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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:35:55 PM

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Changing To a New House

“Those things aren’t suitable for you!”

The rat tsunami incident in the plantation was now on the official records, and Xue Xingfu benefitted nothing from it . Also, it was not fitting to just give him all that energy cores, either .

“Do they suit me this time?” Xue Xinfu’s chubby cheeks bobbed upwards as he smiled eagerly .

“That and… I also discovered a secret!”

“What is it?” Xue Xingfu did not know what it was, but his body stiffened in anticipation .

“What do you know about that terror attack yesterday?” Qin Feng asked in a low voice .

Xue Xingfu frowned . “I know bits and pieces here and there, but that’s it . Matters like these are not within our jurisdiction,” Xue Xingfu was careful to reply .

The area surrounding Zheng Yuan Hotel was actually under the deputy mayor’s administration, but he didn’t want to make it seem too obvious . On top of that, there were so many people in the class that it would be hard for them to carry out their plan . Otherwise, if they had known that Qin Feng was the one who sabotaged it, they would have pounced on him long before this .

Of course, they were actually planning to hunt down Qin Feng under the guise of night, hoping to find some excuses for his capture . Unfortunately, he did not return to the hotel . Qin Feng could sense the danger even as he digested Xue Xinfu’s words .

“I brought this!” Qin Feng took out his communicator . Not wanting to miss a single thing, he recorded everything he came across .

A conversation began to play:

[No, no, don’t kill me . I’ll tell you a secret!]

[If it’s another meaningless piece of information, I’m afraid won’t be giving you another chance to keep breathing!]

[No . No… The attack on your classmates wasn’t our original intention . It’s only because the other party kept urging us to hurry up . ]

[Who is this other party you’re talking about?]

[It’s the deputy mayor of Chengbei!]

Hearing those things, Xue Xingfu’s eyes grew full and round .

“How reliable is this? Who were you interrogating? Why did they say that the deputy mayor was the one who instigated it? If this recording is all you have, not only will it not benefit you in any way, but you might even get dragged deeper into the mess . This is no joke, you know!”

Xue Xingfu fired one question after another at Qin Feng . Despite his plump, good-natured face, he was actually an extremely meticulous man . Otherwise, he would never have become the profiteer he was in the previous life . A fact worth mentioning was that even when he became an influential businessman, he remained an F-tier elect . To achieve such a status, it was no doubt he had powerful allies by his side .

In the beginning, it was the actual district head of Chengbei, an E-tier elect called Zheng Yang .

Xue Xingfu drew a deep breath, returning some color to his face . He looked at Qin Feng sympathetically . “You’re too weak now!”

Those who had intimate knowledge of secrets but were weak almost always died terrible deaths .

“Me? Weak?” Qin Feng looked amused .

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He then raised his hand and revealed the spatial rune that was in it, followed by two rune equipment– the purple rune armor and arm guards that belonged to He Li .

“These are what I wish to sell . Of course, if you want the spatial rune, I can also sell it to you!” Qin Feng wiggled his finger .

Xue Xingfu’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets .

“Where… Where did all of this come from?”

Qin Feng’s smile evaporated when he realized what Xue Xingfu was actually asking .

“I went out yesterday and discovered this hidden laboratory in the wilderness . Because the experiments they conducted violated the human treaty, I interrogated them out of curiosity . I didn’t think it’d be such a big secret . That classmate of mine who was attacked was supposed to become their lab rat! Also, according to the person I questioned, the deputy mayor’s son Lin Kai has just received his awakening injection this year, but it turned out to be nothing, not even an Ancient Warrior with disposition would be successful!”

There were only three days left until the awakening season was over . Even though one should never give up hope until the last second, there was no way the trash of society, Lin Kai, would ever awaken . All he ever did was eat, drink, look for whores, and gamble his life away . He was only sixteen but had already wasted away . It would be a disgrace to the heavens if he awakened .

“They are experimenting on transferring abilities?” Xue Xingfu got the gist of it .

Qin Feng narrowed his eyes, an deep, deathly seriousness within it . “Are you interested in it as well, Captain Xue?”

Sensing spite in Qin Feng’s voice, Xue Xingfu quickly put an end to the subject . “This blatantly goes against the human covenant . I would never stand by dishonest means!”

When the rift appeared back then, all hell broke loose on earth . And ever since the appearance of ability users in that insane combat state, they became an alarming threat . The officials were compelled against their will, or perhaps, compelled by their desire to possess such great strength . To retain their power, they conducted numerous heinous experiments where ability users were captured . And although all these things were done in the dark, they were somehow exposed, triggering a mutiny . In the end, this was why each colony had its own leadership .

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At the same time, each colony was obligated to guarantee that no more experiments such as these were to be conducted . Everyone was to be cremated on the spot to avoid them from being used as test subjects .

Qin Feng answered sharply, “It’s best not to use it!”

Xue Xingfu quickly changed the subject, “He… you continue… continue what you were going to say . ”

Qin Feng then shared a little information .

“Dang! You interrupted me . I almost forgot!” Qin Feng scoffed . “These items belonged to an F-tier gunner!”

“You’re saying that he works for the deputy mayor and is an F-tier gunner . Isn’t that He Li?” Xue Xingfu gasped .

If this He Li challenged him to a fight, Xue Xingfu would gladly withdraw . But here, Qin Feng simply killed the guy? Xue Xingfu found it rather hard to believe .

Then, he suddenly thought about what Qin Feng’s rhetorical question to him – ‘Me? Weak?’

If he managed to kill He Li, then he was definitely not weak .

This kid was a freak!

Had he really only awakened for a month?

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Qin Feng wanted to waste no more time having small talk . He said, “Well… I don’t know him, but of course, you can look into it in on the sly . I’m done talking . Do you want to buy these things or not?”

Xue Xingfu scanned the three things: a spatial rune ring, a piece of purple rune armor, and a blue light handguard . “I’ll take ’em all . All three for 20 million . How’s that?”

Any spatial rune equipment would typically cost around 10 million, and its value would never depreciate . The purple rune armor, on the other hand, needed fixing and was worth little but still held its value as an F-tier item . Even after depreciation, it would be worth at least 8 million . As for the handguard, it could only yield 2 million, its condition notwithstanding .


“Hold on for a while . I don’t have so much cash on me right now but I have property . I can sell them out fast for close to 20 million yuan!”

“Oh?” Qin Feng deliberated about the offer before replying, “Bring me there for a look . If it’s okay, then we’ll do the trade . ”

Xue Xingfu’s lips twitched involuntarily . If he had known Qin Feng was so easy, he would have said that the house was worth 30 million!

Nevertheless, half an hour later, the two of them were in Lake Qing mansion, a small high-end neighborhood in the colony . Indeed, this the only natural lake in the entire Chengbei . This was also true for its surrounding colonies .

This neighborhood was also on the upper reaches of Qinghe Bay, the one Qin Feng had visited . Lake Qing was just a small part of Qinghe Bay, where many wealthy people and elects had a view of the townhouse .