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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:35:47 PM

Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Tripled Inner Force

When the dust settled, only the shop assistant and Qin Feng remained at the scene .

“Ss… Sir . Should I call the patrol team?” the assistant quivered, close to tears .

“I’ve already called them . Relax . Don’t be scared . In the meantime, bring me some clothes, will you!”


… . .

The bounty hunter network, a semi-official organization independent of the patrol team and garrison, had its own system and base in each colony .

They arrived much quicker than expected, taking them less than 10 minutes to get to the store from where they were .

Of course, their main headquarters was also in the center of Chengbei colony .

By the time they arrived, Qin Feng had already changed into an expensive outfit . The shop assistant listened to him attentively . Upon closer inspection, the screen showed that they were all pet clothing for Xiaobai .

Clothes maketh the man – in his new outfit, Qin Feng’s entire temperament seemed to have changed . He could now claim to be the son of an affluent family, and people would believe him .

If it had not been because of his puerile looks, he would surely have looked more like a powerful elite . After all, Qin Feng possessed mighty strength in his previous life, explaining his ability to exert dominance on others .

“Hi, I’m Zhang Haoyang, the liaison officer of the bounty hunter in Chengbei!” a man offered his hand to Qin Feng .

“Hi! Qin Feng!” Qin Feng returned the handshake . The man had some grip .

Zhang Haoyang did not waste time on formalities – it was a hot day and there was a body in the shop .

Zhang Haoyang did a quick sweep of Li Hai’s identity and nodded at Qin Feng . “Identity confirmed!” Then he signaled for his subordinates to carry the body away .

They were not doing this job for free . Once they had ordered the arrest of criminals, they would request to decipher their communicator’s number, seize whatever money was inside and use it as bounty for other wanted criminals .

Unsurprisingly, due to their exploits, the bounty hunter organization was the wealthiest of them all . It was all fair game, as it was . They killed in the name of justice and honor in exchange for money .

Of course, they did not ask for Qin Feng’s identity, nor did they care for his ability . Those who joined the bounty hunter network only dealt in information and yielded very little strength .

“The assignment submission is complete . We will verify it immediately!” Zhang Haoyang said .

After a review of the assignment that Qin Feng had turned in, 2million yuan was immediately transferred into his account!

“Congratulations . You are now a Class F bounty hunter . From today onwards, should any wanted criminals set foot in Chengbei, we will alert you . I hope you will cooperate with us!” said Zhang Haoyang .

“No problem!” Evidently, Qin Feng shared the same amiable attitude with him .

They exchanged contacts, and with this new connection, Qin Feng enabled himself to receive a lot of information .

Hunting down wanted criminals in the colony was a very troublesome task . Bounty hunters who were weak were only setting themselves up for a tragic funeral . Some of the more powerful criminals even had the capability to assassinate the leaders of the colonies . For that reason, Zhang Haoyang was delighted to have Qin Feng, of whom he thought was rather mysterious, join their team of bounty hunters .

Being able to kill a Class F elect at such a young age was an ability possessed only by those who were geniuses . One could only imagine the potential this youth had in store .

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Once everything was settled, Qin Feng left with Xiaobai .

Hovercars were faster, and since everyone avoided crashing into luxury vehicles, Qin Feng was, for the most part, able to travel on the road unimpeded .

Once he was back in Lake Qing Garden, he marched straight for the training room on the first floor .

Sitting down in a lotus position, Qin Feng immediately looked into his dantian . It was nothing less than chaotic inside . There was a huge mist of inner force occupying it, messing up the initial order of inner force threads .

The strange mist was actually Li Hai’s inner force . He was an F-tier Ancient Warrior whose inner force had transformed into a ball of smog, subsequently entering Qin Feng’s dantian . This situation made him really uncomfortable inside . This was because his dantian hadn’t yet expanded enough to accommodate inner force in the form of a mist .

“Absorb!” Qin Feng then employed his absorption skills in an attempt to soak up all that mist .

His meridian expanded once again, and the cloud of smog was converted into eight silk threads that were integrated into his dantian .

As of now, there were 27 silk threads in his dantian – three times that of a peak G-tier Ancient Warrior .

“So, it would seem that fighting Ancient Warriors increases my internal force faster . I have to keep my conscience clear and avoid killing the innocent!” Qin Feng reminded himself .

That particular feeling that people got from an exponential Asteroid Assimilation boost would often cause them to lose control of themselves . They would be consumed by their desire to kill .

Thankfully, due to his previous life’s experience, Qin Feng was aware that he should not be too foolhardy .

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The next morning, Qin Feng rolled out of bed early .

The awakening period had passed . Those who had not been awakened would have no hope of awakening ever again . To most people, however, it was a new beginning .

Qin Feng drove to Zhou Hao’s place with Xiaobai .

“Hey, lunatic! You finally came! I was getting impatient!” grumbled Zhou Hao as he climbed into the car . When he saw Xiaobai, he simply stared at the creature . “What is this? A pet? Why do you have a pet?”

Today, Xiaobai was wearing a cute little hat with a clip underneath, and a formal red dress – all a very eye-catching ensemble .

After experiencing what it was like to walk freely in public, Xiaobai would rather die than to hide inside Qin Feng’s backpack once more .

Qin Feng had no choice but to bring the little creature along with him . No one at school had the intention to hurt Xiaobai anyway .

“Mmhmm, this is Xiaobai! Don’t call it a dog . It won’t be happy!” Qin Feng reprimanded Zhou Hao .

All Zhou Hao could do to was keep himself from bursting out laughing .

“Alright . Alright . How are you, Xiaobai? How about we shake hands, hmm?” Zhou Hao stretched out a palm .

Xiaobai flexed its claws, wondering if it should draw some blood from Zhou Hao .

“Ahem, alright! Buckle up!” Qin Feng quickly changed the subject .

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Zhou Hao had always gotten himself into trouble, unintentionally, of course . Although Xiaobai had constantly sissted Qin Feng, it was a beast general nonetheless, and its owner knew all too well how strong this tiny creature could turn out to be .

Soon, they arrived at the gates of Chengbei Advanced Academy .

There was a multitude of people standing at the entrance . Among the crowd, the few that stood out were the upperclassmen, clad in striped dark-red uniforms .

“The pretty girls from the advance academy are really on a whole total different level!” Zhou Hao noted excitedly, pointing at someone in the throng of people .

An uninterested Qin Feng turned around to look, only to realize that it was someone he knew – the one called Li Yaoyao, the water ability user .

Qin Feng vaguely remembered that she was a student of the advanced academy . Lo and behold, there was an impatient-looking Lu Meng standing next to her .

“Let’s go register our names first!”

There were three registration booths, two which were crowded with long lines while one was completely vacant . The latter was the booth for ability users .

“I’m going there! I’ll come to look for you later!” Qin Feng pointed at the empty booth, leaving a stunned Zhou Hao behind .

“Hey! Lunatic! Your special ability has awakened? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Qin Feng simply waved in response, ignoring Zhou Hao’s discontent .

This was a decision he had made after a bout of careful and lengthy deliberation .