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Master of the End Times - Chapter 489

Published at 17th of December 2020 02:45:05 PM

Chapter 489: 489

Chapter 489: Trying Your Might

The aircraft kept moving forward and eventually reached a dependent city near Beihua City .

There were eight other cities around Beihua City . It was said that those cities used to be small colonies that grew as Beihua City gradually developed . They were spread out in an octagonal shape, surrounding the main city .

This particular city was called Mingguang City and Qin Feng wanted to stop by here first .

He lowered the airship into the wilderness, where someone was already waiting for him .

“Welcome, you must be the Fengli Organization’s president, Mr . Qin Feng . It seems that the youth are really promising!”

“Good day, Mr . Mu Jin!”

Qin Feng shook hands with the other person .

Mu Jin was a B-tier aptitude user . He did not have an organization but he had a powerful mercenary group, which was about the same as the one that Qin Feng remembered before his rebirth . This mercenary group was dedicated to serving him, and their most valuable asset was Mu Jin’s combat prowess .

Besides that, an airship would be a good place to house his logistic staff . That was why he ordered one from Qin Feng .

Along the way, he had already sold three aircrafts . This would be the last one he was delivering!

“Mr . Mu, allow me to show you the internal workings of this aircraft!” Guo Guan said, waving his hand as an invitation to let Mu Jin on board .

Mu Jin nodded .

Just as they were moving, Qin Feng suddenly noticed a blue spot that had appeared on Mu Jin’s face . His expression darkened in an instant .

This blue spot was the same as a laser guided crosshair from a sniper rifle, only that it was more discrete and radiated consciousness .

It turned consciousness into a straight line, so that it would be easier to conceal it from consciousness detection!

‘Either it’s here to kill me or kill Mu Jin!’ The thought flashed through Qin Feng’s mind .

However, when the blue spot stopped for half a second and did not shift, Qin Feng knew that the shooter was aiming at Mu Jin!

C-tier gunners were rare, but it did not mean that they did not exist and it was terrifying when a gunner had reached B-tier .

It meant that this type of gunner had at least broken past their consciousness cultivation and weapons that surpassed normal technology .

And these weapons could not be manufactured by factories at all . They could take down people from thousands of meters away .

Qin Feng subtly began to manipulate his internal force .

At this moment, an extremely powerful beam of light suddenly appeared from the top of a mountain that was thousands of meters away and was headed directly toward where they were .

However, as Qin Feng was standing opposite Mu Jin, his rising internal force expanded one meter away from its wielder and intercepted this beam of light .

It was then that Mu Jin’s pupils shrank from the bright light as it impacted against Qin Feng’s internal force shield .


His internal force shield was instantly shattered with a soft pop, scattering like broken spider webs .

This attack was extremely powerful .

“Take cover!” Mu Jin realized that they had landed themselves in a bad situation and ordered everyone around him to find a place to hide .

When the distant shooter realized that nobody was hit, they sent out three missiles .

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These missiles were covered in dark runes that constantly displaced their location, bringing up after images that made the missiles hard to lock on and easily hidden

Of course, it was naturally impossible to avoid Qin Feng’s detection .

He raised his hand and a hand cannon appeared in his hands as he aimed it at the sky .

Boom boom boom!

Three consecutive shots were sent out, knocking down the dark rune-covered missiles but there was a cloud of darkness that also fell along with it .

“Oh no!” Mu Jin yelled abruptly .

But his words came too late .

“Looks like you’re in some deep trouble!” Qin Feng said with a serious tone .

“Yes, you can go on ahead . These people are from the Dark Coalition, they’ve had some disagreements with me in the wild and now they keep trying to kill me . I just didn’t expect them to be so bold as to attack me near a city!” Mu Jin said . He was a B-tier but he still got caught off guard, that made him a bit flustered .

Of course, the aptitude users who would dare go after him would definitely not be considered small fry, and they definitely had a B-tier among them .

“No need, when the customer is in trouble I will naturally help deal with it!” Qin Feng stated .

Soon, the black cloud rolled toward them . Mu Jin had been affected by this cloud before and instinctively backed away .

Qin Feng started to walk forward instead .

“Come back! That’s a dark ability that will make you weak and useless in combat!”

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Qin Feng turned a deaf ear and a whirlwind began to form around his body .

The whirlwind picked up all of the dark runes and he absorbed them into his brow .

The thing Qin Feng was least afraid of were dark runes .

When the darkness dissipated, the people within were instantly exposed .

At least three B-tier aptitude users came in for an ambush .

They were very surprised that Qin Feng actually took care of the dark cloud . Mu Jin himself had a lot of high level items but none of them would have been effective against the cloud .

Mu Jin glowered when he saw the three .

“Gu Chang, Qi Yan and Guan Xuangdong! It really is you!”

These three people were some of the strongest ones in the Dark Coalition . Their bounty stacked up to the trillions in the Bounty Hunter Net .

However, if someone did not have enough strength, they could not accept their bounty .

That was why Qin Feng’s communicator did not ring .

Qin Feng frowned momentarily, then said, “The gunner’s not here! Bai Li, go and have a look!”

“Okay, do you want me to grab them?”

“Yeah, grab them . Their weapons are pretty good!”

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The two were speaking blatantly to one another, Mu Jin could not believe the sheer audacity that he was listening to .

The enemies, Gu Chang and Qi Yan, stood on the opposite side with dark expressions on their faces .

“Where’d this kid come from? Speaking so openly . Talks big too . ”

“Only C-tier? Did you think that a governor position means that you can be arrogant?”

The three did not hold Qin Feng with much regard, only considering him as an arrogant child .

At this point, even Mu Jin thought the same .

‘Could it be that Qin Feng has a secret weapon? After all, his company makes guns . Maybe, he’s only saying this to get their attention so he can blast them with his aircraft’s cannons?’ Mu Jin thought with suspicion .

But, he then saw that Qin Feng was raising his hand and generating a large dark rune from his palm .

“Excellent timing, now I can test how powerful my newly-learned ability is!”

Mu Jin was stunned, but he was already cursing in his mind .

‘Damn it Qin Feng, have you lost your mind? They’re B-tier!’

Qin Feng naturally could not hear Mu Jin’s thoughts, even if he did, he would not have taken them seriously .

After all, his current internal force and dantian capacity was an ungodly amount, so what if they were B-tier?

Qin Feng had nothing to fear .

“Apocalypse Bloom!”