Master of the End Times - Chapter 486

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Chapter 486: Sent Flying In Just One Strike

Chapter 486: Sent Flying In Just One Strike

Tieh Chen looked around him and realized that he did not know who this person was .

After all, he was forced to participate in the trial of the Prodigy Tournament . And Fengli City had no colonies—so there was no need to fight among themselves because there were no different factions inside the city . Every single participant was personally selected by the city . Hence, the other families did not have intel about their opponents at all .

Tieh Chen stepped into the ring as the energy shield covered up the ring, isolating the noises and energies from outside .

This was necessary to avoid meta-playing the ring . If an experienced warrior were to be allowed to instruct the participants and hint them about the enemies’ weaknesses, it would not be a “competition” anymore .

Still, as the people from other families and the leaders of the four cities saw the name on the screen, they could not help but feel that something was off .

“Qin Feng? No way . Could it be a young man with the same name as him?”

“It must be a coincidence . The governor wouldn’t participate in a small game like this!”

“But, the governor’s age is quite young too… right?!”

Everyone looked at one another in surprise .

Meanwhile, the host of the arena started to introduce the information of the two combatants .

“First, let us look at the combatant here . Tieh Chen! Nineteen years old and an E3-tier . His specialties are Arctic Kick, Gale Palm and Plum Sword Technique . Tieh Chen is considered to be the most talented participant in this season of the Prodigy Tournament . He’s the best of the best in the Four Cities of the North Sea!”

Great praises for Tieh Chen sounded over and over again via the speaker .

Then, another silhouette appeared . It was a young man, around the height of 190cm, well-built but a little thinner than Tieh Chen .

He had a white combat suit on, with two golden words printed on his back—”Fengli” .

Everyone who participated in this trial all wore this uniform . As such, there was nothing unusual about the young man when he appeared in the scene .

The host opened his mouth again .

“Alright, now on to the other combatant . Qin Feng! Seventeen years old and had only just awakened his aptitude a year ago . As for his true strength… let us not spoil it for now . ”

The host was an experienced MC in tournaments like this . Thus, he knew how to spice things up at the right time . And of course, he knew this “Qin Feng” was the mayor of Fengli City .

Yet, when he saw the data, he was quite speechless too .

It was written that Qin Feng was a C-tier . Yet, it was quite difficult for him to mention this .

Not only that, Qin Feng had already organized a bet for this fight . The odds for Qin Feng were not really high nor low, but if you bet on him you would definitely win back your money . Yet, the ones who did not know who Qin Feng was would definitely put their bet on Tieh Chen .

This was like trying to scam these people, right?

The ones who knew Qin Feng were all from the Fengli colony . Some of them were also locals of Shadong Town . Yet, there was still a large number of the audience who did not know who Qin Feng was—most of them were mercenaries and citizens from other cities . They knew who Tieh Chen was but not Qin Feng .

Thus, the bet on each of the combatants were tied at a high number .

“Tieh Chen is going to win this!”

“That’s right . Tieh Chen is a Prodigy that was specifically trained for this . He is already an E3-tier when he’s this young . I don’t know who that Qin Feng is but since the host isn’t mentioning his strength at all… it must be because he’s too weak, I think!”

“Fengli City is a newly built city . They don’t have a prodigy!”

“Yeah, but you should at least have an E-tier strength . If not, you aren’t allowed to participate . This seventeen-year-old is quite talented too!”

“Yeah, this Qin Feng might win this . But his odds aren’t really good . There’s no need to bet on him!”

As the audience debated on the matter, the ones who knew who Qin Feng was quietly put their bets on him .

The host opened his mouth again . “Now, let’s put our hands together for our judge today . Mr Chen Xiang, a D3 aptitude user!”

In an instant, applause echoed in the arena .

D3 aptitude users were quite powerful .

“Then, here is Yang Mao, an elder from the renowned Yang family! A D1 ancient warrior!”

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After introducing the two judges, the host said, “Now, let the fight begin! Let us see who will win this fight!”

As Qin Feng stepped into the ring, Tieh Chen looked at him snobbishly .

He frowned . “Why aren’t you wearing your badge?”

Qin Feng took a cold look at Tieh Chen . “Nah, I’m afraid my badge might scare you!”

Qin Feng was right though . His badge was C-tier after all!

However, his words were like a taunt in Tieh Chen’s ears!

“Hahahaha! You’re an arrogant little brat, aren’t you? What? You’re stronger than me? I’ve never even heard of your name before!”

Qin Feng smiled . “After today, you will . And you will tell others about me too!”

Tieh Chen rolled his eyes, “No need . I don’t need to know the name of a loser . It will be an insult to my ears!”

It was quite obvious that Tieh Chen was looking down on Qin Feng . Meanwhile, Tieh Lei was about to lose it when watching this!

‘Do you not know who this man is?! How dare you show him this much arrogance?! He could murder the sh*t out of you by just lifting a finger!!’

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Luckily, Qin Feng did not intend to kill the boy .

Meanwhile, the speakers started to sound the countdown .

“Counting down… 10, 9, 8…”

“3, 2, 1! Fight!”

“Eat this! Tyrant Squall Palm!”

Tieh Chen was quite prideful and snobbish . He did not intend to waste too much time on a “small fry” like Qin Feng . To him, his real opponents should be the Hous and Yangs . Only the true strong warriors qualified to fight him .

Thus, he intended to kill Qin Feng off in one strike . He did not want to waste too much internal energy on him—which led to him using a really powerful technique in the first instant he got .

He did not even use his weapon on Qin Feng!

As internal energy formed a powerful gust of wind, rushing straight at Qin Feng, the latter raised his head calmly and raised a finger .

In an instant, a small ray of potent energy obliterated the Tyrant Squall Palm’s energy in a straight line!

It seemed like the potent energy had penetrated the Tyrant Squall Palm’s attack and landed onto Tieh Chen’s shoulder .

Tieh Chen felt a really terrifying internal energy instantly blasting him off his feet! He was lifted off the ground by at least twenty meters!

Meanwhile, Qin Feng did not even move an inch from where he stood .