Master of the End Times - Chapter 509

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Chapter 509: The Attendance of Shang Han

Chapter 509: The Attendance of Shang Han

When the audience did not think anyone would have survived the ferocious attack, they were stunned by what happened next .

Qin Feng, of course, would not allow the attack to hit him . It would be shameful if he were unable to dodge the attack . After all, Qin Feng was a C-tier aptitude user .

How would a C-tier hero that could kill a C-tier beast emperor be touched by Han Jun, a mere D-tier prodigy? Their strength gap was enormous .


A shiny light shield appeared abruptly around Qin Feng .

The wind blades hit on the light shield but did not leave a scratch on it .

Instead, the blades were shattered instantly and dissipated back into raw wind runes .

“Eh?!!” The audience on the grandstand once again exclaimed in awe .

They did not expect Qin Feng to actually release an internal force shield .

“Internal force shield! He is a D-tier!”

“He has hidden himself well all this time!”

“Who is going to win?”

“Though both are D-tiers, I will still bet on the ability user . That guy is obviously an ancient warrior!”

The unexpected turn of events got everybody into a heated debate . But the noise did not reach the two combatants on the stage .

Han Jun was out of ideas once Qin Feng had equipped the internal force shield .

Qin Feng resonated his voice with internal force, ” Young Master Han, I will let you attack me freely for ten minutes . If my shield breaks within that time, it’s your victory . If not, I will make my move . ”

“F*ck you!” Han Jun did not appreciate Qin Feng’s offer . He felt that he was being looked down upon .

“I only need one minute to defeat you!” Han Jun bellowed and dispersed his tornado .

The tornado ability might be useful for AoE but it was wasteful if there was only one target .

The reason Han Jun had used the Art of Tornado to open the match was to petrify Qin Feng .

He wanted to show off too . Indeed, the audience was deeply astonished judging by their expressions .

Unexpectedly, Qin Feng was able to withstand such a horrific skill .

“Try this!” Han Jun concentrated his conscious power . In the next moment, a translucent mini cyclone appeared on his palm .

“Go!” A Gale Dragon howled and charged at Qin Feng .

The dragon traveled through the air rapidly, carrying a vicious force . Those D-tiers and below cried out in bewilderment .

‘Can he stop it this time?’

Qin Feng was unmoved . His expression remained bizarrely calm .

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The next instant, the Gale Dragon impacted hard on Qin Feng’s shield . However, the expected fly out did not happen . Qin Feng stood steadily on the spot while the wind-type ability once again dissipated .

“How is this possible?” Han Jun bawled . He had enormous confidence in his own skill . ‘How could his shield remain intact after two successive attacks?’

‘He must be faking it to play mind games with me . I cannot be swayed . He won’t last through my subsequent attacks!’ Though Han Jun was an arrogant teenager, he did receive proper battle teaching from young from no less than a hundred masters . Through them, he had learned to stay calm no matter what happened in a battle, and thus he was able to regain his composure .

Despite having both of his abilities failing to put down Qin Feng, he was enraged but remained poised .



‘Take this!’

Han Jun released one after another powerful skill . The weaker audience could hardly keep up .

Nevertheless, no matter how hard he tried, nothing he did worked . Qin Feng did not move an inch and his internal force shield remained unscathed .

Han Jun started to panic .

The audience was no longer exclaiming every time Han Jun unleashed an attack either .

Han Jun was Han Mou’s son . But such a powerful prodigy was unable to lay a mark on his opponent’s internal force shield .

There was only one explanation . That guy was on an entirely different level .

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At the same time, the manager of the arena was extremely nervous too .

‘This… What should I do now?”

The manager was still feeling sorry a moment ago . Now, all that was left was terror .

There was no need to feel sorry for him at all . Han Jun was never going to touch him at this rate, left alone kill him!

This was when another uproar broke out from the crowd .

It was not directed to the match but to the seat on the highest grandstand . It was built on the other side of the arena designed specifically to house the VVIPs, including the higher ranking officers in Beihua or the rulers of the northern nations under Human Alliances .

If Guang Wei were still alive, then he would no doubt be sitting there now too .

There were only several men up there before with their subordinates sitting on the second row . But a person was seen sitting on the middle spot now .

“Regent Shang!”

“Good to see you here, Regent Shang!”

“It’s the regent . She is here!”

All the aptitude users in the arena were excited to see Shang Han .

Despite the distance, the aptitude users could still make out the serious stance of Shang Han and the A-tier badge on her chest . They were deeply enthused .

Nobody dared to probe her using conscious energy . They watched her admirably .

Shang Han could feel the passionate sights and raised her hand to acknowledge the crowd .

Beside Shang Han stood a B-tier aptitude user named Tian Yi . He was a general who was newly promoted to replace Guang Wei .

“How are the prodigies this year? I heard that Han Mou’s son is here again this year?” Shang Han spoke softly .

Han Jun was nineteen this year . He was at E7-tier in last year’s tournament, which was considered excellent for his age . Yet, it was not enough for him to be selected to go to Dragon Capital .

It was different this year . He had a high chance after attaining D-tier .

Tian Yi replied with reservation, “He did . In fact, he is competing at arena three now . ”

“Oh? I wonder how he has improved in this past year?”

Shang Han turned to the third arena and saw Han Jun’s threatening attacks .

“He has indeed reached D-tier . At least he didn’t waste his talent for nothing . ” Shang Han nodded calmly .

But she immediately frowned puzzlingly . Though Han Jun seemed to be on the upper hand, his breathing was shallow and disoriented . That showed that he was panicking . Besides, his trembling body also indicated that he had overused his abilities .

‘What is happening?’ Shang Han was a little baffled . ‘Who is his opponent?’

The opponent must be quite strong if he was able to push Han Jun to this state . Her sight fell on the other figure on the court .