Master of the End Times - Chapter 517

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Chapter 517: Unexpected Beastly Feast

Chapter 517: Unexpected Beastly Feast

Regardless, they were able to get some unexpected benefits from this expedition . At the very least, they were able to secure some snacks for Bai Li!

Qin Feng suggested that the crew head back to avoid unexpected complications . The others agreed too—they understood that Bai Li did not seem to think too highly of them .

Even though they felt disgraced, there was nothing they could do other than acknowledge it . It was true, after all, that Qin Feng was so much more powerful than them!

After they had gone back via the hover copter, the clock had already struck 6 o’clock in the evening . The final round of the Prodigy Tournament was now probably over too .

Qin Feng was quite surprised to learn that the champion was Li Wangshen from Chongyuan state . Jin Fei, on the other hand, was able to defeat Du Wa and got himself second place .

Zhou Hao was doing quite well himself too—seizing himself the sixth place in the ranking .

Nonetheless, the result was still quite a shocker to most . There were at least two E6 combatants from Hanchuan state, and yet they were all kicked out of the rings .

It would seem that luck was also part of the equation in winning in the tournament .

Qin Feng had given Jin Fei and Zhou Hao a lot of resources . If both of them trained day and night after this, it was a matter of time before they ascended to D-tiers .

“Now that we’ve solved Bai Li’s nutritional needs, let’s have a look at what else I can redeem with my points!”

Qin Feng took a good glance at the menu . Beihua was a city that had been established for nearly 200 years, so it had quite a lot to offer .

Even though there were a lot of people redeeming items constantly, their warehouse would still have enough to restock everything .

Their resources were seemingly endless as a result of accumulating them up consistently in the last 200 years .

After giving it a good scan, Qin Feng could not find anything better than the Armor of Vajrayana that he got on him . There were still a few great weapons and armors but they did seem to be suitable for him .

As for those C-tier and B-tier Rune Equipment that were made from ultra beast materials, Qin Feng could just craft them himself .

“I’ll look at the abilities that they are selling then!”

This was probably the only thing Qin Feng needed on the menu now .

“Oh, they have Fire Wall!” Qin Feng’s eyes lit up with joy .

Fire Wall was a defensive skill that would form a barrier of fire around the user . The user could manipulate the fire that was lit around from within the barrier to his liking . Other than that, the more runes one had, the wider the barrier could extend .

This was a really powerful Fire-type ability . If the user was a Fire-type ability user, he could even turn himself into a humanoid of fire .

As for the user’s foes, they would be completely under his mercy within the Fire Wall .

Qin Feng could still remember that he died in an ultra beast’s Electric Wall before he was reborn .

“I wonder if this Fire Wall could fight against that ultra beast’s Electric Wall!”

Qin Feng took a quick glimpse at the points needed to redeem the ability—it cost 80,000 points . However, Qin Feng smirked as he looked at his own points .

According to the rate in Beihua City, a B-tier ultra beast would net him 50 points, beast soldier 500 points, beast general 5000 points, and beast king 50,000 points . Besides, Shang Han agreed to a double-rate boost before venturing into Far Woodland .

So now, even though Qin Feng had only 40,000 points with him, Bai Li had over 100,000 points herself!

Shang Han did not dare to take away Bai Li’s points earlier since she needed her help in stabilizing the rift .

As such, Qin Feng summoned Bai Li over to redeem the Fire Wall ability .

Then, Qin Feng took a look at the Dark-type abilities… and regretfully, there was no Dark Wall on the list .

Still, this was expected . Dark-type ability was rare . It was quite difficult to find a Dark-type or Light-type ability user in the world after all .

Seeing that there was nothing that interested him anymore, Qin Feng decided to stop redeeming items and asked Bai Li to take out the Pyric Wyvern’s crystal core while waiting for the items to be delivered to him .

This crystal core was huge, about a meter wide . And there was a powerful energy swirling fiercely inside the core .


Qin Feng activated his ability and absorbed the crystal core into his consciousness . The power of the Pyric Wyvern instantly flooded into him, strengthening his conscious powers .


In less than a second, Qin Feng’s conscious energy was boosted to a new height—he had ascended to C1-tier .

However, that was not all!

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He ascended several times in one go! His ascension speed was so phenomenal!

Not only that, he could make a large number of fire runes flood into his Diamond Starglobe .

Now, there was a huge fiery dragon on the surface of the globe . This was not the dragon Qin Feng knew from the oriental culture—this dragon was more like the wyvern from the western culture .

And it was very gigantic too!

He had acquired a new ability . This ability was about the same as the Fire Dragon Style; but this one had a powerful Fire Wyvern Breath that could cover an extremely wide area in hellish fire . This skill would be perfect for pinning down enemies from a high ground .

Knock Knock Knock!

Someone was knocking on the door .

Bai Li quickly went ahead and opened the door to receive the item .

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It was a ten-meter long fire-type beast skin .

“Huh, it’s huge!”

Qin Feng was surprised to see the ability . He did not study much about abilities before he was reborn . However, he knew that it was not easy to learn an ability .

“Luckily, I have my Absorption Ability!”

Thus, he activated the ability again .


The fire runes on the beast skin started to be absorbed into Qin Feng’s Diamond Starglobe . The Fire runes started to form a massive diagram that emitted fiery energy .

This ability was quite difficult to master . An ability user could learn when he was at C-tier but it was so difficult to master that even a B-tier would find it hard to use it properly .

As Qin Feng was learning and training his new ability, there was a massive change behind the Far Woodland rift .

The Pyric Wyvern’s head was cut down as soon as it poked its head out to the other side . From the size of the giant head, it was not hard for one to imagine just how gigantic its body was—it was probably as huge as a mountain!

The blood that was spilling everywhere from its now cleanly cut neck had a lot of benefits not only for humans but also to ultra beasts .

Thus, right now there was a huge crowd of monsters surrounding the Pyric Wyvern’s corpse—they were all trying to get a bite of the beast king’s flesh .

After gulping the wyvern’s meat down, the ultra beasts began to mutate and they became stronger!

As the smell of blood fumed in the air, a herd of powerful Bloodfrenzy Bulls rushed over to the wyvern’s corpse .