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Master of the End Times - Chapter 488

Published at 17th of December 2020 03:00:07 AM

Chapter 488: 488

Chapter 488: Onward to Beihua City

However, after seeing the awards that Qin Feng handed out to the ten participants, people kept their thoughts about him to themselves .

Well, he handed it out to nine people since he naturally did not need these things .

The rewards he gave were very direct, with 5 billion per person and opening up the Fengli colony internal trade system . They could buy ultra beast energy cores with this money .

5 billion was enough money to buy an E-tier beast king energy core .

Such a reward was too extravagant for these ancient warrior family people .

And for the prodigies that came from the Four Cities on the North Sea, it felt like a golden opportunity .

They could not believe that something this good could happen to them .

Some people went ahead and bought beast king energy cores and some traded to enter the Battlegod Tomb and learn its martial techniques, such as the Third Level of the Overcast Dragon technique and so on .

Although Qin Feng’s methods were stubborn and even wrathful, it could be said that he was too wealthy!

“We’re so lucky to have this kind of governor!”

“Haha, I remember they only gave each person a rare E-tier spirit herb! We also got some money to trade for some techniques but the highest point of training would only take us to D-tier!”

“There’s no way this can be compared to that!”

In fact, it was quite normal . In the yesteryears, the ancient warrior families were the majority but when it came to Gao Yukang handing out awards, it would be a strange moment if he were to start being generous . He also rarely cared about these things . Usually it was up to the ancient warrior families to arrange these events .

Now, Qin Feng was arranging the event . One C-tier was a completely different thing compared to four D-tiers .

After this incident, there were even geniuses from the Four Cities that came to seek refuge in Fengli City . Qin Feng’s generosity had attracted quite a number of talents .


In the Battlegod Tomb, Qin Feng was training Zhou Hao and Jin Fei .

“An E-tier does not have enough power, you need to improve yourself as soon as possible!”

An E-tier could only function as support, even in the next Northern Region Competition they could suffer a loss and Qin Feng did not want that to happen .

“The Northern Region Competition is only a month away . If I give everything I’ve got during practice I can reach E3-tier!” Zhou Hao stated .

Jin Fei did not say much other than, “I can reach E5-tier!”

The fact that these two could take on others was not due to their strength, it was because the true obstacle in their way was Qin Feng . They were naturally not satisfied with their rate of growth and as a result their combat effectiveness was not strong .

It was not good to spoil things with excessive enthusiasm .

Jin Fei and Zhou Hao were physically powerful and their bodies were durable . What Qin Feng felt was not enough, were these two’s tiers .

“You need to reach at least D-tier!” Qin Feng said .

The other two both furrowed their brows .

“Even if I let Xiao Huang eat D-tier energy cores, I still wouldn’t reach D-tier . That’s just way too much!”

Reaching from E2-tier to D-tier within a single month sounded like a terrifying idea .

The dantian had limited capacity and it was not easy to accumulate it . What was more, D-tier was a big thing, the transformation of an ancient warrior’s gas-like internal force into the D-tier’s liquid-like internal force was a massive gap!

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An ancient warrior might never be able to achieve that breakthrough and if they were to strain themselves too hard, their training might regress .

This was an entirely different level .

Then, Jin Fei’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Boss, does it mean you’re going to let us use…that?”

“What’s that’?” Zhou Hao asked in confusion .

Qin Feng nodded . “Yes, the gaea crystal should broaden your dantian and make advancing easier!”

He intended to give Zhou Hao and Jin Fei some gaea crystals!

This kind of thing naturally could not be given to everyone, so after plundering it Qin Feng did not mention it to everyone in the mercenary group when he came back .

Guo Guan, Guo Song and Jin Fei were the only ones who knew, and their lips were sealed .

Jin Fei had long coveted it, but he knew that he had to contribute to something before he could say he deserved it .

And the competition could be regarded as a contribution, Qin Feng would naturally issue a reward

“Thanks, Boss!” Jin Fei was extremely excited .

“Gaea crystal? You mean the stuff that the B-tiers are fighting each other for? This… the value is too high!” Zhou Hao was now hesitant .

Qin Feng patted him on his shoulder . “Right now it’s a fight for survival . Last time I just happened to pick it up as I went along, it’s not as expensive as you think!”

Jin Fei added, “Boss might not have some other things but he definitely has a load of gaea crystals!”

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The two went to the Treasure Vault of the Battlegod Tomb, which had completely become Qin Feng’s warehouse . The collection here was only one-tenth of Qin Feng’s true hoard .

More of it was stored in Bai Li’s space!

Qin Feng handed Jin Fei and Zhou Hao a basketball sized gaea crystal . After they absorb it, their strength would increase by leaps and bounds!

Of course, the only place they could practice in was the aircraft!

After a day off, Qin Feng set off with a group of people .

Although the aircraft was not as big as the Floating City, it was still a sight to behold . Compared to a hover copter, it was much more obvious, and the rumbling and sounds it made could be felt and heard by the startled people that it flew over .

Several teenage geniuses from the Four Cities crowded around the windows . They were looking at the scenery outside of the aircraft, and the smaller aircrafts flying behind it .

Those were commissioned by Xue Xingfu, the goods had arrived and he was going to sell them .

“My goodness, how much does this airship cost? The Fengli Organization is so strong!”

“Of course it’s strong! It’s the governor’s organization after all, it’s stronger than whatever Dacheng Organization or Leitang Organization that’s out there!”

The discussion was kicked into full swing .

“Hmph, bumpkins!” A son from the Hou Family snorted .

“Who are you calling a bumpkin? Like you’ve ever been on this aircraft!”

“Oh keep talking! If you don’t want to be here then you can ride a hover copter to Beihua City!”

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“Yeah! The exit’s right there, you can jump off anytime!”

The Hou Family member’s face turned red immediately, but he could not say anything to refute .

Who would want to try and board a hover copter when they were this high up? This boy just did not like the other four that were talking back .

The status of the ancient warrior families in the Four Cities had dropped significantly . How could they have not sensed all these prodigies?

When the Hou Family child had nothing more to say, the four changed subjects to talk about Beihua City .

“They say that Beihua City is as big as a city that existed back before the apocalypse . You can drive a hover car and it would take you two hours before you would reach the other side of the city!”

“Such a city must be very prosperous!”

“Yeah, it’s the regent’s city after all . We would see a lot of strong people there!”

Beihua City was the largest city in the Northern Region . It was also where Regent Shang Han was stationed all year long!

The center of the entire Northern Region .

The Prodigy Tournament would only hold the finals in November . Before that, Qin Feng, being the organizer of the Four Cities Trials, had to fight against the prodigies of sixteen other states from more than sixty cities before ten were selected .

That was why they were going to Beihua City .