Master of the End Times - Chapter 512

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Chapter 512: Far Woodland Rift

Chapter 512: Far Woodland Rift

“Don’t worry, I will be here, and I will not let you feel aggrieved . ”

“Well, I do believe that you won’t!” Bai Li laughed and answered .

“Even if you were to suffer any unjust treatment and if we can’t fight against it, can’t we just run away? The sky is the only limit, is there anywhere that we can’t be?” Qin Feng pinched Bai Li’s nose .

“That’s right!” Bai Li brightened up and her eyes sparkled, to her, she was still at a young age, and she had only been here for a year!

From her inherited memories, Bai Li felt that space beasts were just travelers, however, she was willing to sacrifice herself for Qin Feng and stay on this Earth that was of a weaker existence .

She was also prepared to leave if she had to, and she would bring Qin Feng to roam the other regions and explore and experience the endless number of extra dimensional regions .

Nobody could stop her!

“Beep beep!”

The hover car in front glimmered and began to move forward, Qin Feng tweaked the settings to follow along . As there were others to clear the path, the cars were able to move at high speed and arrive outside .

Then, everyone exited from their cars and switched into a combat hover copter .

“I suppose you are Miss Bai Li? My pleasure to meet you!” Shang Han looked toward Bai Li, and she was instantly shocked .

Despite having already browsed Bai Li’s details that were sent to her office desk, Shang Han still thought that Bai Li was too gorgeous and perfect .

She was young, beautiful, well-mannered, and there were no flaws at all .

“Nice to meet you, Regent Shang!”

Both of them shook hands .

Shang Han nodded while feeling slightly unsettled, however, she ignored her feelings . It was almost like an automatic reaction; she did not want to look at Bai Li any longer, the longer she looked, the more inferior and ashamed she would feel!

“Let’s get into the hover copter . To get to the Far Woodland, it will be a two hours ride!”


Besides Qin Feng and Bai Li, there were also four other B-tier aptitude users that went along, and one of them was a B-tier gunner-cum-pilot .

Yuan Hao escorted Shang Han right beyond the exit of the city and returned, with his capabilities, he was still unable to go into the Far Woodland .

The hover copter travelled in the sky for two hours, it had then arrived at the border of the Far Woodland, and as soon as the hover copter entered into the area, it was immediately targeted by several gigantic flying ultra beasts that rushed toward its direction .

“Poof poof poof!”

Light rays instantly exploded and annihilated the flying ultra beasts .

The B-tier gunner was insanely violent with his attacks!

Soon, they flew past the outer region of the Far Woodland and entered into the inner part, there was a giant rift that had appeared on a skyscraping mountain .

It was like the rift had hollowed the giant mountain; however, it was not a spatial rift but more like a giant hole that could devour every creature and might even churn out horrifying creatures from it .

Shang Han began to explain the situation as Qin Feng might not be aware of what was happening .

“This rift is actually a spatial rift that was formed within the giant mountain, since its formation, it was already this huge, it is hundreds of meters in height and approximately three hundred meters in width, extremely horrifying!”

Shang Han pointed forward and continued, “The space is located at an extremely fragile spot, and even the installation of the space stabilizing device was unable to prevent the annual explosion of the spatial rift, the magnitude of explosion varies in its level, and of course, not every explosion would lead to massive burst of beast waves, there might even be no creatures at all!”

However, the probability of that happening was rather low .

As Shang Han was explaining, two Vajra Apes appeared from the inner rift of the giant cave of the mountain!

They were gigantic B-tier beasts that were more than twenty meters in height, and they were about the height of buildings with six floors .


Dong dong!

Every step of the beasts caused intense quakes to the surroundings and scared every small-sized ultra beasts around the Far Woodland, and they were all shocked as they scurried away .

Shang Han noticed how bad the situation was .

Surprisingly, the beast wave had yet to explode and there was already the appearance of two B-tiers, it seemed to have indicated that the upcoming wave would be extremely dangerous .

“Bai Li, is there anything that you can sense?” Qin Feng asked Bai Li from his conscious energy .

“Hmm, the inner space of the mountain has been fully devoured, there is a rift that stretches to about hundreds of meters within the mountain, and it is connected to this giant cave!”

Bai Li had fully captured the spatial surroundings .

Meanwhile, Shang Han had instructed the hover copter to prepare for landing!

It was a safe landing on a flat surface, all seven of them began to walk into the giant mountain .

When viewed from afar, the rift was like a scenery, and as soon as they got closer to it, the more they realized how tiny they were .

Dong dong!

The thunderous footsteps began to close in on them, it was the two Vajra Apes!

“The beast wave has yet to begin, however, if we were to allow these two B-tier ultra beasts to roam around the Far Woodland, they might still cause trouble and alarm the other ultra beasts, let’s kill them!” Shang Han ordered .

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“Yes, Regent!”

Everyone nodded in agreement as they began to take their position and followed behind Shang Han .

Shang Han took the lead, soon, they had come before the Vajra Apes, to the apes, Shang Han was even smaller than the size of their thumbs!

However, Shang Han was a qualified A-tier ancient warrior .

She had much stronger capabilities than the ultra beasts .

The next moment, Shang Han was already holding a sword in her hand!

“Everyone, be careful!”

All of a sudden, Shang Han’s figure had disappeared .

Qin Feng was alerted and immediately shifted his vision toward the ankle of the ape, a glowing sword that was overwhelmed with internal strength had exploded into attack .

Poof poof!

The glowing sword had instantly slit opened the muscles of its opponent, and the cut was deep enough to expose the bones as fresh blood gushed out like spring water .

“Ah ah ah!” The Vajra Ape let out a deafening howl as it was in great pain and its body tumbled onto the ground!

The fall of its giant body had allowed the others to take advantage of that and follow up with their attacks .


“Wood Tangle!”

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Massive ability instantly exploded from an ability user, tens of giant trees shot up rapidly while the stems swirled into vines that entangled around the body of the apes .

Shang Han’s shadow disappeared again, and all of a sudden, she was already at the neck of the Vajra Ape .


Shang Han had landed another slash on the ape .

“Roar!!!” The Vajra Ape was startled and shocked, its fierce struggle brought down the trees around it; Shang Han had failed to land a deadly attack to take down the ape .

The Vajra Ape was agitated as it wanted to free itself from the entanglement, it slammed its palm onto the ground and formed a pit that was about the size of an adult .

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The aptitude users swiftly dodged the slam and began to follow up with their attacks and assaults!

Of course, Shang Han was still taking the lead with her attacks .

Qin Feng analyzed the scene and began to take action .

“Dark ray!” A ray of dark light was channeled and instantly landed a deadly hit onto the Vajra Ape, it began to struggle less and became powerless .

Qin Feng drew out his Verdant Emperor Saber .

A ray of fuchsia light shot out and penetrated tens of meters before it pierced onto the skull of the Vajra Ape .

The Vajra Ape who was no longer struggling glared furiously at Qin Feng without noticing that its skull had already been penetrated!

It was fortunate enough to have the others to pin down the target, or else, it would still be difficult for Qin Feng to take the beast down within such a short time!

“Aow aow aow…” Meanwhile, the other Vajra Ape who was standing hundreds of meters away was alerted by the fight, and it immediately went berserk and rushed toward the fight scene, the earth quaked and everyone could not even stand still on the ground .

The ape was consumed by its anger as it clearly wanted to tear down everyone at the scene .