Master of the End Times - Chapter 518

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Chapter 518: Crisis At The Border

Chapter 518: Crisis At The Border

These Bloodfrenzy Bulls had incredible strength and traveled in herds . They quickly drove away lower level ultra beasts that wandered nearby, wanting to enjoy the food for themselves .

But soon, a pride of C3-tier Luminous Lions stepped onto the scene . These lions stood on top of the food chain, and even the Bloodfrenzy Bulls were considered as their prey .

As such, the bulls could only abandon their meal and scatter!

A C-tier Bloodfrenzy Bull king took the lead and charged right into the spatial rift while the others stampeded behind it to follow suit .

The lions ignored the delicious looking bulls and tore into the Pyric Wyvern .

Then, a venture of large flaming birds appeared to drive the lions away .

Most of these ultra beasts had passed through the spatial rift in the Far Woodland .

On Earth, the cracks deep underground were getting overwhelmed and started to get bigger and bigger .

The rift was unstable, as more and more ultra beasts rushed through it started to grow in size .

Eventually, larger ultra beasts began to pull themselves out of the rift .

These ultra beasts came in all manner of freakish forms that went against comprehensible geometry but they were incredibly powerful . As they entered Earth, the rift was split open even further in their wake .

The weakest among these ultra beasts were C2 tier and even more powerful ultra beasts continued to pour from the rift .

A beast wave had unexpectedly broken out while everyone was underprepared!

The Far Woodland rift was like a large mouth that could not stop vomiting, the ultra beast numbers continued to rise as they spread out in all directions .

The powerful ultra beasts drove away the weaker ones before extending outward . Now, they had come to this strange world not necessarily to seek its destruction but to find food .

When there were not enough things for them to hunt down, they would naturally start viewing humanity as a snack as well .

While Qin Feng had been sleeping soundly, a shrill alarm started to sound at 4 o’clock in the morning and spread throughout the city .

“Beep beep! Attention all aptitude users . A beast wave has occurred in the Far Woodland . Please go there immediately!”

Qin Feng was startled and immediately got out of bed . Bai Li did the same, waking up as well .

Bai Li had gotten used to this kind of atmosphere due to her familiarity with the human lifestyle, even though these kinds of threats did not truly worry her!

“Let’s go!”

Qin Feng quickly pulled on his combat uniform while Bai Li slipped into an easy-to-wear dress and jumped out of the window along with Qin Feng .

The two of them instantly landed on the roof of the building next to the hotel .

“Beep beep! The air ban has been lifted . Requesting all hover copter owners to arrive as soon as possible!”

Qin Feng opened up a space and pulled out the Sky Dweller .

At this time, Beihua City was still bustling despite the early morning!

Beihua City was huge and the aptitude users in it were also the pinnacle of the Northern Territory . It was not a safe place, but it was able to be established thanks to the protection of these aptitude users .

They were all heroes, brave warriors in their own right .

One by one, they quickly mobilized and hopped onto rooftops .

However, not all of them had hover copters .

It was not because they were not rich enough, but it was because they did not have a large enough spatial rune equipment to keep one in .

Of course, for a B-tier aptitude user . Something like this was a necessity .

Chuf chuf!

A hovercopter flew up into the air and opened its cabin doors before dropping down a ladder .

The hover copter flew at a very low altitude and by the time the ladder was less than ten meters away from the rooftop, a bunch of aptitude users had already bounced forward to scale up into the hover copter .

This way the hover copter could carry as many passengers as it could while staying in flight before flying away .

Qin Feng pushed a button and the Sky Dweller flew into the sky .

“Bai Li, lower the ladder!”

“On it!”

Bai Li looked at the other buttons in the hover copter’s cockpit and managed to understand the critical situation, pressing the button that lowered the ladder without a moment’s hesitation .

Soon, there were aptitude users scaling the ladder .

Beihua City’s sky was filled with hundreds of hover copters!

Counting the amount of people they carried, one trip to the Far Woodlands would have them drop off up to a thousand people .

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Qin Feng’s Sky Dweller very quickly accumulated up to twenty people, but they naturally did not have any place to sit in . Bai Li sat in the co-pilot seat while the others were in the cabin . Some people onboard came over to thank Qin Feng for the journey but were surprised to learn that he was a C-tier aptitude user .

However, their more pressing issue was the beast wave outbreak .

“Any news from the front?”

“Got it right here . Ten minutes ago there was a beast wave sighting, but it was thought to be only about a hundred or so at first and nothing worth worrying about . It started to increase again after the first one was wiped out by artillery fire . The garrison there felt that something was wrong and asked for reinforcements!”

“Increase? By how much? Don’t tell me this is going to be a waste of time!”

These kinds of things were not uncommon, since the battlefield was constantly changing .

“That news was ten minutes ago! Now the garrison reports up to a number around two thousand something! Surveillance drones have been sent out and whole herds of them! Who knows if they would rush over!”

“Whoa! Looks like the Far Woodland beast wave is fiercer today!”

“Get ready!”

Everyone had a grim look on their faces as they checked the surveillance footage that the drones had uploaded and began to analyze what they were seeing .

“Bulls? I’ve fought them before, aim for their stomachs and their sides!”

“Luminous Lions, a kind of lion-like ultra beast that can emit a strong dazzling light which can disorient your vision and move very fast! Best we bring some protective eyewear . No… best we avoid confrontation entirely!”

“Spirit Stalkers, best you stay away if you have a weak consciousness!”

“Fire Rocs, flying ultra beasts have appeared!”

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This analysis was absolutely necessary . They were facing C-tier ultra beasts and these aptitude users were only C-tier .

They had no chance in a solo confrontation with even one of those beasts .

It was best to fight the ones they were good at and avoid any weaknesses, or they would be as good as dead!

Qin Feng stayed quiet . These ultra beasts were no match for him at all .

But with the appearance of the Fire Rocs, the drones had nowhere to hide . As self proclaimed lords of the sky, flying things naturally drew their attention and would be destroyed .

The Sky Dweller was given modifications such as an aircraft power source and technology from the Floating City After leaving Beihua City, Qin Feng kept on accelerating .

“Yo bro, this is a kickass hover copter! Is it modified?” A gunner onboard noticed his surroundings and felt like he had to ask .

“Mhmm!” Qin Feng only nodded, he did not speak due to the fact that he was piloting .


Another hover copter was left behind by Qin Feng .

As they passed by, the aptitude user passengers could see the faces of the other pilots in the other hover copters from behind their reinforced glass windows .

One hover copter suddenly accelerated, as if trying to race Qin Feng .

However the gap between the two hover copters was just too big .

Qin Feng passed hover copter after hover copter, showing no signs of slowing down .

The passengers in his hover copter secretly had a refreshed feeling in their hearts . It was kind of entertaining to watch the faces of the other pilots who ate their dust, frustrated at the fact that they could not catch up .