Master of the End Times - Chapter 482

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Chapter 482

Chapter 482: Prodigy Tournament

Qin Feng had an abundant of D-tier beast king cores, and he also had plenty of beast emperor cores, however, there was a limit to the amount of energy that a human body could withstand, hence, Lin Wuyi was unable to achieve the strong physical attributes required to host the beast emperor core .

Therefore, Qin Feng had picked a beast king core for Lin Wuyi’s transformation, despite knowing the risk that was associated with it, Lin Wuyi had agreed to it!

“Don’t worry, brother, there is still about sixty percent of success rate, which is already very high!”

“Hmm, if any threat arises, we would rather stop the surgery!”


After the conversation with Bai Yi, another thing came into Qin Feng’s mind .

Qin Feng took out his consciousness connector and entered into the Consciousness Realm .

“Information retrieval, Z Organization!”

With the authority of a governor, Qin Feng was allowed to access all sorts of information that he did not have a chance to access before his rebirth .

Before his rebirth, he was just hired as a soldier that did not hold any managerial position in the Huaxia area of the Human Alliance .

Soon, the information was presented to him, and there were just a few pages of them .

Qin Feng immediately frowned .

How could this be?!

Qin Feng knew that the information that he had reported was a lot more than this .

He immediately moved on to search for other information .

“Yan Fang!”

Yan Fang was the younger brother of Yan Shuo, who was also the experiment subject of a D-tier beast emperor experiment . As Qin Feng was the one who had captured Yang Fang, he should be able to lead him to other clues . However, Gao Yukang had taken Yan Shuo away and handed him over to the department that had been focusing on investigations related to the Dark Coalition, and there were no new findings from the long period of investigation .

Soon, Qin Feng’s next findings caught him by surprise!

Surprisingly, Yan Fang was already dead .

The findings showed that it was three days after the position handover to Qin Feng .

Qin Feng was not informed about it, and Gao Yukang did not pay attention to it as well, hence, the case had remained undiscovered!

“Alright, seems like the Z Organization had already infiltrated into the Human Alliance!”

Qin Feng knew, right from the beginning of his investigation, that those scientists that had boldly claimed that the Z Organization was not part of the Dark Coalition were most probably influenced by some sort of powerful aptitude user that had spearheaded the entire plot .

And once again, the clue was disconnected!

However, whether it was the Z Organization tattoo, or the potion that had mass produced mutant experiment subjects, every clue was still traceable, and Qin Feng had already gathered a significant number of findings to further his investigation .

“I will eventually find out everyone that is behind this!”

Qin Feng exited from the Consciousness Realm .

Time passed by, soon, both Yang Qian and Lin Wuyi’s surgeries were completed .

Yang Qian experienced a massive change within her body, to an ordinary human, it was like being suddenly gifted with a rare treasure, which was the ability to fulfill the requirement to practice the ancient warrior disposition .

Meanwhile, Lin Wuyi had succeeded in advancing to D-tier and it had brought new hope to Gao Li and the others .

Qin Feng had to excuse himself from the post-recovery training as he still had other things to handle .


At the top of the Zimu Mountains .

Qin Feng entered into an underground dark garden .

The garden was cultivating countless amounts of dark spirit herbs, fruits, and flowers, all of them were not hidden because they were rare and precious treasures .

Not only that, they were all deadly and poisonous .

However, the highest rank among them was only D-tier, and none of them would contribute any significant effect onto Qin Feng that was growing rapidly .

“I have built the dark garden and shrouded it with energy isolating barriers to contain the dark breath from spreading, or else, it might be harmful to the others, if I were to leave it, this place would definitely grow as a potential threat!”

“After all, these dark rune spirit herbs might not be necessary for the others, they might be wary of them, or perhaps those that have bad intentions might use them for their wrongdoings and create chaos!”

“However, it is too troublesome to transfer all of these!”

Qin Feng walked among the dark garden and sensed the countless amount of dark breath shrouding around him, the spinning of the Mutant Planet had also become faster .

“If that is the case, then I’ll just absorb all of them!”

Whether or not the spirit herbs and fruits were ripe enough or whether the flowers had fully bloomed, they were all embedded with dark elements, and Qin Feng had decided to absorb all of them!

Qin Feng went ahead with his decision and arrived at the first floor of the garden; his ability exploded .

Qin Feng’s current capability could only be described as horrifying, as soon as his absorption ability exploded, it was impossible for the lower rank spirit herbs to withstand such magnitude of absorption .

Within the blink of an eye, the healthy-looking plants were instantly drained and withered, there was no water or spirit aura left .

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A tiny spirit herb could only contain tens of runes within it, and when compared to the size of Qin Feng’s Diamond Starglobe, they were even finer than dust .

However, with the massive scale of the garden, it would still be possible to accumulate them to a significant amount!

Also, Qin Feng’s capability had drawn in dark elements from the soil and they were all gushing toward him .

The soil that was rich in dark elements had now turned into ordinary soil, even losing all of its minerals .

If anyone were to enter the place, they would not be convinced that they were in a garden!

Qin Feng continued to go through every layer of the garden and absorbed every dark rune that was available .

All of a sudden, a black flower appeared on Qin Feng’s Diamond Starglobe .

It was similar to the situation when Qin Feng first obtained the emperor core of the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor!

Surprisingly, Qin Feng had obtained a new inheritance!

Qin Feng raised his hand and a black lotus-shaped flower appeared on his hand; it was embedded with a massive amount of horrifying energy .

He clearly knew that if he were to lose control over the lotus, the entire Fengli colony could possibly be turned into a city of death .

The wild and violent energy was indeed threatening and horrifying!

Qin Feng immediately imposed his conscious energy control onto the Diamond Starglobe, bit by bit, the lotus was being recalled back into his conscious energy space .

“Phew!” Qin Feng felt an instant relief .

“Such a powerful flower, let’s just name it as the Doomed Flower!”

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Qin Feng had named his newly acquired skill!

Only then, Qin Feng exited from the dark garden . He had accomplished the final task on his list so he was no longer bothered by it as he went ahead to make the last announcement .

“Inform the people on the upcoming collective migration that will take place three days later, changes will occur within the management level, and those who are willing to follow us to the new Fengli City will be awarded with double special treatments!”

The news was instantly spread across the Fengli colony and was twisted into varied contexts .

Despite the varied news that had shifted everyone’s focus from the official announcement, however, everyone was certain that the mayor of their colony had successfully advanced as a C-tier boss .

The rank of C-tier was much higher and more powerful than the mayor of Chengyang City .

A city built by such a powerful figure would most probably be guaranteed with a secured, peaceful and well-fortified environment .

Therefore, most of the people would rather forfeit the safe environment of Fengli colony and leave together with Qin Feng, surprisingly, eighty percent of all of the people decided to leave .

It was an unexpected outcome for Qin Feng; however, it was also a showcase of trust from the people toward him!

Then, Han Jian came forward with his own people for the mission handover .

Although Qin Feng had led eighty percent of the people to leave Fengli, however, Han Jian was still very grateful to Qin Feng for the well-structured environment that he had left behind . Han Jian could just begin with his work and not worry about the groundwork .

However, Qin Feng was surprised by another person that had come along with Han Jian .

Surprisingly, it was Deng Nian, the principal of the university!

“Can I help you with anything Principal Deng? Qin Feng asked .

“I do have something to tell you, Governor Qin, have you heard about the Prodigy Tournament?!”