Master of the End Times - Chapter 514

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Chapter 514: 514

Chapter 514: Shang Han’s Regret

“It is the Lycanthrope!” Shang Han was stunned as she said in a deep voice .

During every resistance against the annual beast wave, they were able to identify every ultra beasts that had appeared .

Qin Feng had also heard the noise, a bunch of spooky creatures had appeared from the dark, they were a combination of human and devil .

They had the lower body part of a Lycan and upper body part of a human, their eyes were blood-red in color, while every one of them were about two and a half meters in height .

Most importantly, every Lycanthrope had the capability of a C-tier!

Meaning to say, they were comparable with the Grans .

Of course, the Lycanthrope had a lower wisdom level and would easily go wild in excessive killings, therefore, they could be easily lured and killed by heat weapons .

However, the most terrifying feature of the Lycanthrope was their reproductive ability .

A pregnant Lycanthrope was able to give birth to a pack of small Lycanthropes every three months, and it would only require half a year for the small Lycanthrope to become warriors; with sufficient amount of food supplied, the tribe would easily expand at an insanely fast pace .

For humans, it would take at least sixteen years to cultivate a warrior .

“Kill!” Shang Han ordered them to kill without any doubts .

Everyone did not hesitate and jumped down from the body of the Vajra Ape to call down a slaughter onto the Lycanthropes .

Certainly, all of the B-tier aptitude users had to be highly capable to join Shang Han in such an exploration!

“Let me take the lead!” Qin Feng controlled the Vajra Ape to storm the front and tanked against the Lycanthropes, therefore, the B-tiers would only need to take care of those opponents that were missed out .

The gigantic Vajra Ape landed a massive punch onto the chest of a Lycanthrope, and it was instantly crushed dead .


The Lycanthrope let out its last breath and all of its reddish complexion and natural glow faded from its body; Qin Feng was able to clearly sense a combination of conscious energy and internal force energy that had merged into his body .

“Does this Lycanthrope give conscious energy?” Qin Feng was astonished by the ability of the ultra beast that was able to provide him with conscious energy, indeed, it was rare to encounter such an ultra beast .

“In this case, let’s kill them all!”

Qin Feng had to get close enough to be able to absorb the energy, hence, it was best for him to take down all of them quickly .

Qin Feng jumped down from the Vajra Ape with his Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand .

The saber was swung and it was slashed onto a Lycanthrope .


The Lycanthrope raged with a roar as it extended its claws and tried to grab onto Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber .

Although it had toughened claws, it was unaware of Qin Feng’s saber that was razor sharp and indestructible .


Qin Feng landed the slash without any hesitation and secured the kill .

Qin Feng was moving at an extremely high speed, when he had already completed his fifth attack, only then did the first Lycanthrope begin to fall onto the ground with its body slashed into half!

The kills were swiftly done by Qin Feng, and the raging roars from the Lycanthropes were constantly heard .

They had just come out from the rift and it was definitely an out of the blue disaster for them to face such an attack and be hunted down mercilessly .

“Roar!!!” The Lycanthropes roared .

“Roar roar roar roar roar!”

The roars were constantly heard!

Shang Han seemed to be troubled by the situation, while the other four B-tier aptitude users remained alert to the attacks from the surroundings .

The beginning part of the rift was already packed with such dangerous beasts, and what would the situation be like in the deeper parts of the rift?

Soon, the B-tier aptitude users began to feel something unusual .

“What is happening? How could he still stay calm and unpressured when facing such an enormous number of Lycanthropes?!”

“Something is not right!”

“Is it because of the two Vajra Apes that he has?”

Despite the doubts, the B-tiers would rather have such a situation where they could just easily handle the opponents one by one .

It was extremely crucial to remain focused during battles, hence, the B-tiers were certainly unable to witness Qin Feng’s merciless massacre at the frontline .

Before arriving at Beihua, Qin Feng had already fought the Grans during the Longchuan battle, and before his rebirth, he had already encountered countless numbers of battles that had equipped him with seasoned experience to tackle all sorts of ultra beasts . Hence, the regular-sized Lycanthropes were not much of a threat to him .

Every slash was equivalent to a swift kill!

The fishy smell of blood flooded the entire area .

The Lycanthropes began to experience transformation where their eyes turned blood-red color, fur began to shoot up, and their capabilities were doubled .

Qin Feng remained unbothered by the transformation, and as he sensed the growing numbers of the Lycanthropes, he swirled his Verdant Emperor Saber around, his battle skills exploding!

“Burning Sword Glare!”

All of a sudden, tens of Lycanthropes were impaled by a stretch of flame that had extended more than ten meters in length, engulfing flames slit across them and instantly killed all of them .

“Dragon Steps!”

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Qin Feng had chosen to slaughter his way into the pack of Lycanthropes with his tormenting blade .

All of the Lycanthropes had certainly seen Qin Feng who was butchering all of them, they began to rush toward him with their sharpened claws .


An ear-piercing noise echoed in the surroundings, while Qin Feng’s internal strength shield vibrated for a short moment and returned to its stable state .

Despite being ambushed by five Lycanthropes, Qin Feng had not suffered any harm from the simultaneous attacks at all .


Qin Feng spun his body while his blade circled around him, instantly killing every Lycanthrope that was around him!

The Lycanthropes were like meek little sheep and Qin Feng was like the wolf that was after the herd of sheep .

Within a short moment, Qin Feng had taken down every Lycanthrope that was in the deeper parts of the rift, meanwhile, the actions of the Vajra Apes had also stopped .

On average, each B-tier had secured four to five kills for themselves, and they thought that if they could keep the pace they would be able to annihilate the entire tribe soon .

As soon as the last Lycanthrope was killed, howling was no longer heard in the surroundings .

Then, a pool of crimson flame rose up before the gigantic Vajra Ape .

The massive engulfing flames had consumed everything in the surroundings, and finally what was left was a core that was about the size of a cobblestone . It orbited and fell into someone’s possession, and it was no other than Qin Feng .

All of the humanlike creatures would have their own cores, however, most of them only had the energy level of a C-tier beast soldier; at most, each of them would only cost five million, and four hundred of them would only cost two billion .

However, due to Qin Feng’s excessive spatial rune equipment space, it would be better to just keep them and let Xue Xinfu take care of them!

The growth in trade amount would not only bring massive profits, it would also build up credibility and reputation .

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However, every B-tier was shocked dumb by Qin Feng’s action .

“Governor Qin, have you killed all of the Lycanthropes? One of the aptitude users asked .

Qin Feng answered, “All of them are dead!”

Flames perished and darkness reclaimed the surroundings, however, everyone was able to see clearly that there were only ashes left on the ground, nothing else .

All of a sudden, everyone was stunned and silenced!

Shang Han took a few steps forward, and she could hardly identify the numbers of Lycanthropes that were there .

“This mission also offers accumulated scores reward, and it would be the same as hunting in the Northern Abyss, due to the high risk associated, the scores will also be doubled! How many kills have you obtained?”

Qin Feng answered, “There are four hundred and thirty-five cores!”

Shang Han paused for a moment and continued, “Great!”

No wonder it was such an easy exploration, it was not because of the retreat of the Lycanthropes, but because they were all killed by Qin Feng!

It was done within such a short amount of time, and they did not even realize it!

The other B-tiers were shocked and in disbelief .

While Shang Han was the only one that had immediately regretted her decision .

“Shouldn’t have said that, anyways, this would be a big price to pay!”

“Let’s continue!” Shang Han had no choice but to clench her teeth and fulfill her promise, and she could only expedite the progress of the exploration in hopes that there would not be any overpowered ultra beasts anymore!