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Master of the End Times - Chapter 487

Published at 16th of December 2020 03:20:05 PM

Chapter 487: 487

Chapter 487: It’s In The Details

Those not in the know kicked up an uproar .

“What, what happened? That was too fast!” The host quickly said . In fact, he knew what was going on but he had invited over two D-tier aptitude users to be judges, so naturally he wanted them to have some of the spotlight .

“A flaw . The opponent found a flaw in the Tyrant Squall Palm and defeated him in one move!” Yang Mao immediately followed up with an answer . “Of course, such flaws are difficult to find in life and death situations, the contestant Qin Feng seems to be very strong!”

Yang Mao was going to go on but there were things that he did not want to bring up . .

Was this a situation where one was very strong? Or perhaps too strong?

The others watched with bright eyes and a myriad of expressions . A C-tier facing an E-tier, that was too overpowering .

Meanwhile, there were quite a number of people who knew about Qin Feng in the audience, “To be honest, fighting the governor has its benefits . At least the weaknesses in your technique could be highlighted and avoided in the future!”

“Yes! It’s a great opportunity for ancient warriors!”

“That kid’s so lucky to get directed by the governor!”


Everyone did not sympathize with Tieh Chen, but instead was admiring him .

On the other hand, the still en-site Tieh Chen felt like he was going to pop a blood vessel .

“A coincidence! This has to be a coincidence, we’ll go again!”

Tieh Chen picked himself up, gathered his internal force again and rushed toward Qin Feng, unleashing all kinds of powerful moves . Qin Feng did not hesitate, breaking through everything that was thrown at him with one move . What was more, E-tier aptitude users did not have internal force shields, he was basically taken down with one hit over and over again . After getting knocked down four to five times, he could not stand back up anymore .

For the others, it seemed like a kind of lesson, but for Tieh Chen, it was like his nineteen years of reputation as a genius was shattered .

If he could not get up, then he would keep falling down . If he did get up, he would rocket through the sky .

It was a pity that Qin Feng indeed had not heard about any powerful individuals from the Tieh family before his rebirth . Or maybe, because of Xue Yuan, all of these astounding people were killed!

As such, he did not have any pressure when dealing with Tieh Chen, of course he had to restrain himself and control his strength appropriately or else he might fatally injure Tieh Chen with a jab .

The battle ended quickly, Tieh Chen did not even have enough strength left in him to get back up as he lay on the ground for ten seconds . When the timer quickly counted down, the match was over!

Although Qin Feng defeated Tieh Chen with only a few moves, it still made the unknown audience burst out with cheer . Of course, there were some who called Tieh Chen garbage, those were the ones that bet on him!

When the energy dome cracked open, Tieh Lei immediately rushed into the arena to check on Tieh Chen’s situation .

Although there were no internal injuries, Tieh Chen had a bloodied nose and his cheeks were swollen . This kind of an embarrassment was a blow to the Tieh family’s name .

While deep down he was afraid of Qin Feng, Tieh Lei still confronted him, “Governor, don’t you think what you’re doing is unacceptable? How is it fair to everyone else if you’re participating? This is against the rules!”

“Oh?” Qin Feng was about to leave, but he turned to look at Tieh Lei and suddenly asked, “Am I under twenty years old?”

“…Yes!” Tieh Lei helplessly admitted .

Not only under twenty, he was only seventeen . He only awakened a year ago .

What kind of monster was this?!

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“Am I above E-tier?”

“You… are!”

Tieh Lei had no choice but to admit it .

Qin Feng said, “Since I’ve met the requirements of the tournament, naturally it means that I can participate . Is there anything wrong with that?”

“Well, you can get a place directly . You don’t need to compete with other people!” Tieh Lei said, especially when he had let Tieh Chen participate because Tieh Chen wanted to go to see the Dragon Capital, but ended up being taken out in the first round .

This was too much for the Tieh family’s reputation!

“It’s neither unfair nor against the rules . I’m also a member of the Four Cities, I’m not going to use my position for personal gain!” Qin Feng took Tieh Lei’s own words and threw it back at him .

Tieh Lei was speechless .

As Qin Feng walked away, Tieh Lei could only help the helpless Tieh Chen off the ring .

When passing by the competitor’s seats, everyone was fervently discussing that match .

“Sir, who is that Qin Feng guy?”

“Yeah, how could he beat Tieh Chen!”

They were looking at their senior expectantly and Tieh Lei looked back at them with mixed feelings, listening attentively as he thought about the puffed up, arrogant things he said back then and ended up coming back with a defeated warrior .

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He laughed bitterly, grimacing as he said, “In the next two rounds, if you meet that guy, just forfeit the match!”

“Why? Just because Tieh Chen was defeated doesn’t mean he’ll defeat everyone else, right? Ability users have their protective shields when they’re E-tier!”


The senior shook his head . “Even with a shield, you won’t hold against him . Do you know who he is? That person is the new governor!”

The people in front of him fell silent, they thought they were hearing things .

“Governor? Wouldn’t that mean he’s… C-tier?”

“He’s seventeen years old! How is… how is that even possible?!”

“Wait, if he’s actually governor then, oh man I think I’ve just wasted my time!”

“Pfft!” Tieh Chen could still hear this on the sidelines, and he could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood .

He was not terribly injured, but he was so enraged that he ended up coughing up blood .

The tournament continued on . There were forty matches on the first day that took the whole day to finish .

Of course, for a normal person it might have been exciting but Qin Feng felt that this whole thing was absolutely boring .

On the second and third day, he did not even fight . Those who were randomly selected to fight him actually had the intention of going up and asking him for pointers .

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Unfortunately, he did not participate at all .

But this kind of non-participation made his opponents not want to step into the ring and choose to forfeit the match in fear of offending a C-tier .

Nobody would want that to happen!

It was not surprising that Qin Feng was placed in the top ten .

Zhou Hao and Jin Fei were dark horses, directly representing the Four Cities in their battles and along with Qin Feng, the Fengli colony had selected three people .

And from the Four Cities, the three big ancient warrior families only had one person who was selected .

Among those families, every one of them had solemn faces .

“This Qin Feng . He’s doing it on purpose . In the past, our families said that it was possible to gain eight places but now we only have three!”

“It’s in the details, he’s checking and balancing power!”

“Is he really not afraid of the family head?”

“No…I don’t think that even phases him!”

In the end, they could only sigh and deliver the news to the family heads who were away .

After waiting for a few days, the news that they received made them feel helpless .

The Four Cities on the North Sea had completely changed since Qin Feng’s appearance .