Master of the End Times - Chapter 480

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Chapter 480

Chapter 480:


The unfair treatment from Xiao Jing’s parents had led her to take part in ultra beast hunting in the wilderness, which had then set her path to become an ancient warrior .

Could Yang Qian have also faced the same situation?

Yang Qian felt uncomfortable and reluctant to explain further, she added on, “This is not a good place for us to have a conversation, let me buy you something!”

Qin Feng showed no signs of disagreement and nodded

Both of them exited from the alley, Qin Feng opened the door for Yang Qian, and she seemed to be a little awkward .

“Just a couple of streets away, let’s just walk, and there is dirt on my clothes!” Yang Qian said .

“Don’t worry about it! Get in!” Qin Feng answered in a commanding tone, while Yang Qian subconsciously agreed and followed Qin Feng’s instructions .

As soon as Yang Qian got in, she noticed that there was another person at the passenger’s seat .

It was Bai Li .

“Hello!” Bai Li smiled at Yang Qian .

Yang Qian was caught in a surprise by Bai Li’s smile, as she had not seen such a beautiful female in her entire life, and she even felt embarrassed for herself .

Qin Feng introduced them, “This is my girlfriend, Bai Li, my classmate, Yang Qian!”

Bai Li nodded . “I have seen her before!”

A bell rang in Qin Feng’s mind, it was during the classmates gathering where Bai Li was still in the combat backpack .

“Yes!” Qin Feng nodded .

Yang Qian did not expect Bai Li to recognize her, from her own memories, she could not recall any of her past encounters with Bai Li, and even if they did meet each other, she would never forget about it .

The car travelled at a high speed, and within the blink of an eye, Yang Qian immediately pointed out: “Ay, we have passed it, this is the right street, yes, this is the place!”

The glamorous and fancy looking hover car stopped at the entrance of a small-sized stall, and it had caught everyone’s attention .

Then, Qin Feng exited the car with the others and found their seats at a roadside stall .

Yang Qian immediately felt bad that she was not able to host Qin Feng and Bai Li at a decent place, and both of them seemed to be outcasts in the surroundings .

However, Qin Feng seemed to be quite familiar with the place and immediately placed his meal orders, and as soon as the dishes were served, he immediately continued the conversation with Yang Qian .

“What happened, how did you end up like this? Why didn’t you go to the Fengli colony?” Qin Feng asked .

Yang Qian felt awkward in having to express herself, she began to explain, “I did not use any of the money that was given by you and Zhou Hao, and I do have my own reasons for my return!”

Qin Feng hinted at Yang Qian to continue .

Yang Qian did not want to trouble Qin Feng with her own injuries that had heavily burdened her family with a huge sum of expenses for her treatment . Ever since they had become aptitude users, Qin Feng and Zhou Hao handed over a sum of money to her, and to her, it was indeed a huge amount of money .

Of course, to Qin Feng, a hundred thousand from each of them was not a huge sum at all .

However, for any ordinary person, they could forget about having two hundred thousand as it was already impossible for them to accumulate a hundred thousand throughout their entire lifetime .

Yang Qian continued, “Zhou Hao told me that there is a spirit herb that could restore amputated limbs, and I am saving up for that!”

Hence, she did not spend any of the money that she received from Qin Feng and Zhou Hao, and she had even kept it as a secret from her parents, she would only use it if she were to encounter any opportunity to purchase such a spirit herb .

Qin Feng stared for a short while .

“Do you know how much such a spirit herb costs?”

“No, I don’t, I was not told by Zhou Hao either, however, I do believe that it could easily be worth millions, or perhaps tens of millions! I believe that I would have the chance to purchase it!” Yang Qian answered .

Indeed, Yang Qian had accepted the fact that those were the difficulties that she had to face .

However, it would also be accurate to describe her as a stubborn person that would not give up on the final hope that she had granted herself . Perhaps it was being granted by Zhou Hao, regardless, it was still an unrealistic and unachievable goal for an ordinary person .

It could possibly cost a fortune for any C-tier aptitude user to achieve restoration of amputated limbs, and it was a luxurious wish for any D-tier aptitude user to do so .

For those who were below E-tier, they would have to live with such conditions for their entire life, it was because they would have lost their ability to earn, and they could never get their hands onto such items .

Coincidently, Qin Feng had such an item under his possession, it was the flesh from the Deca Turtle .

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For any ordinary person, it was an extremely expensive item .

“You do not need to be here to earn for yourself!” Qin Feng frowned . “There are similar opportunities at Fengli!”

Yang Qian let out a bitter laugh and explained, “I do know that, however, it would be too much for me to receive such a favor from all of you, I am now a nobody, and we no longer share the same status anymore, it would be impossible for me to return such favor, also, I was told about something!”

Qin Feng remained silent and Yang Qian continued, “An aptitude user was found dead in an alley, and someone had profited a huge sum by picking up his spatial rune equipment, although Fengli is a good spot, however, without the presence of any highly ranked aptitude users, it is overly calm and peaceful, and I am more familiar with Cheng Bei!”

Qin Feng was left speechless .

“How often do you think you will have such a lucky encounter?!”

“There is still hope, and this job pays well too . ” Yang Qian answered .

Yang Qian was able to earn better and she would rather not have a proper job that allowed her to remain presentable, as it would most probably be assigned to her by the others out of their sympathy toward her situation .

Yang Qian was trying to preserve her own integrity .

Qin Feng instantly felt moved by the harsh reality that had hit hard on the skinny girl .

It seemed to have brought up his old memories .

Qin Feng had always been a top performer in school, despite Yang Qian’s shortcomings in her training and below average results, she had persisted in her effort and never gave up on herself .

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Qin Feng sank deep into his thoughts for a moment before he continued, “Yang Qian, I might have been involved in the past attack launched by the dark organization!”

“How could that be?!” Yang Qian was puzzled as there were still unsolved questions that she had on the attack .

After all, Yang Qian was just an ordinary person .

“During that time, the dark organization had reached out to Zhao Yuanyuan to plan for the capture of the ability users to be their experiment subjects, and actually, I was already awakened with abilities during the first day of the awakening potion injection; hence, if I were to speak up, things might have end up differently . ”

“If you had revealed yourself, you might also be in danger! You were right to make such a decision! Furthermore, it was just an assumption!” Yang Qian answered . “Life in this world is filled with all sorts of unfavorable uncertainties!”

However, Qin Feng knew that it had all happened before his rebirth, and Yang Qian was not the victim of the case .

Despite having the ability to change the fate of the others, the unfortunate situation of the others did not bother Qin Feng enough to have him feel sorry for them .

After Qin Feng’s rebirth, the most innocent and severely impacted would definitely be the Flame Lord, Cui Lian, however, the death of the A-tier aptitude user did not even bother Qin Feng at all .

Aptitude users were constantly struggling and seizing opportunities to survive the end times .

Qin Feng was agreeable with resource looting and fighting for opportunities .

Perhaps, humans would often have a forgiving heart when it came to the weak and unfortunate ones .

Furthermore, it was crucial for Qin Feng to maintain an uninterrupted mental state for his practice, he did not wish to have Yang Qian as an imperfect flaw that could jeopardize and affect his mental state . Regardless of the magnitude of it, it could still possibly pose as his weak point .