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Master of the End Times - Chapter 494

Published at 21st of December 2020 02:35:12 AM

Chapter 494

Chapter 494: Mission Accomplished

Qin Feng had no problem with the visibility issue but he was enticed by the device’s recording function . Besides, he did not wish to raise suspicion so he took two lanterns .

Chui Yang and Liu Yue took two as well .

Yang Pi opened the gate once both parties had deposited 100 million .

Every time the gate was to be unlatched, the guard needed to haul in the dark ability to first mask the opening so that the beasts inside would not notice .

But the guards could not guarantee that those who entered might not immediately bump into a beast near the entrance . They would only have luck to blame if one were killed this way .

After all, one should already be aware of the enormous risk before coming to the Northern Abyss .

The four of them went through the gate and the light in their surroundings immediately dimmed significantly .

The bronze lantern was the only source of light inside the abyss .

Nonetheless, Qin Feng was not at all bothered by the low visibility .

His ability allowed him to see clearly in the dark .

The mountains extended as far as the eyes could see . There were no tall trees around and even the ground was completely dark . No vegetation was within sight . A large fortress stood tall behind Qin Feng to enclose the entire region .

The walls were built to even the height of the surrounding mountains . A powerful force field that was usually used to shield human cities could be seen extending from the top of the wall . Instead of providing protection, this force field was used to contain the danger within this region .

From inside, even the force field was pitch black . Color was non-existent inside this dark world .

Creak! Dong!

The gate closed up and dissipated some energy resulting from the impact . The slight disturbance did not escape the heightened senses of nearby beasts .

These mutated beasts looked obnoxious . Each measured about 2 . 5 meters with their skin covered by slimy mucus . The beasts had tiny eyes and disproportionally large fangs . Four of their limbs crawled agilely through the ground with their back humps high .

These beasts sniffed around and suddenly dashed toward the four newcomers .

“I heard some movement . Stay alert, Young Master,” Liu Yue warned his young master and glanced at Qin Feng scornfully . He wished to see how the arrogant young man would react in this situation .

To his surprise, Qin Feng seemed rather relaxed .

“Can you still see?” Qin Feng asked . The darkness might not trouble him but could still be a hindrance to Bai Li .

“Not a problem . ” Bai Li nodded . This was nothing to Bai Li, a formidable spatial beast .

The beasts were closing in fast as they spoke . Its nasty head appeared abruptly as soon as the beast entered the illumination range .

“Ah!!” Chui Yang exclaimed out of surprise .

Liu Yue immediately came in front of Chui Yang and was prepared to stop the beast .

However, Bai Li acted faster . A silver whip appeared in her hand out of nowhere and she lashed it right at the incoming beast .

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The whip landed on the beast and instantly tore the beast’s flesh . The whip then coiled around its head and beheaded the beast after a strong pull .


Blood splashed out from its decapitated neck and stained the ground . But not long after, the ground would turn black again .

Chui Yang and Liu Yue were both dazzled .

They could not believe a powerful C-tier beast had just been killed with such ease . Its life ended within seconds, before both of them could even react .

More beasts appeared from the dark now .

Bai Li whipped her weapon and took care of several beasts in one fell swoop . Not only that but Qin Feng and Bai Li were also marching forward casually into the unknown darkness .

Chui Yang and Liu Yue did not think much and followed them . Qin Feng did not stop them either .

Qin Feng paced forward and did nothing . More beasts gathered around them as they went deeper . C-tier aptitude users usually navigated along the wall instead of walking straight into the beast herd .

They were almost going downhill now!

“This lady… How could she be so strong?” Chui Yang watched Bai Li and knew deep down that he was no match for her .

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Liu Yue was even more embarrassed . He had mocked Bai Li and Qin Feng before, which was biting back at him now . Bai Li alone was enough to put down the flock of beasts running at them .

More so, Bai Li had killed fifty beasts within half an hour after they entered the abyss!

“I have completed my mission!” Bai Li said and turned off the recording on her communicator .

“Great!” Qin Feng nodded and turned to Chui Yang, Liu Yue . “Aren’t you two here to take the exam as well? The beasts wouldn’t kill themselves for you . ”

Chui Yang had lost his interest in Bai Li altogether . He doubted that Bai Li was only a C-tier after witnessing how she had taken care of the beasts so easily .

‘This lady must be hiding her true strength . Even then, her prowess is still way beyond my league . I should not mess with her . ’

Chui Yang reckoned it was best to distance himself from Bai Li . He had nothing to withstand the lady if she decided to shut him up with force .

However, his respect and fear were only directed toward Bai Li and not Qin Feng .

“That’s none of your business!” Chui Yang said to Qin Feng .

Qin Feng nodded . “You are right . However, if you don’t leave now, I am afraid that you may not be able to leave at all . ”

“What are you saying? Are you threatening my young master?” Liu Yue stepped up imposingly and questioned furiously .

Qin Feng smirked . “It’s just a friendly reminder . If you don’t want to listen, fine by me . ”

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A saber came into Qin Feng’s hand as he spoke .

Verdant Emperor Saber .

The fuchsia flame on it burned brightly . Qin Feng then slashed the saber upward and a blinding radiance soon ascended into the air above .

The fuchsia ray spread out and lit a larger area . beasts within three hundred meters instead of thirty meters had all become visible now .

Chui Yang was shocked by Qin Feng’s reckless action . “What are you doing? Are you insane?”

“Stop wasting time with this guy . Let’s run, Young Master!”

Liu Yue picked up Chui Yang by his shoulder and stomped on the ground . The reverse momentum immediately sent them backward by a few tens of meters .

“Eh! How about…?!” Chui Yang turned back to glance at Bai Li . He wished to bring Bai Li along . But it was too late . From the light of the saber, Chui Yang could see that hundreds of beasts were lunging at Qin Feng simultaneously .

Chui Yang’s face turned pale and he could not muster another word, but he kept turning back to see what was happening .

The most unthinkable event unfolded in front of his very eyes .

Qin Feng did not run . He was calm like still water one second and in the next moment, he swiped his sword rapidly in a perfect circle .

Sword Glare!

Blazing fuchsia rays suddenly exploded following Qin Feng’s motion and sliced all the jumping beasts in half .

Horrifyingly, the light from the saber had attracted more and more beasts toward him .