Master of the End Times - Chapter 497

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Chapter 497: 497

Chapter 497: Extremely Conceited

Shang Han was the one who had openly held the conference, and she would definitely remember Qin Feng . However, it was still surprising to her that, within the short period of time, Qin Feng had already come to Beihua City and showcased his mighty and matchless energy level .

“How could he be so powerful?!” Shang Han gasped in shock .

Shang Han knew that Qin Feng had annihilated the Grans and taken over their Floating City, however, it was only because of Qin Feng’s willingness to seize the opportunity .

If someone else had attempted earlier, the success might have already been claimed .

Unfortunately, nobody dared to do so!

Ever since Qin Feng had taken down the Floating City, Shang Han had even thought about Guang Wei and those B-tiers that had fought at Longchuan, they seemed to be just a bunch of trash, and even a C-tier could take care of matters that they deemed to be impossible .

However, based on the situation, it was definitely not the case .

Qin Feng’s capability was too overwhelming .

“How did he achieve it?” Shang Han seemed to be mumbling to herself while Yan Hao remained silent as he also had a hard time trying to figure out the shocking incident .

Afterall, Qin Feng and him were both C-tier aptitude users, it would be impossible for him to achieve the same results as Qin Feng .

“Do we have any video recordings?” Shang Han asked .

“No, we do not!” Yuan Hao shook his head .

Shang Han did not dwell on it and she continued to give her order, “Hmm, don’t worry about that, keep an eye on this, we could still put him to good use for the Far Woodland monster wave in half a month!”

“Affirmative, regent!”


Although Qin Feng was not aware of Shang Han’s idea, he had a feeling that his growing capabilities was about to surpass his A-tier capability before his rebirth .

He was no longer afraid of encountering any B-tier aptitude users, and he was even capable of escaping from an A-tier .

“I should now prepare C-tier beast king or beast emperor cores!”

Although Bai Li had yet to start consuming C-tier beast king cores and the amount required was still unknown, Qin Feng could already afford to spend any amount of money he wanted . He had moved on from his previous state of restricted spending limit .

Afterall, Qin Feng already owned an organization that had exclusive access to machines from the Fengli Organization, and those machines came with high amounts of profits .

“Let’s explore deeper tomorrow!”

Early next morning, Qin Feng led Bai Li to submit her mission and claim her C-tier aptitude user badge, hence, both of them were already qualified C-tier aptitude users!

They had also accepted a series of missions to explore the movements of the Northern Abyss, they were also able to carry on with their besieging mission simultaneously . Hence, their scores were accumulated directly from Yang Bei .

Time passed by swiftly and it had already been five days, Qin Feng had been spending his days in the Northern Abyss and only returned to the hotel at night .

Meanwhile, prodigies from all major states had arrived .

It was bustling with noise and excitement to have one hundred and sixty contestants from six major states to be there with their coaches and leaders .

In contrast, during Qin Feng’s departure, most of the families did not send out any additional manpower, surprisingly, the team from the Four Cities of the North Sea only had eleven contestants .

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They had the least amount of manpower among all, and it was perhaps because most of the families were confident in the capability of the team!

For the other states, they only had D-tier, at most, C-tier aptitude users, and most probably, it was due to the difference in terms of status of the prodigies .

However, would it be possible for the leaders to be more powerful than Qin Feng?

Every duke from the Four Cities of the North Sea and the three ancient warrior families agreed that it was impossible .

Hence, just before the commencement of the competition, contestants from the Four Cities of the North Sea were still at a relaxed state .

However, right after Qin Feng’s return and entrance into the lobby, there were already conflicts that involved several groups of people .

The restaurant of the hotel was at the first floor and the entrance was located at the left section of the lobby, which was why Qin Feng had an opportunity to be the witness .

Furthermore, Qin Feng had seen that Jin Fei and the others were among those who were being blocked at the entrance .

Meanwhile, the young master of the Hou family was already angered and dissatisfied . “Why are we not allowed to dine in? Who do you think you are?”

The person who was guarding the entrance sneered and answered, “It doesn’t matter who I am, our young master dislikes dining with the others, all of you shall wait for him to finish before you can enter!”

“How dare you?!”

“How could you just play by your own rules? This place is not owned by your family!”

“That’s right, this is too much, who would be willing to only have the leftover food from your young master?”

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Although it was a buffet style restaurant and technically there should not be any leftover food, the person who was guarding the entrance behaved arrogantly and seemed to imply that everyone else only deserved to have leftover food from their young master .

Certainly, the other prodigies would despise such arrogant behavior .

“Huh, dissatisfied? For your information, our young master is the direct line of descent from the Han family of the Hanchuan state, and our master, Han Mou, is an A-tier powerful figure, do you all think that you deserve to be treated equally as our young master and dine together with him? Do you all really think that it is possible?”

The crowd that was accompanied by coaches that were supposed to have above average capabilities, and they wished they could just teach the D-tier a lesson for behaving so arrogantly .

However, they were immediately stunned by the background of their opponent, they instantly stopped talking back to the person that was from the Hanchuan state!

Obviously, the sixteen states from the northern region were also recognized differently according to their weak and strong capabilities .

For example, governors from the Three Cities along the Sun were holding nothing more than their titles, none of them were really passionate about their position, neither did they have the capability to hold such a position .

They were only revered by those that were from the Three Cities along the Sun, however, those that were not from the city would only recognize them as employees .

Meanwhile, the Four Cities of the North Sea ranked third in the list of sixteen states .

Powerful states would often stand out from the weaker states with their abundance of resources, and their valorous leaders with powerful capabilities . Despite being situated in the northern region, the A-tier governor from the Hanchuan state had topped the list and even had close contact and frequent cooperation with Shang Han .

The environment of the Hanchuan state was well preserved by the valorous and powerful governor that had shown immense dedication being stationed at the state . Therefore, newly raised prodigies from the state were also powerful and competitive .

Furthermore, the so-called young master was surprisingly the son of Han Mou!

Everyone was instantly muted and had to contain their anger!

It was at that moment; everyone finally had the chance to witness the appearance of the person who had just finished dining and was walking out from the restaurant .

The crowd was even more afraid as they saw the D-tier badge on the person’s chest .

Surprisingly, it was an aptitude user who had already achieved D-tier before reaching twenty years old .

Furthermore, an intimidating aura was also being exuded, and it resembled the presence of an ability user!

In the northern region, a D-tier aptitude user that was under twenty years old would certainly be recognized as an outstanding prodigy!

It was a true depiction of Hero Class .

Han Jun walked out from the restaurant, he frowned in displeasure and complained with a deep voice, “What is the fuss about? Can’t I just have a peaceful meal?!”

The D-tier who saw Han Jun immediately went ahead to explain the situation and tried to appease him . “These are just blind people that do not know who you are, please stay calm, Young Master!”

Han Jun gave a cold stare and belittled everyone in the crowd .

“Just a bunch of trash!”

Everyone remained silent and held on to their anger, and even the young master from the Hou family who had not been mocked in such a way had to clench his fists and suffer the embarrassment from Han Jun . It was because he did not have the capability to go up against such an opponent by himself and he could only hope for the others to take the lead .

Unfortunately, nobody dared to do so!

“It would be great if that person were here!” Without realizing that he was there, the young master of the Hou family thought about Qin Feng .

It was the young master of the Hou family who had been hinted by his sixth sense, he turned his head around and instantly saw Qin Feng and Bai Li standing at the end of the queue .

The young master was delighted and shouted in surprise, “Governor!”