Master of the End Times - Chapter 481

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Chapter 481

Chapter 481: Restoration of Amputated Limbs

Qin Feng answered, “Let’s just assume that I am defying the uncertainty! I am supposed to be responsible in compensating for your loss! Yang Qian, my purpose of being here is to provide you medicine that will allow the restoration of your amputated limbs!”

Yang Qian who was still feeling relaxed earlier was immediately struck dumb .

“Qin, Qin Feng, are… you serious? Do you really mean it? Can I really have my leg restored? Yang Qian stuttered in disbelief and asked .

Qin Feng assured her with a nod and continued, “Or else, I would not be here to look for you!”

Qin Feng had planned to take the matter into his own hands; however, he did not expect to meet Yang Qian in such a battered state .

Of course, he was grateful that he was there, or else, Yang Qian could have died on that day itself!

“Qin Feng, I, I do not know how I should thank you, I, I might not be able to afford this!”

Yang Qian was instantly stunned by the surprise, she was overwhelmed!

Qin Feng did not expect any requite from Yang Qian, neither did he need it .

He would even feel bad if Yang Qian were to insist on paying him back!

However, Qin Feng clearly knew that Yang Qian needed to move on from her current state .

“With such an item, you will have better physical attributes for your ancient warrior practice, and if you were to become an aptitude user, you could easily afford this!”

It was Qin Feng who had caused Yang Qian to suffer the loss of one of her legs .

Under Qin Feng’s interference, Yang Qian would have the opportunity to advance from being an ordinary human to an aptitude user, and it would mean a world of difference for her .

It was up to her whether to perceive it as a loss or a great success!

“Qin Feng, from now on, I, Yang Qian, will serve you with all my life!” Yang Qian gritted her teeth and promised .

Although Qin Feng was not anticipating it, however, moving forward, he would certainly have a new add on to the list of his loyal followers .

Qin Feng requested that Yang Qian get herself ready and wait for him at the Fengli colony .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng and Bai Li continued their journey toward Chengyang City .

Qin Feng’s main purpose was to meet with Bo Tianyang, the mayor of Chengyang City .

As Qin Feng was planning for the transfer of Fengli colony, he had to coordinate the mayor position handover, and Bo Tianyang had already expressed his agreement during their previous call . In fact, Chengyang City had been overshadowed by Qin Feng’s talent to drive the rise of Fengli at such a high speed .

Hence, Bo Tianyang was in favor of Qin Feng’s request and his tactful way of handling the situation .

He did not care about the ownership of the resources from Fengli colony .

The Fengli colony was initially located at a non-strategic location, and if it were not because of Qin Feng, the colony would just be another place that was similar to the size of Han Town . Hence, it would be favorable for the management level to limit resources allocated to the colony .

Instead, the size of the previous Fengli colony had already expanded way beyond the perimeters of a small-sized colony!

Qin Feng and Bai Li walked into the management building of Chengyang City .

Everyone gave them their undivided attention .

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Qin Feng approached the front reception and asked, “May I know where the mayor’s office is?”

“Ah! It… it is on the thirtieth floor, mister, please hold on, let me show you the way up!” The receptionist was struck dumb by Qin Feng’s presence and had even forgotten to check on the appointment schedule .

Or perhaps, it was not even required .

It was because Qin Feng was much more powerful than the mayor .

The badge on his chest had showcased his ranking that was even higher than the mayor .

Along the way, Qin Feng’s presence had even shocked some of the aptitude users to the point where items were falling off from their hands, they were walking into walls, and many more bizarre scenes were occuring!

After all, they were all struck dumb by the situation!

Even the D-tier badge worn by Bai Li had topped the highest ranking within the Chengyang City, powerful figures were rare in the Three Cities along the Sun, the mayor was the only D-tier, and the city could hardly afford to have more of them .

Hence, how could the crowd not be shocked by the presence of Qin Feng and Bai Li?

The elevator rose up to the thirtieth floor, and as soon as the door was opened, Bo Tianyang was smiling in a restless manner while beads of sweat formed on his forehead .

“Mister Qin, you are here, welcome, welcome!” Bo Tianyang welcomed him repeatedly .

“Mayor, no formalities, please!” Qin Feng answered .

Bo Tianyang bitterly smiled as he also wished not to have such formalities, if possible, he even wished to ignore Qin Feng’s call earlier .

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How impactful could this young talent be? From thereon, they could just be on their own and not cross paths again, hence, Bo Tianyang did not really care about it .

However, Qin Feng’s unexpected reappearance as a C-tier had shocked everyone .

“My pleasure, I was being told earlier that, Mister Qin, you have a slightly different badge now!” Bo Tianyang prompted Qin Feng to further elaborate .

Unless a D-tier aptitude user was directly assigned under a C-tier, or else, it would be rare for them to find out news about those that were ranked C-tier and above .

The Three Cities along the Sun was too confined within its own to receive news from the Four Cities of the North Sea!

“Hmm, I am assigned as the governor of the Four Cities of the North Sea, which is why I am here to let go of the position of the mayor of Fengli colony!”

After all, both of them were at different locations and Qin Feng did not want to take up multiple positions at once .

“Mayor of the Four Cities of the North Sea!” Bo Tianyang opened his eyes wide and instantly noticed that he had overreacted, he immediately calmed himself down .

Both of them continued with the conversation while walking, soon, they had entered into the meeting room, and Qin Feng was planning to leave as soon as the documents were signed .

“Governor Qin, what are your plans for the Fengli colony, do you have any favorable candidates in mind to take over?” Initially, Bo Tianyang was planning to take over the underground black market, although he might not run it as well as Qin Feng did, however, he could just entrust someone there to mimic the previous practice and reap a significant amount of profit from it .

However, his intentions were diminished as soon as he met with Qin Feng .

Qin Feng had several people that came across his mind, he then made a decision . “Let’s have General Han Jian, the captain of the Chengbei colony garrison troop, take up the position!”

“Alright, it will be him then!”

Bo Tianyang did not hesitate and immediately agreed to assign Han Jian with the position, and Han Jian would definitely be dumbstruck by the sudden decision .

Qin Feng exited from the management tower, he did not use his hover car, instead, he activated his Sky Dweller and returned to Fengli .

Three days later!

At an underground laboratory within the Fengli colony .

Bai Yi was formulating potions while Yang Qian was already anesthetized on the operating station .

Being an ordinary human, Yang Qian was facing a totally different situation as Lei Ying, as he was a powerful figure that could control energy within his body to fuel the energy required by the restoration of his limbs .

A bite on the flesh of the Deca Turtle could easily rip apart the entire body of an F-tier aptitude user, what would happen to the body of an ordinary person?

However, Qin Feng and Bai Yi had channeled the energy toward restoring the limbs of the body, hence, it was a smooth and safe surgery .

“Chairman, you are really being very generous with the blood of the Deca Turtle, it is indeed a rare and beneficial ingredient!” Bai Yi was only involved in the research work and did not have any idea of Qin Feng’s financial background at all, or perhaps, nobody within the Fengli Organization had access to such information .

“Don’t worry about it, how is the experiment going? What is the rate of success for the experiment of Lin Wuyi’s advancement? Qin Feng asked .

The previous ambush toward the Sand Eagle Clan, and also the Z Organization laboratory that was spearheaded by Yan Shuo had provided Qin Feng’s research work with a huge amount of information that drove their research to a greater height .