanks for your hard work while I was away . ”

“It’s nothing . I am just relieved that you are finally back . ”

Zhou Hao re-registered Qin Feng’s name back into the troop and quickly switched back the captain position to Qin Feng .

The change of personnel had of course drawn the attention of the other members of the troop .

“Captain is back!”

“Great! Captain has returned safely!”

“We sure felt insecure when you were away!”

Qin Feng received a warm welcome . He realized none of the original members had left the troop during his absence in the past few months . He was gratified by their loyalty .

“Once the operation is on track, I will give out bonuses to everyone . ” Qin Feng promised .

“Thanks, Captain!”

“Eh? I think we should call him president now!”

“Haha! That’s true . Captain has reached C-tier now too!”

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There was a huge disparity between a troop captain and an organization president, especially in terms of status quo and wealth .

Qin Feng was no doubt proud of his own achievement . He again comforted the troop members before hanging up . But the communicator rang again not long after .

It was a call from Xu Qing . Qin Feng immediately picked it up .

“Qin Feng, you are really unpredictable,” Xu Qing said .

Qin Feng used only about ten days to conquer the Floating City . Before that, some C-tiers on Xu Qing’s side still chastised Qin Feng for being arrogant . None of them could say another word now . The slap on the face had come sooner than they expected .

“It’s just a matter of time . I am right where I should be now,” Qin Feng said confidently .

“Such confidence . But I guess it’s appropriate coming from the mouth of someone who had claimed the Floating City!” Xu Qing laughed . Qin Feng clearly stood out from other people of his age .

“But you have to understand such a sudden surge of fame would only invite jealousy . Many people would be targeting you, now that you have taken down Floating City,” Xu Qing warned .

Qin Feng had of course thought of it too . That was why he had taken a series of actions as precautionary measures .

“Thank you for your kind advice . ”

“I don’t wish for there to be any misunderstanding between you and the Human Alliance in the future . ”

One time was enough . They could not afford to push such talent away from the Human Alliance again .

But powerful people usually loved to hoard resources . Shang Han probably would not give up going after the fortunes easily .