Master of the End Times - Chapter 502

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Chapter 502: tiers

Chapter 502: Steamrolling B-tiers

Qin Feng moved quickly, his actions were a blur . Around him were all B-tiers, their consciousness control and their reactions were impeccable .

Unfortunately, none of them could touch Qin Feng .

He was too fast!

When he reappeared, he was face to face with Guang Wei .

Boom! He struck, slamming a fist towards Guang Wei’s head .

Internal force violently flowed out, but in that instant, the place where Guang Wei once stood was replaced by a chunk of ice!

It could even be called a small iceberg!


Qin Feng’s fist collided with the iceberg and immediately smashed right through it .

The shattered ice immediately rebounded toward him, turning into spears that were going to jab into him .

Guang Wei had already retreated!

“What are you waiting for? You want him to kill someone first before you start fighting? Guang Wei exclaimed .

Gu Chang and Qi Yan glanced at one another and made up their minds . They pumped internal force through their bodies to seal their wounds before stepping forward into battle .

When two more joined in, Qin Feng’s three assailants formed a triangle around him .

As for Liu Yue, he hopped 100 meters back, obviously not planning to participate in this fight between them!

“Came to die?”

Qin Feng sneered and raised his hand to call upon his Fire Dragon that was 100 meters away . It rushed forward and instantly surrounded his body . The frost around him instantly began to melt, like winter giving way to sunlight .

“Together at once!” Guang Wei yelled, continuously mobilizing his consciousness .

The sky turned white as countless snowflakes began to fall . It was a strange sight to behold in the dark Northern Abyss .

The aptitude users in the distance also began to take note of this scene!

If an ability user was fighting this hard, could it be that they had encountered an ultra beast that was truly terrifying?

Should they help?

Some hesitated, others rushed forward to see what was going on .

Meanwhile back at the scene, Qin Feng’s internal force was extremely powerful, it was not inferior in any respect when compared to what a B-tier aptitude user had . It could be said that he had them beat in the raw power his internal force could unleash .

It was the end of the line for Gu Chang and Qi Yan, what Qin Feng was facing right now were merely their death throes . A desperate struggle to the death .

He simply could not let these two win!

“Dragon Steps!”

Qin Feng’s internal force was activated, his body blasting out a violent gust of wind as the earth-shattering roar of a dragon filled the air . His internal force blasted away all of the ice and snow that was around him .

He quickly dashed toward Gu Chang .

“Qin Feng, taste my blade!” A longsword appeared in Gu Chang’s hands . When internal force was poured into it, it flashed a bright light into Qin Feng’s eyes . A sudden flash of light that would dazzle anyone nearby .

Qin Feng remained calm, managing to close his eyes and using his consciousness to lock onto Gu Chang .

“Blazing Sky!” Qin Feng raised his hand and an incredibly bright violet light burst out .

“Aurora Burst!”

Gu Chang exploded into a flurry of countless light blades, completely surrounding Qin Feng as if he was about to slash him into ribbons!

However, Qin Feng’s violet light smashed right through these blades and scattered them!

In the next moment, the Verdant Emperor Saber appeared in front of Gu Chang .


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With that soft sound, Gu Chang’s sword was cut in half and he was left stunned and dumbfounded .

The remaining blades of light wavered before dissipating as Gu Chang’s head slid from his shoulders and rolled onto the ground like a ball!

Gu Chang had been slain!

Qin Feng unleashed a force in his hand and a vacuum force drew Gu Chang’s body into his grasp .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

A boundless internal force poured into Qin Feng’s dantian .

Now that his Dantian had expanded tenfold, it was easier to absorb internal force . Gu Chang was also a B2-tier ancient warrior and possessed two large lake-like pools of internal force in his body . When they were absorbed into Qin Feng’s body they became twenty pools of internal force .

Although he had not condensed and consumed it, it felt like his strength had increased by a lot!

After a few battles with two sides using powerful moves, nobody expected one side to come out unscathed and another to get their head separated from their shoulders!

When Qi Yan saw this, his eyes widened and he immediately tried to make a run for it!

He did not want to die!

But this time, Qin Feng did not plan on letting him go!

“Running away? Maybe if you didn’t try to you would have lived longer!” Qin Feng said as a beam of darkness shot out from his hand .

A Dark Ray .

Qi Yan was seriously injured already . After getting hit by the Dark Ray, his body suddenly felt extremely weak!

Qin Feng dragged Qi Yan to his side and pressed his palm into the lower part of his opponent’s back, right where the dantian was before internal force began to gush out from it .

Qi Yan was not as strong as Gu Chang, but he had 13 pools of internal force that were all drained away by Qin Feng .

Qi Yan’s eyes widened, feeling like he had become a crippled man .

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“Uh… oh…” Qi Yan tried to say something, which Qin Feng thought of as him trying to ask for mercy but there was no chance for that at all .

“Impacting Flame!”


Bits and pieces of what used to be Qi Yan were sent flying with the explosive force . His torso was completely gone, leaving what hardly counted as limbs and his head that flew hundreds of meters away before landing right next to Liu Yue .

Liu Yue felt a chill down his spine, despite the surrounding cold .

Guang Wei frantically began to attack Qin Feng!

But all of his attempts were useless, none of his attacks could even break through Qin Feng’s internal force protection .

One step at a time, Qin Feng began to approach .

Now, Guang Wei felt scared .

“No . You can’t kill me . That’s impossible!”

Guang Wei yelled as his body transformed into snow .

Rune Shift!

In this form, Guang Wei was invincible and could not be caught .

Using the wind and snow around him to his advantage, he could easily escape .

“Since I can’t find you, I’ll burn away this blizzard!”

Qin Feng’s consciousness surged and the ground beneath him turned red .

“Terraform Magma!”

This was the most terrifying form of the Magma technique!

Every bit of ground within a few hundred meters was turned into magma . The snow that fell into the magma instantly disappeared!

There was still a dark cloud in the air, constantly billowing as snow fell from it but it did not dare descend into the certain death that was the ground .

Among this cloud of snowflakes was definitely Guang Wei .

“Another!” Qin Feng mobilized the fire runes and the sky changed colors in an instant .

The dense white clouds above suddenly turned into an unnatural red .

As if it has started to burn .

Then, the clouds actually began to catch fire .

“Meteor Swarm!”

If Guang Wei had unleashed hail, then Qin Feng had unleashed flaming meteorites .


A scream rang out from the blizzard as a figure appeared .

It was Guang Wei!

In the blink of an eye, a large meteorite slammed into Guang Wei’s chest


He coughed out a mouthful of blood, unable to control his body as he fell toward the magma below .

A figure could be seen floating above the magma and a large amount of white mist appeared from where the figure was as it struggled, bobbing on the surface .

Then, finally, all was quiet .