Master of the End Times - Chapter 503

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Chapter 503: Witness Testimony

Chapter 503: Witness Testimony

Well, it was silent save for the sound of bubbling magma that is .

And the beast kings from before were killed off too!

Qin Feng raised his hand and attracted a number of spatial rune equipment, ultra beast crystal cores, fur and bones toward him, and they were then pulled into his spatial rune equipment .

“I wonder what kind of treasures those three were carrying . When it comes to killing, small efforts yield huge profits!”

He let out a chuckle .

That chuckle, that grin sent shivers down Liu Yue’s spine .

When Guang Wei was speaking earlier, the way he was riling things up almost made Liu Yue want to have a shot too!

And now, he was dissuaded from how negatively the situation turned out .

“What happened? The guy who died just now was Guang Wei!”

“You, why did you kill Guang Wei?”

“Who is this guy? How dare he pull something like this in the Northern Abyss and kill Guang Wei! That man was a recognized general in the Human Alliance!”

Among these people, there were a bunch of B-tiers, but there were also plenty of C-tiers and none of them dared to speak up against Qin Feng .

However, they did not plan on idling about .

The other B-tiers were all on their guard against Qin Feng, locking onto him and waiting for the slightest misstep before they could pounce on him!

Qin Feng seemed very calm despite his situation .

“I was hunting ultra beasts just now . General Guang Wei joined forces with two members of the Dark Coalition and tried to kill and rob me . Naturally, I’m not going to let that happen . Besides, he allied himself with people from the Dark Coalition, which only consolidated his bad intentions . I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong by killing him!”

“That’s… that’s only your word”

Qin Feng responded, “It’s not just my word, I have someone else to prove it for me!”

He turned his gaze onto Liu Yue .

Liu Yue shuddered, locked in place .

“Looks like Elder Liu is here too!”

“It’s Liu Yue from the Cui family!”

“Mr . Liu, you were here just now . What happened?”

As he was swarmed with questions, thoughts flickered through Liu Yue’s mind .

“Think carefully about what you’re going to say next, Mr . Liu!” An internal force transmission fell upon his ears and caused him to break out in cold sweat . He looked at his surroundings and saw seven B-tier ancient warriors . Their expressions did not change .

None of them had heard Qin Feng .

Was his internal force already that unfathomable?

Liu Yue kept rolling thoughts through his mind, but he knew that he absolutely could not offend Qin Feng .

“Indeed I was here just now, but I have some doubts myself . Whether it’s true or not, it will be known soon!”

He pretended to be calm, then reached down to pick up the head and a piece of the shoulder of a corpse and wiped its face .

The mask it wore fell away to reveal the head’s appearance .

“That’s Qi Yan!”

“Yeah, it’s the Dark Coalition’s Qi Yan! Though he looks a bit older than before!”

“They said that Qi Yan got injured when he fought against Mu Jin earlier! So it was true!”

Everyone had something to say, but they all recognized Qi Yan when they saw the head .

“Previously, I entered the Northern Abyss with Guang Wei and met these two mysterious folks, which was why I followed them . I didn’t expect them to attack Governor Qin, and I originally wanted to help but now that the governor is safe there shouldn’t be any trouble!”

Liu Yue had taken up a polite tone, even using the title of ‘Governor’ .

At this moment, the others began to regard Qin Feng in a different light .

This kid was a governor!

Why had they not heard of him?

Maybe he was the governor of some backwater state, otherwise, how could he be C-tier?

With this revelation, this matter was not something they could take care of .

One was a general and the other a governor . They were both members of the Human Alliance’s management . What they did not understand was how a C-tier could have taken on and taken down three B-tiers .

Just what was this kid’s secret?

The people who could not figure out what happened ended up saying, “It’s a misunderstanding, Governor Qin!”

“That’s right, Governor Qin was also a victim! What a disaster!”

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“General Guang Wei…I can’t believe it!”

As everyone spoke, they have all made up their minds .

Among them were a few people who were there when they casted their votes in the Consciousness Realm . They were all C-tiers and they did not dare speak out .

But at the end of it all, it was not what happened that was important . After all, it was only the result that mattered .

Qin Feng was alive, while Guang Wei was dead .

“Since there’s nothing wrong, then you should all leave!” Liu Yue wanted to turn big problems into small problems, then small problems into nothing at all .

Although some still had doubts, none of the people present were allied with Guang Wei so they all left!

Soon, only Qin Feng and Liu Yue were left!

Liu Yue felt that his throat was dry and had cold sweat dripping down his face . He was left alone with Qin Feng when he should have left with the others!

“Well said, Mr . Liu . Remember to repeat what you said here when someone from the Human Alliance comes to investigate!”

There was a mild threat in Qin Feng’s tone .

Qin Feng did not really want to kill someone to shut them up and Liu Yue did not hold any grudges against him . Neither would Qin Feng be so merciless .

Liu Yue heaved a sigh of relief at Qin Feng’s words .

“Thank you Governor Qin, rest assured I know what to do!”

“Right!” Qin Feng nodded .

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Liu Yue was still a little worried and explained, “I was deceived by Guang Wei, truly . I didn’t know that you were the person he wanted to kill . Otherwise I wouldn’t have come here, you have to believe me, Governor Qin!”

Qin Feng sneered and said, “It doesn’t matter anymore . I didn’t kill you now and I won’t kill you in the future!”

“Ah, thank you, Governor Qin!” Liu Yue felt extremely grateful, but deep down he only felt an unmeasurable fear for Qin Feng .

This was a person who killed as easily as he could write, someone who did not really care about people’s lives!

Originally, he thought that Qin Feng was slightly stronger . Now, he told himself he had to go back and run a background check on this person . When the time came, he did not want to offend this dragon .

“You can go now!”

“Of course, of course!”

Liu Yue scurried off and went back to look up on information about Qin Feng . What he found shocked him .

“The Floating City that killed the master is now in his hands…”

Liu Yue felt a wave of anxiety wash over him and he decided to send a voice message to Cui Yang .

“Young Master, I found the aptitude user we met before . He’s called Qin Feng . Young Master, we shouldn’t provoke him . He killed Guang Wei today…”

The news had already reached Shang Han’s office before Liu Yue had even started doing his background check!

Qin Feng was still in the Northern Abyss, continuing to further explore its depths .

More powerful ultra beasts started to appear, soon more beast kings and even beast emperors began to appear!