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Master of the End Times - Chapter 483

Published at 14th of December 2020 03:00:07 PM

Chapter 483: 483

Chapter 483: A C-tier Wanted To Participate

Prodigy Tournament?

Qin Feng was a little surprised when he heard this . He did hear of the “Prodigy Tournament” before he was reborn—a time when he was an A-tier aptitude user . He had even gone and watched the tournaments as a spectator .

These tournaments, to be honest, were actually a stage for the huge groups and organizations to scout out and recruit talents .

Nonetheless, the ones who would be accepted first into these tournaments and ranked quite highly were still the young warriors who came from rich, powerful families . However, to the others who were not from these renowned ancient warrior families, this was a great opportunity for the talented yet unknown youngsters to show off their abilities to the powerful families and organizations in hopes of getting employed by them .

“I’ve heard of it . ” Qin Feng nodded .

“Governor Qin, may I suggest that we put Lu Meng on the list to participate in it?”

Qin Feng was stunned when he heard this .

“What has this got anything to do with Lu Meng? Well, if she wants to participate, there’s no reason to stop her . ”

Deng Nian’s eyes widened as he responded, “Well, Lu Meng and her family decided to follow you to Fengli City . I thought you would know about this . ”

Deng Nian was quite amazed by this—Lu Meng’s father was the richest man in the Chengbei colony . And yet, he decided to follow Qin Feng . And on top of that, Qin Feng did not seem to be fazed by this information .

“I honestly did not know this . However, if this is what you want, I’ll talk to Lu Meng right away!”

After saying so, Qin Feng flipped out his communicator and established communication with Lu Meng .

“Lu Meng, Director Deng is looking for you . ”

It was true that Qin Feng did not know about all this . And frankly speaking, Lu Meng was not his underling now . The only other thing that connected him and her was their relationship in the university, and even then Lu Meng was his senior!

“Ah, Director Deng is looking for me? Alright, hold on… I’ll be there right away!” Lu Meng hung up after saying so .

Ten minutes later, Lu Meng had arrived . And she was not alone—Zhou Hao was with her .

They were wearing their E-tier badges on their chest .

Qin Feng knew Zhou Hao had ascended to E-tier . However, he was quite surprised to learn that even Lu Meng had ascended to E-tier too!

As Deng Nian was discussing the matter with Lu Meng, Qin Feng pulled Zhou Hao to the side and asked, “Since when did Lu Meng become an E-tier?”

Sure, Lu Meng was quite gifted but she was also quite lazy and loved to procrastinate . She was also naïve and impulsive . If she did not put extra effort in training, it was quite impossible for her to have reached E-tier .

Zhou Hao said, “Hey, I did not play favourites . All I did was sell some good stuff to her . Her dad’s money was almost dried up from the purchase!”

“Well, if she’s going to be my little brother’s wife, I wouldn’t mind if you give her more . ” Qin Feng teased .

Zhou Hao anxiously replied, “Hey, it’s your ‘big brother’s wife’!”

Qin Feng looked at Zhou Hao in the eyes and asked, “So, you’re sure? Lu Meng is the one?”

It was almost certain that Zhou Hao’s future would be as bright as the sun if he were to follow Qin Feng in his path .

Lu Meng was quite an adorable woman but she was not really that good looking . When Zhou Hao progressed further in his path, there would be more women that were much more beautiful than Lu Meng appearing in his life .

Nonetheless, to Zhou Hao, Lu Meng was the one .

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“Of course! When we arrive at Fengli City, Lu Meng and I are going to have a wedding! And yet now, this Director Deng wants Lu Meng to participate in some stupid tournament!”

“Ah, I see . But you know… this tournament isn’t a bad one to participate in . Would you not consider participating in it with Lu Meng?”

Qin Feng looked at Deng Nian . It seemed that poor Director Deng was trying his best to persuade the girl to participate in the tournament .

“Lu Meng, you’ve been with the school for 2 years now . I’ve also agreed to allow you to graduate early . Now this is the time for you to make our school shine! You must take part in this!”

“But Director… don’t you have Gao Linghan?”

“Gao Linghan is going to be twenty years old by October!”

“E-tiers are just there to accompany the main players . Even if he isn’t twenty years old, he would still not be able to participate in the trials!”

“Yes, and that’s why you could!” Director Deng smiled as he looked at Lu Meng .

Lu Meng frowned—she walked right into that one herself .

“Director, come on . I’m about to get married!” Lu Meng pleaded .

In this world, as soon as one’s abilities were awakened when they were sixteen years old, they had practically reached the age of consent, allowing them to get married . In some colonies, the governments there even provided an allowance if their citizens could produce offspring—this was to prevent their citizens from killing off their own babies to avoid facing financial burdens .

“You should put priorities in your career . You’re an E-tier now . It doesn’t matter if you marry a little late . Come on, you should think for the long-run!”

Lu Meng rolled her eyes and said, “If I participate in this tournament, I would need to engage in fierce mortal combat with the other participants . Even if we are able to get five spots for our colony, when we step into Chengyang City, we still need to fight those famous ancient warrior families there . And if I am able to proceed from that, I still need to take on the ones from Sea City and Fu City . And let’s say I manage to fight them off, I still need to fight with the others from other states, then the trial is over . But that’s where the real fight begins, in the north! I don’t think I can survive even the first round, so why should I participate at all?”

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Lu Meng had a point .

If you knew that there was no way to win this, why participate?

Thus, the more she heard about this, the less interest she had in participating .

However, Qin Feng suddenly remembered something .

‘If I’m not mistaken, the grand prize for this tournament is going to be a region for a strong warrior!’

And this region was one that could produce great treasures—it could be some highly advanced technology, secret cultivation methods, or rune equipment . Besides, he did hear that there was some god-tier equipment buried deep in this unknown region .

This unknown region could have been a resting place for some deceased S-tier aptitude users in the past . As such, the temptation to acquire their legacies was quite huge for Qin Feng!

Thus, Qin Feng opened his mouth, “Director Deng, is there any limitation in the participants’ power for this tournament?”

Deng Nian was surprised when he heard this . “What limitation?”

Qin Feng beamed up with a smile . “I mean, can a C-tier participate?”

Everyone looked at Qin Feng as their jaws dropped on the floor .

Han Jian asked in surprise, “Governor Qin, you’re not intending to participate in this tournament, are you?”

This man was a governor and a C-tier . And yet, he wanted to participate in the Prodigy Tournament?

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Was this man intending to bully the other contestants for fun? How could these people have any chance when facing Qin Feng?

“Yeah, is there any problem?”


Indeed, the rules did not say that he could not participate .

“So long as you’re below the age of twenty and an E-tier, you’re allowed to participate… but…”

Han Jian had never seen any participants with such power .

If one were gifted enough, after his awakening, one could reach F-tier in half a year .

However, it was quite difficult to go higher from there on .

If one were to reach E-tier when he was seventeen years old, then he would be considered a Hero Class . And then, ascending from E-tier to D-tier in a year was quite impossible to do . It was considered extraordinary for one to advance from E-tier to D-tier in two years .

Thus, even if one was nineteen years old and was a D-tier, he would still be considered a Hero Class . Yet, it was quite impossible for one to reach C-tier before twenty years old!

Qin Feng was just seventeen years old . And he had already ascended to C-tier .

This young man was not a Hero Class .

Because when compared to ultra beasts, The Hero Class was the equivalent of the King Class .

Qin Feng was more than that—he was an Emperor Class .

“If there’s no problem, then consider me in… well, it’s alright . I’ll do the applications when I get back to Fengli City!”