Master of the End Times - Chapter 506

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Chapter 506: That’s Completely Unreasonable

Chapter 506: That’s Completely Unreasonable

Zhou Hao was slightly nervous as he said, “This competition doesn’t allow the use of contract beasts, otherwise I would definitely win!”

“Such a thing definitely wouldn’t be allowed, but we won’t need to worry about that once we reach Dragon Capital!”

Whether it was arms and armor of an aptitude user or their contract ultra beast, they were an extension of the aptitude user’s strength .

In Dragon Capital, those were not prohibited, and by then the competition was not just any other competition .

In Beihua City, Shang Han would select the talented ones for training and guidance before sending them to Dragon Capital . If they were lucky, they might even be rewarded by Shang Han .

Not to mention, a set of E-tier or D-tier silver light rune equipment was indispensable .

However, so long as Qin Feng was around, when Zhou Hao and Jin Fei had reached D-tier, he would start taking out his beast emperor materials and prepare gold light rune equipment for both of them .

“In any case, give it everything you have . I hope you two can get a place each!”


Zhou Hao and Jin Fei both nodded their heads .

After that, Qin Feng began to train those two in their ancient martial arts, pointing out the flaws in their techniques as time quickly ticked away .


The next morning, everyone arrived at Beihua City’s largest combat arena via the hovercraft that was arranged for them .

The place was already packed by then!

Even in Beihua City, there were plenty of strong people there along with the addition of the multitude of lower tier aptitude users from the other cities .

The crowd was simply too much!

It was all E and D-tiers!

But most of these people were adults, those who were graded in the Talent Class by the arena system often had quicker cultivation speed in addition to being more powerful .

Those in the Talent Class could single-handedly challenge ultra beast generals and those graded in the Hero Class could challenge beast kings!

At the same time, they would be invincible in the face of any adversary and had the confidence to face any foe, be it only one or hundreds!

This was what it meant to be in the Talent Class!

As such, among these people there would be those who were worth observing and benefitting from .

The stands were filled with these kinds of people, there were no empty seats!

These people were strong and their gazes were all on the contestants like searing spotlights . After all, their consciousness and perception were strong .

The people of Beihua state started to feel anxious .

Naturally, the opening scene of the tournament was the competitor line-up .

People from every state walked with their banners raised high the moment the host introduced them before passing through the entrance and walking to the contestant’s stand .

“The first state to appear today would be the state of Hanchuan!”

A C-tier aptitude user led the incoming with a large flag raised over their head . The flag bore a pair of attention-dominating words that read ‘Hanchuan’!

Not only that, the host naturally gave Han Jun a special introduction .

“There’s a rising star coming from Hanchuan, no more than 20 years old and he’s already D-tier . Here he is folks, Han Jun!”

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The audience was awestruck!

“This kind of genius definitely would get into Dragon Capital!”

“Of course! There’s high hopes for a D-tier!”

“Hey, that’s pretty good!”

The host continued with the introductions . There were three other D-tiers ahead of them, including Han Jun .

One was Du Wa from the Xingmang state and another was Lee Wangshen from the Chongyuan state .

The Four Cities on the North Sea had become the North Sea state after the new Fengli City had been established . That meant that the North Sea no longer had only four cities .

“Next up we have the Talents from the North State state!”

Qin Feng and the rest appeared .

The one holding the banner in front of them was Bai Li .

She looked very young, if it were not for the fact that she had a C-tier badge on her chest people would have mistaken her for a contestant .

What was more was that her appearance startled many . A devastating, overwhelming beauty that made people forget to breathe . Even when the North Sea state’s contestants were all seen there was a moment of silence that filled the arena .

What followed was a great uproar .

“Who, who is that? She’s… she’s so pretty!”

“A goddess, and a C-tier too? She’s an aptitude user from the North Sea? That state’s supposedly the second to last in strength but how could there be someone like that from there!”

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“I’m going to the North Sea in the future!”

At that moment, many people wanted to join the North Sea because of Bai Li’s appearance .

Qin Feng’s ears picked up on the words that were tangled into a rowdy cacophony around him and his expression became gloomy . Should have known not to use Bai Li as their representative!

But he only had 11 people in total . If he did not ask Bai Li, then who would he ask?

The B-tiers in the stands were also shocked as they looked at each other .

“That woman looks familiar!”

“Uh, no duh? How can you forget a face like that? She’s Qin Feng’s girlfriend, the guy who hunted down a hundred thousand ultra beasts in the Northern Abyss!”

One person suddenly spoke up and pointed toward the arena, “Wait . Look at the North Sea team . See the guy in the middle? Is that Qin Feng?”

The surrounding B-tiers shifted their attention and found Qin Feng .

Bai Li’s placement was a strategic masterpiece . Her appearance was too distracting, that was why they did not pay attention to Qin Feng!

They were all taken aback the moment they saw him!

Qin Feng did not have an aptitude user’s badge . Even when he was out hunting ultra beasts in the wild, he did not have on a badge . People eventually knew that it was just a habit of his .

They had originally believed that he did not want to wear the badge because the C-tier badge was not worthy of his strength .

But now it seemed that he was basically a wolf in sheep’s clothing .

“Hey . How can someone who can kill a B-tier participate in the Prodigy Tournament?”

That’s… isn’t that completely unreasonable?

“More importantly, shouldn’t it be that he’s not more than 20 years old?”

Everyone was silent for a moment .

Although they could not detect how old a person was and Qin Feng did not look that old, he was tall and had a stoic face . If someone were to say that he was seventeen nobody would have believed it!

Until now…

The truth, the naked truth was right in front of them!

And the truth was terrifying!

Among the stands, whether it was Mu Jin or Liu Yue, these two people who had a previous close encounter with Qin Feng could not believe their eyes .

“President Qin . He… he actually came to participate in a children’s tournament? Could it be… He’s less than twenty years old, for real?” Mu Jin recalled the moment where Qin Feng unleashed the Apocalypse Bloom and destroyed the B-tier ability user he fought as a chill went down his spine .

“Gulp!” Cui Yang swallowed hard and said, “Uncle Liu, thank you for telling me not to mess with Qin Feng . That person really is terrifying!”

It might not be a very big deal now, but in approximately two years’ time Qin Feng might have reached A-tier by then .

Cui Yang was worried that he would suffer in the future after he had offended Qin Feng .

“I just hope he’d forget about me when he gets older and leave me alone!” Cui Yang prayed quietly .

Liu Yue could only nod in agreement .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng naturally did not know what these people were thinking but he felt that there were many eyes peering at him from some high-level VIP seats in the stands .

He raised his head to scan the windowed VIP viewing room and soon the peering eyes immediately withdrew!

Qin Feng did not care and took the people of the North Sea to the waiting rooms .