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Master of the End Times - Chapter 496

Published at 21st of December 2020 02:35:06 AM

Chapter 496: 496

Chapter 496: It’s Him

After all, moving outbound would often involve establishment of mercenaries that would take up a significant portion of loot for the distribution to the troops . Also, it had to be spearheaded by capable leaders to go against powerful ultra beasts .

Powerful figures would often have their own worries, and Gao Yukang was an exceptionally outstanding figure that outshined the others .

Anyone could easily stumble into the death trap, and not even the powerful figures could defy such an unfortunate destiny .

Everyone was focusing on Bai Li and her D-tier badge, she was undoubtedly there to take part in the assessment .

From her appearance, she looked like she was a new aptitude user, and was underage .

Furthermore, her gorgeous look had attracted many to peek at her .

It was at that moment; everyone was shocked by a sudden exclamation .

“Is… is your bronze lantern faulty?!” An examiner cried out loud .

Everyone else looked toward the examiner .

Qin Feng was standing right in front of the examiner .

“This lamp belongs to you; shouldn’t you know better?”

“But, your points!”

“Is there anything wrong with the points?” Yang Bei noticed that Qin Feng was talking to a staff and he could not resist the urge to find out what was happening, after all, Qin Feng was the one who had disrespected Chui Yang .

“Sir, take a look!”

The bronze lantern was handed over to Yang Bei by his staff, he examined it and was instantly struck dumb, he could not believe his own eyes .

The white number displayed on the bronze lantern was five thousand two hundred and nineteen . Furthermore, there was a number sixty eight in green, and twelve in purple!

The two numbers that were displayed at the end represented kills of beast soldiers and beast generals .

All of them were displayed together on the bronze lantern .

It was already shocking enough to have someone achieve such horrifying results by spending a month in the Northern Abyss, not to mention Qin Feng had only entered for not more than six hours .

Also, how could Qin Feng achieve such results within the Northern Abyss that had restricted the use of massively powered weapons?

Yang Bei took another look at the bronze lantern for confirmation and he realized that there was nothing wrong with it .

“Mr Qin!” Yang Bei sounded hesitant and yet respectful as the numbers had not yet been verified as genuine . However, there were endless possibilities to it and Yang Bei was not prepared to take the wild guess .

“There is nothing wrong with this bronze lantern, however, the large number would certainly bring a high number of points accumulated . As such, it would definitely be troublesome for me to note down such a high number, would it be possible for me to examine it further?”

Qin Feng looked at Yang Bei and said, “How would you like to examine further?”

Yang Bei then requested, “You should have all of the ultra beast materials with you, can I take a look at those materials?!”

“No problem!”

Qin Feng did not reject the request .

Bai Li received a nod from Qin Feng, she moved away from the crowd and stood at a spacious spot, she raised her hand and a spatial rift appeared . Then, a terrifying amount of materials began to pour out from the rift .

Materials from C-tier ordinary ultra beasts would usually only be worth around a million . All of these materials were probably worth merely five billion in value, yet the scale of it was massive .

Furthermore, it was difficult to imagine the number of kills to have been able to obtain such a huge amount of materials .

Every B-tier and C-tier in the crowd were instantly struck dumb .

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Yang Bei did not even release his conscious energy as he knew that it was impossible for Qin Feng to fake points like that .

“Would this be enough?” Qin Feng asked .

Yang Bei immediately wiped off the sweat on his forehead and exclaimed, “This will do! This will do!”

Although Yang Bei was also a B-tier aptitude user, the amount of ultra beast materials was too overwhelming, and he unconsciously looked at Qin Feng, highly alert .

Although he was still a C-tier, he was definitely not an easy opponent to take on .

“Let’s proceed with the point registration!”

“Sure, right away!”

“Beep beep beep!” Qin Feng’s communicator had immediately received a sum of special military points, the display was then automatically switched to the battle net exchange page that was solely owned by Beihua City .

Qin Feng had accumulated more than 6,000 points in total . Any ordinary C-tier would require three months to have such an achievement, yet he was able to do it in a day, and it was an extremely huge amount of wealth!

“Oh, I did not expect the Armor of Vajrayana to be available!” Qin Feng said as a glimmer flashed across his eyes . .

The grand inner armor was one of the well-known God Weapon armor .

The origin of it was unknown, however, its exorbitant defense energy would at least be ranked on the same tier as any A-tier item .

Of course, the required exchange points were also extortionately high!

Surprisingly, it would require a whopping 50,000 points .

“That’s not much!”

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For Qin Feng, it was definitely a good trade!

As soon as everything was settled, Qin Feng did not stay back any longer, he immediately activated his Sky Dweller and returned back to the hotel at Beihua City with Bai Li .

Qin Feng brushed and cleaned himself, and as he sensed around, he noticed that the prodigy contestants that came from the Four Cities of the North Sea and those that were from the ancient warrior families were not in the next room, even Zhou Hao and Jin Fei were not there as they were practicing within the battlegod tomb .

There were only two prodigies that were practicing in the room .

Qin Feng kept both of them in mind and decided to continue on with his observation, if possible, he would recruit and raise them under him .

An organization would require more than one powerful leading figure to raise and build up the grassroot members of the organization . Furthermore, Qin Feng was destined to form an organization but not lead it by himself .

Qin Feng was like a wolf, and to be specific, he was like a werewolf! It would definitely be someone else that had to spearhead the organization .


On the other hand, Shang Han had returned to Beihua City from a special unknown region, the thin amount of energy on the Earth was felt by her, it had caused an obscurity and she was feeling rather lost .

From the discoveries in other regions, humans had found a highly habitable place on the other end of the spatial rift, and it was also a perfect place for practicing . However, it was a place where humans would be too weak and insignificant .

To the powerful ones, it was a place that was much stronger than the Earth .

However, the incredibly high amount of practice by the humans would still be meaningless if they could not preserve their home as a livable place .

There were too many bonds and memories that fueled the intention of the powerful ones to preserve and protect the Earth .

However, it was still too taxing to be handled by only one person!

Shang Han rubbed the center of her eyebrows and went ahead to activate her communicator .

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“Yuan Hao, is there anything important today?”

A young man appeared in the communicator, he was a C-tier from Beihua City and he had an aim to become an incredible B-tier, of course, he was still one of the powerful figures that served under Shang Han .

However, he held a great amount of authority as he was also serving as the Chief Secretary for Shang Han .

“Regent, there are not many movements from the ultra beast today, and for the moment, there are no death reports of aptitude users!”

Shang Han nodded; the status was satisfying enough!

“However, there is something else!” Yuan Hao added .

“What is it?”

“A C-tier had entered into the Northern Abyss today and taken down more than five thousand C-tier ultra beasts in one go, beast soldiers and beast generals were also taken down, and it had only taken about five hours and forty minutes!”

“What? Are you sure it was a C-tier?” Shang Han was taken aback by the news .

“Yes, also, you might even know this person!”


“According to the information shown, his name is Qin Feng, the newly appointed governor of the Four Cities of the North Sea!”

“How could it be him?”