Master of the End Times - Chapter 501

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Chapter 501: The Permanent Solution

Chapter 501: The Permanent Solution

“He’s just the governor of a small backwater state . He isn’t a big shot!” Guang Wei grumbled .

Guang Wei thought that these men were scared of Qin Feng’s authority background . As such, he tried to comfort them .

More importantly, he saw that these men were hesitating . He could not have that! He could not face Qin Feng all by himself . It was too risky!

Liu Yue smiled bitterly . “Even if he has no background at all, this man is already a powerful monster!”

He could still remember how Qin Feng destroyed the ultra beasts . Liu Yue knew he could not take on this man .

Gu Chang whimpered, “Look, if this is the target, I want out . I’ll transfer your money back to you . All of them!”

“Yeah, I’m out too . I don’t want to mess with him!” Qi Yan opened his mouth too .

Guang Wei stared at these men with confusion . How could they chicken out in the last minute like this?

“You are all B-tiers . How could you be afraid of someone this small? Come on, there are four of us . There’s no way we can’t take him down . ”

After hearing this, Liu Yue was still hesitant .

Gu Chang said, “We teamed up with Guang Xuangdong to take on this man before . And guess what? Guang Xuangdong was killed by him with just one hit . Both of us were heavily injured by him!”

Liu Yue and Guang Wei were shocked when they heard this .

Of course, they knew of Guang Xuangdong’s death . This man was a B-tier after all . However, they would have never guessed that he was killed by Qin Feng .

Liu Yue had made up his mind this time, “Guang Wei, it’s true that I owe you a favor . But this doesn’t mean that I intend to repay it with my life . I’m out!”

Guang Wei clenched his teeth, unwilling to let go of this golden opportunity, “No, I want him dead! You all can have every single treasure that’s on him . That blade in his hand alone is a God Weapon . And I’ve got news that he has the Armor of Vajrayana on him too! You can literally earn billions… no, trillions by killing him!”

“Besides, he killed Guang Xuangdong . That means he has everything Guang Xuangdong had on him! He must have! I bet he did not have time to sell everything off him yet!”

“Reconsider this! Sure, he’s strong . But that also means that he has slain a lot of ultra beasts too . He has lots of treasures on him . There’s nothing but benefits in killing him . Come on, there’s always risk when it comes to business!”

Guang Wei’s words were really tempting . The three men were struggling hard when they heard his proposition .

Suddenly, a voice crept into their ears .

“Yeah, he’s got a point there . Why are you hesitating?”

This voice scared the crap out of the four of them . Guang Wei and his goons raised their heads and saw the man standing about twenty meters ahead of them .

It was Qin Feng!

The beast king was still roaring painfully from afar . Yet, it was not Qin Feng that was attacking it—it was his Fire Dragon . Qin Feng was, from the start, standing near them and had heard everything they said!

A cold smirk curved up on Qin Feng’s face as a sharp murderous glare beamed out of his eyes .

“Why stop? You were in a meeting, right? Go on . ”

All 4 of them trembled when they heard this . Gu Chang was the first to open his mouth, “Mr Qin, no that’s not it . I would never plan to kill you . I was tricked by Guang Wei!”

“Yeah! I did not know the target was you! If I knew, I wouldn’t have come!” Qi Yan cried out loudly too .

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“You!!!” Guang Wei glared at these two men furiously . These snakes! They sold him out at the last minute!

However, Qin Feng gave them a cold scoff, “You’re from the Dark Coalition . I don’t need reasons to kill you . Your reasons don’t interest me!”

Gu Chang and Qi Yan were shocked when they heard this .

But it did not take long before they understood the situation at hand . Indeed, it did not matter why they were here . The Human Alliance and Dark Coalition were not on good terms, and thus even if they had truly come in peace, it would not have mattered at all .

Both of them started to tremble as cold sweat rolled down their backs .

“Mr Qin… look… we apologize for the incident earlier . We were wrong . How about this? I’m willing to pay a hefty sum to make amends!” Gu Chang started to plead for their lives .

“Oh?” Qin Feng raised a brow, “Then pay me 1 trillion!”

This was not a huge sum, really . Gu Chang and Qi Yan were B-tiers . It was not uncommon for D-tiers to own tens of billions under their names . Hence, it was quite usual for a C-tier to have over thousands of billions under his name .

As for the B-tiers, this would be quite clear if one were to take a look at Guang Wei’s account . He was able to pay 4 trillion to Qin Feng for compensation . Even though it cost him quite a fortune, it was within his ability to pay that amount .

As such, even though it would burn a large hole in their banks, Gu Chang and Qi Yan were able to pay the 1 trillion .


“Do the transfer now!” Qin Feng took out his communicator and sent them his bank account number .

A few minutes later, Gu Chang and Qi Yan each transferred 1 trillion over to him .

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Easy money!

A smile crept up on Qin Feng’s face as he leaped onto the two men and started attacking them!

Qin Feng was lying about letting them go . Qin Feng let these two flee the last time because he found it too much of a hassle to chase them . However, this time, he did not intend to let them go .

Of course, he would not let Guang Wei go either!

In just a split a second, Qin Feng had cut open Gu Chang’s and Qi Yan’s stomachs with his Verdant Emperor Saber .



A fountain of blood burst out of the men’s mouth as their waists were slashed open . The rune armors that they were wearing were destroyed in an instant! If it were not for the armors, they would have been cut in halves!

The two men did not die right away; but their bodies were now gravely injured . As Qin Feng’s internal energy flushed through their veins, their organs were now completely crushed .

“Qin Feng! You… this isn’t what we agreed upon!” Qi Yan cried out angrily .

Qin Feng let out a cold smirk . “Every trick in the book is fair play, buddy . Besides, we’re in two opposing factions . If I keep my word to you, that would mean I’ve betrayed the Human Alliance . ”

Qi Yan coughed up more blood after hearing this .

After seeing this, Guang Wei growled out loudly, “My friends, there’s no means of escape now . Let’s just work together and kill Qin Feng! You might still live this way!”

As soon as he finished saying so, Guang Wei quickly attacked . In mere seconds, thick dark clouds started to cloak the sky before a storm of hailstones rained from above!

Countless holes formed as the hailstones hit the ground!

Still, Qin Feng was completely unharmed as he zipped between the hailstones! It would be impossible for any ordinary human to do this; but Qin Feng was a man with sharp calculation and powerful consciousness capabilities .

Qin Feng activated his Fire Dragon Style and struck at Guang Wei .

“General Guang, you have been caught working together with the Dark Coalition to attack a state governor . I hereby declare that you have betrayed the Human Alliance!”

Guang Wei’s face turned grim when he heard this .

He did not think that his personal vendetta against Qin Feng would become the trigger of him being treated as a traitor of the alliance .

He had never thought of betraying the Human Alliance ever!

Still, Qin Feng did not mind making the matter as big as possible . This was the perfect, valid excuse for him to kill off this vermin that had been in his way all these time .

Sure, he was not scared of Guang Wei . However, the Fengli Organization was now expanding rapidly . He could not risk Guang Wei being out there and calling in favors to hurt his friends .

It was best for him to kill him off right now and settle this once and for all!