Master of the End Times - Chapter 498

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Chapter 498: tier Talent Han Jun

Chapter 498: D-tier Talent Han Jun

The surprised shout had drawn the attention of the crowd toward the Hou family, meanwhile, several other young prodigies had also noticed Qin Feng’s return .

“Governor, you are back!”

“This is great, Governor, this little brat is being too arrogant, you have to give him a lesson to remind him who is the real prodigy!”

They looked at Qin Feng like he was their savior .

Certainly, their words had definitely pushed Qin Feng under a risky spot; Han Jun looked at Qin Feng and examined his appearance, he noticed that Qin Feng was not wearing any badge on his chest, hence, he could not identify his tier .

“So-called governor? Keke, all of you seem to have faith in him?” Han Jun obviously doubted Qin Feng’s title .

Qin Feng did not bother to explain too, and he had already witnessed the scene that had happened earlier .

“What is so special on the menu of this restaurant? Is there anything here that is worth trying? Qin Feng looked at his own people as he knew that it was just merely conflict triggered from dissatisfaction .

“But…” The crowd was obviously still dissatisfied .

Qin Feng answered, “What’s with the hesitation? I have heard that there is a premium restaurant at Beihua city that serves the fresh meat of B-tier beast kings, and yet, all of you are here to fight for a place that only serves canteen meals, stop being a frog at the bottom of a well, and don’t even mention that you are associated with me!”

It had only taken a couple of sentences from Qin Feng to disparage Han Jun’s arrogant act .

The rude and unreasonable act to dominate the restaurant had been labelled as a low-grade and inferior act .

“That’s right, these affordable meals can never be better than the expensive dishes, why suffer when we can have better options!”

“Hmm, these are just merely food served by a canteen, and it tastes weird . ”

“The treat is on me; let’s all have a great meal together!”

“I’ll take care of the bill too!”

“Haha, everyone, let’s go together!”

Everyone seemed to have found the perfect way to deal with their anger toward Han Jun and also avoid any direct conflict with him, everyone enjoyed the mocking and trashing as they fell back and started to belittle him .

Qin Feng saw the reaction of the crowd and he was about to turn around and leave, and it was at that moment where Han Jun was enraged .

“Do you think you can just leave like this?”

Of course, Han Jun would not allow Qin Feng to have such an easy way out, he activated his consciousness and raised a wild gust . However, he did not aim to attack Qin Feng directly, instead the gust lifted a dish platter from the restaurant and it was aimed at Qin Feng .

Obviously, Qin Feng would not be harmed by the platter, his internal strength shield rose and blocked the platter .

Although Qin Feng could easily control and confine the attack with his conscious energy, he did not want to expose too much of his capabilities . Hence, he had resorted to such an unexpected move!

The platter smashed onto Qin Feng’s internal strength shield and scattered on the ground . The metal piece fell and hit the ground with a loud clang .

The gleeful expression on everyone’s faces disappeared as they were stunned and shocked by the scene .

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Instantly, the crowd turned dead silent .

Han Jun’s voice was heard again .

“So-called governor, what’s with the disrespect? It was just a little treat from me, how could you reject it? You will have to finish those by today, or else, you are not allowed to leave!”

Obviously, Han Jun was trying to teach Qin Feng a lesson .

Qin Feng sneered as he was surprised by Han Jun’s lowly act .

“Young Master Han, if you enjoy it so much, you can have it all for yourself, I am not interested! Furthermore, nobody can force me to stay if I do not wish to!” Qin Feng sneered .

“Well, try me!” Han Jun was infuriated even more; he raised his hand and held up a small-size tornado!

Qin Feng did not even bother to look, he turned around and began to leave .

Han Jun was consumed by his wild anger, his ability exploded and he controlled the tornado into producing a slash of wind . The wind slash was whipped toward Qin Feng’s back .

Pow pow pow pow pow!

The wind slash slammed onto the internal strength shield while horrifying energy was dispersed into the surroundings, everyone around was pushed back by the wild gale .

Obviously, the E-tier aptitude users were incapable of withstanding the wild attack from an infuriated D-tier aptitude user .

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However, Qin Feng certainly did not fall into that category!

Being a C-tier himself, Qin Feng’s internal strength shield was insanely solid and the wind slash had no chance of doing any harm toward him .

Even with Qin Feng exposing his deadliest weak point to his enemy, Han Jun had failed to do any damage from behind Qin Feng .

It was because he could not even pierce through his opponent’s internal strength shield!

Meanwhile, the battle had drawn attention from the management of the hotel to approach and calm Han Jun down, Qin Feng and the others had already left the lobby!

The remaining prodigies that were left being had no idea how to perceive the situation .

Although Qin Feng had defied Han Jun, they were still unsatisfied as Han Jun should have been even more severely punished for his actions .

“Governor, why don’t you just teach him a lesion, with your capability, you can definitely do it!” The youngster from the Hou family was obviously disagreeing with Qin Feng’s approach .

Qin Feng sneered and replied, “Well, you can only rely on the others to vent out your anger . ”

The young master of the Hou family was instantly exposed, he immediately stomped his feet and tried to deviate the truth with his false claims . “Perhaps you are afraid of his dad!”

Zhou Hou instantly threw out a punch and left a ring of bruises around the eye of the young master of the Hou family .

“I have had enough of you, those words that you have just said, I bet those are intentional? So that Qin Feng will fight Han Jun, the son of an A-tier aptitude user, why don’t you take on the fight yourself? Do you really think that the A-tier is a fool? What are you plotting? Do you want to trap the governor? If so, I shall just kill you!”

Indeed, Qin Feng was unafraid of any A-tier, however, Qin Feng did not wish to gain any enemies to protect a bunch of people that did not deserve his protection .

If the same case were to happen to Zhou Hao, Qin Feng would definitely go all out without any hesitation to give Han Jun a hard time so that he would regret his actions . Even though Zhou Hao was also frustrated, he was not bothered to take matters into his own hands .

Surprisingly, the Hou family had the evil intention of setting a trap for Qin Feng so that he would be roped into a big mess!

Qin Feng sneered, “You better watch out, or else, if I were to find out any of your sly moves, you will definitely regret it!”

Qin Feng was definitely not there to please and conform to someone else’s plan!

However, Qin Feng kept his promise and brought everyone to a premium restaurant for a feast . Of course, there was not any B-tier beast king meat to avoid causing indigestion, only dishes of around D-tier were ordered to suit everyone, and everyone gained a significant amount of energy from the meal .

Meanwhile, the young master of the Hou family did not enjoy any of it, he stared coldly at Qin Feng, to him, Qin Feng was afraid of Han Jun .

Of course, his dissatisfied expression was not pleasing at all, however, the others were not bothered by it!

After the meal, everyone returned to the hotel, and the competition was going to commence the day after tomorrow!

Qin Feng did not bother to have any preparation for the competition, upon his return to the hotel, he checked on the battle net for his own points .

In the past five days, Qin Feng’s points had spiked again; he had already accumulated 60,000 points .

The first day of their venture into the Northern Abyss only began during noon time, and Qin Feng and Bai Li fully spent the past few days in the abyss . Naturally, it would reflect in the points he had gathered .