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Master of the End Times - Chapter 479

Published at 14th of December 2020 03:00:34 PM

Chapter 479

Chapter 479: An Old Friend

Inside the slums of Chengbei colony .

A female figure was seen dragging a garbage truck in a narrow alley .

Even though it was a hot summer day, the girl still wrapped herself in a long sleeves cloth and did not expose any inch of her skin . One of her legs was fixed on a cheap metallic prosthetic .

She flipped the garbage truck over, and a decaying body fell out from it . The girl was not startled by it . In fact, she was a little intrigued by what she had just found .

She searched through the body quickly . Unfortunately, there was nothing valuable found on it . Her excitement immediately vanished, and she continued to pillage through the alley impassively .

No matter how many times the streets were being cleaned up, it could not rid itself of the rotten odor that had permeated into every corner of the slums .

Two guys paced wobbly toward the girl from the other end of the alley . The girl hastily looked down and avoided eye contact .

The two did not plan to let her loose easily . They cornered the girl quickly . One of them snatched her hat away rudely .

There was a pretty face hidden underneath the hat .

“Haha . Just like I told you . One hella good looking girl!”

“Too bad she is a cripple!”

“I don’t mind as long as other parts of her are still intact, hehe!” The guy spoke vulgarly and reached in to grab the girl’s chest .

The girl took out a blade and bellowed, “Leave me alone!”

“Look at that! A pepper! Just the type I love!”

“You wish to have another leg broken? I can help you with that!”

The two ruffians closed in and were not deterred by the lady’s weapon .

The girl panicked but she pretended to be ruthless .

“Let me warn you . The mayor of Fengli colony is my classmate . He is very powerful… He is… He is an E-tier aptitude user! Don’t you dare touch me!”

The two ruffians hesitated and stopped moving . But soon, one of them sneered, “If your friend is a mayor, then why are you picking up garbage here?”

The other guy also relaxed and mocked, “Classmate? Is he in the same class as you during primary school? Who would remember a cripple like you after he has awakened? Stop making up connections that you don’t actually have!”

The girl was rattled after her lie was seen through . In that short instance of zoning out, one of the guys had grabbed onto her shoulder .

Her communicator was instantly smashed and she had lost the only thing that would allow her to call for help .

“Lady, be obedient . I will reward you after this!”

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“We will kill you if you don’t listen to us!”

“Let me go! Scram, you two pathetic scums!” The girl shouted angrily but she was unable to free herself from their grip .

This was when a luxury hover car stopped at the end of the alley . Then, a tall figure came flying in .

The next moment, the two ruffians were sent flying backward, smashing onto a wall .

“Yang Qian!” Qin Feng was infuriated when he saw Yang Qian’s pity state .

Yang Qian was indeed Qin Feng’s classmate . Nonetheless, since Qin Feng had been reborn at the point in time after his awakening, their friendship in primary school went way back to his previous life .

Other than Zhou Hao and Chen Ming, Qin Feng actually did not remember much about the other classmates . He had even forgotten some of them .

From Qin Feng’s perspective, those things had taken place more than a few decades ago .

Because of his rebirth, their fate had all been altered radically . Their reunion turned into an ambush by the Dark Coalition . Consequently, Yang Qian’s future strayed from being a promising teenager into a disabled person .

When Qin Feng decided to return to Fengli, he had decided to at least pay Yang Qian a visit . It shocked him greatly to see Yang Qian’s current situation .

“Qin… Feng!” Yang Qian called out his name after hesitating for a while . After all, Qin Feng had changed a lot too since they last met, which was one year ago .

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Yang Qian would not believe that the person standing in front of her was the Qin Feng she knew . Other than his face that did not change much, his height, figure, and vibe were an entirely different entity now .

Behind her, the two ruffians scrambled to their feet and groaned in pain . Qin Feng did not wish to terrify his old friend so he did not immediately kill the two ruffians .

“Spare my life!” The two ruffians went down on their knees to beg for their lives after having a taste of Qin Feng’s power .

They were both stunned when they saw the badge on Qin Feng’s chest .

“F*ck! Who are you trying to fool? C-tier? Why would a C-tier come to this slum? That must be fake!”

Yang Qian looked at Qin Feng and she, too, gasped in disbelief .

The badge on Qin Feng’s chest was indeed representing C-tier .

Faking an aptitude user badge would be punished heftily if being caught .

“Qin Feng, are you…”

“Whether I am a C-tier or not, do you think the two of you can defeat me?” Qin Feng laughed coldly . He then turned to Yang Qian . “How should we deal with them?”

Yang Qian looked back at him and said determinedly, “Kill!”

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Qin Feng was a little surprised by the answer .

Yang Qian kept her voice low . “They have seen your badge . It’s best to shut them up . ”

Qin Feng initially planned to let the two ruffians go but Yang Qian was the one who had suggested killing them here . From Yang Qian’s expression, Qin Feng realized this old friend that he did not really know in both this and his past lives was not as vulnerable as he had thought .

More so, Yang Qian might have gone through some really dark moments in her life .

Qin Feng’s unfortunate past disappeared the moment he was awakened . He now remembered that he was living the exact same life before he was sixteen years old .

“Okay, let’s kill them . ”

Qin Feng snapped his fingers and ignited two fireballs . The fireballs enlarged gradually in the ruffians’ eyes and eventually burned them alive .

The two men did not suffer for long .

Despite knowing that Qin Feng was going to kill them, Yang Qian never thought that it could be done this easily and horrifyingly .

“That’s scary, Qin Feng . We all thought that you had only awakened the ancient warrior ability . It was too chaotic then for me to realize that you also possess the fire ability . Of course, I have seen a lot of your battles through some of the PR videos . ” Yang Qian sounded calm when she mentioned the tragic reunion back then .

A lot of things that might seem unfortunate in other’s eyes may no longer matter to the victim . Let bygones be bygones . What was the point of clinging on to the loss when one could still live on with dignity?

Qin Feng asked, “Zhou Hao and I have given you money . Why are you still in such a state now? Are you being oppressed?” He recalled another old acquaintance of his—Xiao Jing .