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Master of the End Times - Chapter 491

Published at 19th of December 2020 02:40:10 PM

Chapter 491

Chapter 491: Passing Through?

Mu Jin could clearly detect that Qin Feng was a C-tier, not an A-tier .

Actually managing to kill a B-tier and still retain that relaxed look on his face as if he had just wasted energy .

This was a situation that Mu Jin found to be a little unacceptable!

It was then something more despairing happened .

As soon as Qin Feng stopped, another figure suddenly appeared . It turned out to be the stunning beauty that looked soft and weak, Qin Feng’s little girlfriend had returned!

Before he started fighting these three people, Bai Li disappeared . Now after Qin Feng’s ability had stopped, she returned with the person she caught .

The silver whip had trapped the gunner in a space, as if he was placed inside a meter large silver box . His whole body seemed distorted .

Some of his bones might have ended up snapping in the process, it was hard to tell which ones .

“He’s the one that shot at us just now! Oh, I’ve also taken his spatial rune equipment, there’s a lot of good things in there!” A piece of rope was wrapped around Bai Li’s finger . She flicked it twice, causing the silver stone at the end of it to spin .

It was definitely the spatial rune equipment of a gunner!

“Hmm, let me see . If there’s anything good, I’ll get Guo Guan to research something new!”

Even though the gunner was locked inside the space, he could still hear what Qin Feng was saying and he glowered at him .

Qin Feng then said, “Mr . Mu, this matter is your business after all . Consider this person here as a present!”

He waved his hand at Bai Li to signal for her to release her prisoner .

Bai Li released the gunner, revealing that his legs had been broken so he could not run away . Now that he had no machines to use, he did not seem so threatening .

“Who the hell are you? Why can’t you mind your own business?” The gunner did not know who Qin Feng was at all . Right now, all he had seen was a C-tier unleashing an unexpected burst of power and he knew that they were definitely not nobodies, but he was not happy about dying without at least getting some answers .

Qin Feng looked at him with cold regard . “Since you ambushed Mr . Mu, you’d know what he’s here for, right? You should have paid more attention!”

The man studied Qin Feng’s appearance and the badge on his chest . It was then realization struck him, and the situation finally became clear to him .

“You’re that president from Fengli, Qin…”

Obviously the gunner did not know Qin Feng’s name very well .

Qin Feng did not care either way .

He ignored the shocked gunner, looked at Mu Jin and said, “Mr . Mu, let’s continue, so you can see if you like this aircraft or not!”

“No need, President Qin, I owe you big time!” Mu Jin directly transferred the remaining amount to the Fengli Organization’s account .

“But the inspection of goods is a necessary business affair . Guo Guan, take Mr . Mu along for an inspection!”

“Of course, President . Sir, come have a look, it wouldn’t take much time . Oh right, the aircraft has cells and its defenses are quite good . Would you like to try it out?”

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Guo Guan gestured in the direction of the B-tier gunner .

The gunner glared at Guo Guan . He was an official B-tier but he was getting put in a cell by a D-tier . Talk about a tiger getting bullied by a dog .

“Haha, good idea, good idea!”

Mu Jin let out a laugh before picking up the gunner with his consciousness and bringing him onto the airship .

As for Gu Chang and Qi Yin, they had already run out of sight .

Mu Jin did not really want to do an inspection as his heart was not on the aircraft anymore . Even after a lazy sweep around, he felt satisfied that he had gotten a good deal out of this .

The most important thing was not just him getting rid of a major enemy, but also making friends with someone as powerful as Qin Feng .

Obviously, Qin Feng had already been regarded as an ally . His ability to take down B-tiers while being a C-tier was simply too incredible, his power was too strong .

Of course, there was a stronger thought in Mu Jin’s mind .

When he hurriedly returned from the aircraft, he made a sincere invitation .

“I don’t know if Mr . Qin has any thoughts about Beihua City’s Northern Abyss . If you do, I can bring you there!” Mu Jin said .

The Northern Abyss was a fairly well-known alternate plane in Beihua City . Two hundred years ago when the world began to end, the ground split open a giant hole and countless creatures with dark auras poured from it . Their strength was terrifying to behold .

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Shang Han was stationed in Beihua City just to suppress this .

“Maybe I’ll check it out if I have time!” Qin Feng replied, tactfully refusing Mu Jin’s offer .

The other party obviously wanted to cooperate with him .

However, Qin Feng’s current strength had almost reached the strength that he had as a mercenary lord in his past life, even if he was only C-tier right now .

With such power, he could make a breakthrough anywhere but he was not a suitable partner with anyone else . More often than not he found himself at odds with others when trying to share the spoils .

Mu Jin had a very good idea . He had taken a fancy to Qin Feng’s power . The Apocalypse Bloom was simply a power for mass destruction, very suitable for the Northern Abyss . Unfortunately, Qin Feng was not as keen as Mu Jin .

“Hah, alright then I won’t stay any longer!” Mu Jin was as sly as a fox, reacting to Qin Feng’s excuse and feeling a little disappointed .

This Qin Feng really left people speechless .

The last time he took a C-tier to the abyss, they were eternally grateful to him .

Qin Feng on the other hand rejected him! Just how on Earth did he get so strong?

“Nice working with you!” Qin Feng reached out to shake Mu Jin’s hand before saying goodbye, and the two went their separate ways .

Once the place had completely calmed down, drones began to quietly retreat from a distance away .

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In the office building of the Human Alliance in Mingguang City, a B-tier blinked his sore eyes to relax himself .

“Who is this guy? He killed Guan Xuangdong so easily!”

Qin Feng’s ability was too powerful, and they were not far from Mingguang City, which caused its alarms to sound and startle the city duke .

He got rid of Guan Xuangdong like swiping dust away, for the Mingguang City’s duke this felt like a big deal .

Where did this person come from?

“That… Duke, I think I recognize that person!”

“Oh? Who is he?”

“He’s called Qin Feng, from the Four Cities on the North Sea!”

“Four Cities? Why did he come here from so far away?” The city duke obviously could not figure it out .

“This guy established an organization that sells aircraft, like the one we saw in the video . Maybe he’s just here to deliver it!”

“Oh, he’s just passing through!” The city baron let out a sigh of relief and waved his hand dismissively . “Right right, we’re not gonna worry about this anymore . The Northern Prodigy Tournament is going to be held here soon . There are going to be more aptitude users coming through . Pay attention and don’t get tricked by the Dark Coalition!”

“Yes, Duke!”

The City Duke of Mingguang City thought that Qin Feng was only passing through, but he did not expect him to also be taking part in the Prodigy Tournament . When he saw that Qin Feng was participating, his jaw almost dropped off!