Master of the End Times - Chapter 492

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Chapter 492: 492

Chapter 492: Arriving at Beihua

They reached Beihua in less than half a day after passing by Mingguang City . Qin Feng’s aircraft was too big to be allowed in the city . He parked the aircraft outside and led the contestants into the city .

Beihua City was larger than they had initially imagined . Walking through the bustling main street was telling enough about the city’s prosperity .

The strength of a city could be judged based on the residents in it . Ever since they walked into Beihua, they had not seen any deserted area or slums .

This meant that the people here were living a comfortable life . There was no oppression inside the high wall, at least on the surface .

Such a scene was scarce in the post-apocalyptic world today .

It all boiled down to the amazing leadership of the A-tier elect here . Shang Han was a ruler that was very particular about regulation and discipline .

Contestants from the sixteen regions had all pre-registered for the Prodigy Tournament and they had been arranged to live in the same hotel .

“Here are the room cards . If you don’t have any further questions, then you’re dismissed . It’s up to you whether you want to walk around or do some light training . ” Qin Feng passed the card to Jin Fei and the latter distributed the card to everyone else .

One of the youngsters from the Yang family chipped in, “Governor, why don’t you bring us with you to tour around the city? This place sure is full of powerful aptitude users!” They would feel safer with Qin Feng around .

Qin Feng gazed at him and said, “Why don’t you bring along your servants so they can pamper you?”

The young master’s face reddened instantly . He thought Qin Feng would not mind showing them around the famous Beihua city since the Yang family was on good terms with the governor .

Apparently, Qin Feng did not have the slight intention to babysit them . The young master certainly had thought too big of himself . Qin Feng was treating the Yang family nicely simply because of their general ethic . It did not mean he would tolerate their childishness .

“Dismiss!” Qin Feng said sternly .

The rest of them looked at Qin Feng cautiously, then went separate ways with their luggage .

Jin Fei excused himself politely, “President, I will take my leave now . ”

Qin Feng nodded .

“Qin Feng, I have somewhere to go too . See you!” Zhou Hao was prepared to leave too .

“I will be at the certification hall with Bai Li . Ring my communicator anytime if you run into trouble,” Qin Feng was obviously treating Zhou Hao differently than others .

“What trouble would there be? I am going into the Battlegod Tomb to practice while there’s still time, unlike those brats . ” Zhou Hao shook his head . “Go do your things and don’t worry about me . ”

Zhou Hao did not tell Qin Feng that while the latter was busy attending to the corporate business, he had talked to the other prodigies in hopes of broadening his network and gathering more allies . However, he soon realized there was a communication gap between him and the other young prodigies despite their close age .

These young talents were indeed excellent fighters but all they knew were theory and knowledge from the books .

On the other hand, thanks to Qin Feng, Zhou Hao had been constantly exposed to the outside world . That brought out the hidden potential in him . Not only that, he had been entrusted to look over the colony whenever Qin Feng was gone .

Simply put, Zhou Hao had long stepped into the real world fighting for survival while those youngsters were still being delicately protected inside a bubble .

Nevertheless, interacting with them allowed Zhou Hao to understand how lucky he was .

The number of resources Qin Feng had given him in the early days had already surpassed what these young masters were getting from their respective families . Not to mention that Qin Feng now possessed an ample amount of gaea crystal .

‘I will never let Qin Feng down . I am willing to do anything to keep up with him . This is the only way to repay his trust . First, I am going to conquer D-tier as soon as possible!’


Qin Feng did not loosen up when Zhou Hao was working hard . He did not need to be assessed and was directly awarded the C-tier badge since he was appointed as a governor . However, Bai Li was not given the privilege .

Since they were free now, it was about time for Bai Li to take the qualification exam .

Inside the Beihua aptitude user certification hall .

Bai Li passed the assessment and test with ease . It was time for her to take on the mission .

“There are five sealed rifts around Beihua City . You can choose either one to enter . To pass the test, you are required to kill at least fifty normal C-tier beasts or one C-tier beast general!”

The number of beasts to be killed would become fewer the higher the tier went . This was because C-tier beasts were extremely dangerous beings .

“Hubby, which one should we choose?” Bai Li looked at Qin Feng .

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“Let’s go to the Northern Abyss . ” It was the most dangerous spot .

“Okay . I choose the Northern Abyss!” Bai Li said to the staff .

The person frowned . “Missus, I advise you to change to another rift . The Northern Abyss is extremely dangerous and may not be suitable for you . ”

Bai Li shook her head and insisted . “It’s all the same to me . I am choosing this . ”

“Well…” The person was reluctant to let Bai Li through knowing how deadly the Northern Abyss could be .

An aptitude user queued up behind Qin Feng said, “Have you ever heard about that place? It’s the worst place possible you could ever imagine . The abyss was only conquered after some hard-fought battle led by our old mayor . ”

Qin Feng and Bai Li turned to him out of courtesy .

The aptitude user was immediately captivated and locked his sight onto Bai Li . He could tell that Bai Li was pretty by glancing at her side-face but it was even more stunning when he looked straight into her face .

Moreover, both her hair and iris were silver in color . Though she might have dyed the hair, it was also possible that she adopted the color through some unique neigong .

In short, her otherworldly beauty had deeply astonished him .

“There are also B-tier monsters and B-tier beast emperors lurking around the abyss . Bumping into any of those would be disastrous . It’s better to be careful!” The aptitude user was trying to look for a topic .

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Qin Feng furrowed his brows and moved in front of Bai Li .

“Thanks for your advice . But we have made up our mind!” Qin Feng said and signaled for Bai Li to take the access card .

Bai Li turned and talked to the staff but the aptitude user refused to give up . He continued his babble, “Why are you putting your partner onto such a dangerous path? What are you plotting? Don’t tell me you are trying to get her killed so that you will inherit her fortune!? How can you be so cruel?”

Qin Feng was slightly amused by the stranger’s gibberish .

“Will you let your other half die if she is as beautiful as my wife?”

The guy looked at Bai Li’s back . Even her back figure was such an eye-pleaser .

“Of course not!”

“That’s right! I won’t too!” Qin Feng said .

“It’s done! Let’s go!” Bai Li said and gave Qin Feng a smile .


They ignored everyone else and walked away holding each other’s hand . The aptitude user was still mesmerized by Bai Li’s smile and only regained himself after the couple had disappeared into a corner .

“I am going to the abyss too!” The aptitude user slammed his assessment pass angrily on the desk .