Master of the End Times - Chapter 513

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Chapter 513: Into The Rift

Chapter 513: Into The Rift

Qin Feng released his ability for another round of attack .

The dead Vajra Ape was shrouded by a dark ability that had turned the corpse grey in colour, it was no longer as lively as it was before!


All of a sudden, the dead Vajra Ape opened its eyes that were filled with dark light and crawled up .

Qin Feng took a leap and jumped onto the shoulder of the ape .


Despite the ape having risen from the dead, the other ape who was before him knew clearly that it was a dead body, showing that they were not low-intelligence beasts!

Amidst the growling, both Vajra Apes rammed into each other .

Shang Han and the others did not expect such a scene to occur at all, and they had no choice but to take a few steps back to avoid being accidentally wounded by the fight between two of the gigantic creatures .

Qin Feng controlled the Vajra Ape to lock the arm of its opponent with its massive strength, and decayed flesh began to fall off from the corpse .

Although summoning dead creatures would ensure that they were unafraid of death, one of the disadvantages was its incapability to sustain fights with its decayed flesh and skin, and the only indestructible part of the dead body was its solid bone structure .

However, it would already suffice to serve its purpose!

Qin Feng stood on the shoulder of the Vajra Ape while the opposing ape was only tens of meters ahead .

“Dark ray!”

A ray of light instantly lasered onto the body of the opposing Vajra Ape .

The ray was at least a meter in thickness, and upon landing onto the body of the target, it immediately formed into a dark shield that shrouded around the target’s body . The dark light was also embedded with an energy reducing ability that would drain the target’s energy, the target would then be defeated by attacks from the dauntless dead puppet controlled by Qin Feng .

Qin Feng’s saber immediately exploded with glittering lights .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

There were no horrifying battle skills anymore, instead, Qin Feng’s saber flickered and penetrated into the chest of the Vajra Ape .

A blinding fuchsia light flashed with its extremely horrifying temperature .

A charred smell lingered around the surroundings, which was then followed by a pleasant barbeque smell .


The Vajra Ape let out a miserable shriek as it was shocked by its overpowering opponent .

Most importantly, it had wounded itself .

The Vajra Ape immediately got the shock of its life and immediately let go of the arm of the dead puppet, and it was about to flee .

It was at that moment, the other aptitude users responded, there was another strike from the wood ability user .

“Vine Garrotte!”

All of a sudden, a vine that was a meter in thickness and more than a hundred meters in length had risen up to the sky and was tangled around the body of the Vajra Ape .

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The Vajra Ape roared instantly and the vine was immediately broken .

Qin Feng took advantage of the short period of delay and controlled the puppet corpse to rush forward again and forced its body onto the target .

Qin Feng raised his hand as a ray of terrorizing fire appeared .

“Fire Dragon Style!”


The Fire Dragon howled and slammed its attack onto the chest of the Vajra Ape .

The same burnt spot had instantly turned pitch-black, while the Fire Dragon penetrated into the opening, and even its tail had disappeared along with it .

Upon the disappearance of the Fire Dragon, the Vajra Ape stood frozen still with a giant hole on its chest that was about a meter in diameter, the deep wound had exposed its charred flesh and bones from the inside, and even its heart had disappeared!

The Vajra Ape was also dead!

The surrounding was silenced, and only the sound of broken boughs and noises of escaping ultra beasts were heard . However, to the aptitude users, the battle had already come to an end .

Qin Feng raised his hand again, while dark ability shrouded the dead Vajra Ape and its body began to go through the same decaying process and transformed into a corpse puppet .

“Although both of the Vajra Apes are B-tiers, however, they were only ordinary B-tiers that would not have any valuable materials, let me just turn them into puppets and follow us into the cave, it would be more secure for us!”

Qin Feng explained to the others .

However, who would actually?

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Those were only B-tier ultra beast materials, at most, they would only be worth about twenty million .

However, it would definitely make someone’s blood run cold to have reinforcement from a B-tier ultra beast!

Among the B-tier aptitude users in the crowd, there was only one of them that had gone to the Northern Abyss and knew about Qin Feng battle results . However, none of them had witnessed Qin Feng in actual battle before, now, they had all seen it for themselves!

“Both of these ultra beasts were solely killed by you, you can do whatever you want, furthermore, the exploration would definitely be safer if we have two of these ultra beast puppets!” Shang Han was also delighted .

Afterall, the human body was too fragile and small!

As soon as Shang Han expressed her views, the other aptitude users also responded in kind .

“It is such a pleasure to meet with you, Governor Qin, not only are you an aptitude user, surprisingly, you are also an ancient warrior!”

“That’s right, Governor Qin, you are a dual aptitude user, this is so rare and unexpected!”

“A young hero indeed!”

Those were the aptitude users that would only uphold their superior status when they were around low rank aptitude users .

Although Qin Feng was still a rank lower than all of them, his combat energy was indeed overwhelmingly terrifying!

Everyone was impressed by Qin Feng .

Of course, they felt much more assured and relaxed now .

It was because they were accompanied by a powerful companion .

“That’s enough, let’s go!” Shang Han ordered the others to not continue with their compliments toward Qin Feng and begin to enter into the cave .

Everyone was to step onto the shoulder of the corpse puppet, Qin Feng stood together with Bai Li and Shang Han also stood on the left shoulder of the puppet, while there were another two people on the other puppet .

Despite the massive body size of the puppet ape, it was still moving fast enough to reduce everyone’s travel time, and at the same time, they were also able to reserve their internal and physical strength .

Soon, everyone had arrived inside a pitch-black cave .

For Qin Feng, the environment was still the same as it was outside . Certainly, Bai Li and the other five people also had no problems with such an environment as they were all B-tier and A-tier aptitude users that had already consumed spirit herbs that would allow them to see in the dark .

All seven of them were not equipped with any equipment to light up the surroundings, right after they had entered into the cave, they had also slowed down their breathings to prevent drawing any attention from ultra beasts in the surroundings .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng began to analyze the environment of the surroundings .

The surface of the wall was silky smooth, it was like a flat tofu being excavated at one go, and there were no signs of repeated fabrication at all; Qin Feng knew that it was formed by the instant opening of the spatial rift, where the rocks and soil within the cave had been completely devoured .

At that moment, the compact soil layer had no signs of possibly collapsing except for some stone fragments that would fall whenever gigantic creatures passed by .

There were also aggregates that were scattered around the uneven concave-shaped ground .

However, apart from the first entrance, the inner part of the cave was in an irregular shape and it had even been divided into three major rifts that were extended into deeper parts of the cave .

The B-tier gunner analyzed a scanning device and explained, “Both of the Vajra Apes were from the rift in the middle!”

“Let’s take a look!” Shang Han urged .

Qin Feng remained silent and coordinated the Vajra Apes to move in .

It was at that moment when noises of apparent gulping were heard from the surroundings .