Master of the End Times - Chapter 519

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Chapter 519: The Dazzling Sky Dweller

Chapter 519: The Dazzling Sky Dweller

Swish! Swish! Swish!

One by one, the hover copters were all left behind by Qin Feng .

“Sheesh, where did this second-rate machine come from? Going at that speed is suicide!”

“How dare he overtake me? Is my title of ‘Rocket King’ for nothing?”

“Oi! The nerve! What? You think your machine’s better than mine?”

Many of the overtaken aptitude users were actually gunners, who immediately refused to accept this defeat and began to accelerate .

But they would only end up eating Qin Feng’s dust whenever they tried .

Within a moment, Qin Feng became the leader of a line of hover copters .

Not everyone in the Sky Dweller’s cabin was enjoying the outside view . One of them suddenly said, “This is the Sky Dweller, I’ve used one before . It’s fast but light and can’t carry any missiles but how is this one so fast?”

“It’s probably modified!”

“It’s pretty cool, I mean if this machine’s used in actual combat then it should be able to quickly make an escape!”

“We should ask how this thing was made when we get back!”

Everyone’s previously grim looks began to relax a little .

With Qin Feng’s acceleration, they ended up reaching the border in about 15 minutes instead of the usual 40 minutes!

The others naturally sped up to try and catch up but the hover copter was fast and the best they could do was maintain visuals on the tail end of the Sky Dweller .


The air was abruptly filled with bird song .

Everyone’s expressions fell .

“Ultra beasts!”

The consciousness and perceptions of everyone onboard quickly spread out and soon found the target .

It was flitting about in the air ahead, below it was the Far Woodland’s border wall!

All they could see in the distance was a moving black blur . When internal force or consciousness was used in their attempts, they could see that the beast wave was on the move and was attacking the walls .

The flying ultra beasts would also swoop down from the sky at any moment, one managing to scoop up a border guard from Beihua City during its diving attack!


A despair-filled wail rose in the air .

The border guard was then quickly torn to shreds by the flying ultra beast while the plummeting scraps were snatched up by other surrounding creatures .

It was at this moment that some of the ultra beasts noticed Qin Feng’s approaching Sky Dweller and immediately rushed over .

The aptitude users in his cabin started to turn pale .

“Giant Elder Eagles, C5 tier!”

Of all the present aptitude users, there were only two that were C5 tier . What was more, humans could not normally defeat ultra beasts that were the same level as they were all by themselves .

Now that twenty or so of these things were flying at them, the sense of fear overwhelmed them .

“We need to run! Turn around!” Fortunately, there were other teams behind them . As long as they could turn around and regroup for a combined attack then they still had a chance at ensuring their safety!

But that was their idea, not Qin Feng’s .

He did not slow down and continued forward at top speed .

Meanwhile, the gunners in the other hover copters that refused to admit defeat were naturally taken aback by the scene they were witnessing .

“Haha, that kid in the front went so fast that he encountered ultra beasts first! Why don’t you fly back to Daddy and let him take care of it?”

The other gunners were also gloating at this supposed misfortune .

“What’s the point of going fast? How are we supposed to even land in that?”

“Is that kid nuts? He’s still going forward? I can see it now, the broken debris of a hover copter . I feel sorry for the unlucky guys onboard to have met such a nutcase!”

Meanwhile, back on the Sky Dweller .

An aptitude user with glaring eyes stepped forward into the cockpit to confront Qin Feng .

“Are you insane? That’s a C5 tier ultra beast . We need to turn back, this hover copter’s model’s only known for speed and it doesn’t have any shields…”

Before he could finish, he saw a brilliant blue flash of light from the cockpit window .

This blue light burst out and very quickly struck a Giant Elder Eagle .

The eagle was absolutely massive . It was twelve meters tall and had the wingspan of fifteen meters . It was about as big as the Sky Dweller . No wonder people thought that the Sky Dweller stood no chance, it was too big!

However, this ray of light pierced through the eagle’s body in an instant and tore through two other eagles that were flying behind it .

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Three birds with one shot!

The Giant Elder Eagles did not even struggle as their bodies plummeted to the ground like stones, their aura completely gone .

The aptitude user who came to reprimand Qin Feng was dumbfounded .

The other aptitude users felt like they had a lump in their throat, completely at a loss for words .


Qin Feng called out and the Sky Dweller abruptly shifted to the left .

Then it unleashed another blue ray of light .

There were four other Giant Elder Eagles flying in a single file formation, with one of them somewhat lagging behind . After the three in front of it were destroyed by the blue ray, it looked like the fourth was not quick enough to avoid the beam, seeming as if it had deliberately slammed into the ray and proceeded to get its head blown off!

The passengers in the Sky Dweller managed to stabilize themselves, using internal force to hold themselves to the cabin floor and maintaining their balance .


The Sky Dweller began to do a barrel roll .

By then, the other Giant Elder Eagles had noticed Qin Feng’s presence . These rays of light were too powerful, the light was very bright and this thing had killed off seven of their comrades, how could they just let Qin Feng get away?


A Giant Elder Eagle flapped its wings and rushed toward the Sky Dweller like a cannonball .

Qin Feng immediately tried to draw out the distance between them before firing out a beam of energy .

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Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!

In the blink of an eye, seven of those eagles were plummeting toward the ground .

Such accurate calculations were amazing, but what really shocked people was the power of his energy cannon .

A condensed beam capable of piercing through the enemy with ease . It had to have at least the power of a B-tier . How else would it be possible to kill seven ultra beasts in one go?

After the seven eagles fell, the sky no longer seemed to have that overcast feeling to it . Now there were only four to five eagles left . They shrieked as they saw Qin Feng’s Sky Dweller and scattered in all directions .

“Heh,” Qin Feng smirked and the side cannons on both sides of the hovercopter roared to life .

This time, what appeared was not an energy cannon but tracing missiles .

A total of five missiles locked onto exactly five Giant Elder Eagles .

The Giant Elder Eagle did not have the same powers as a gunner did . They could not redirect ballistics . The best they could do was fly faster, but the missiles were even faster as they caught up in the blink of an eye .

The missiles collided with their targets in an instant .


When the missile burst, there was no fiery explosion, instead there was a glow of prismatic light . After the light faded, the Giant Elder Eagle seemed to be encased in crystal before its crystallized form shattered!

“A Decomposition Cannon!”

Everyone looked at Qin Feng in amazement .