Master of the End Times - Chapter 520

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Chapter 520: 520

Chapter 520: I’ll Speak For Myself

A decomposition blaster’s high rank meant that it was a very advanced piece of technology . The decomposition cannon was naturally more powerful but it came with a massive drawback .

Unless there were no better alternatives, it was better off not being used .

That was because there would be no loot left to pick up after it hits a target .

When Qin Feng used the decomposition cannon, each blast cost 50 million and 5 would have cost 2 . 5 billion . He fired them off without even so much as blinking .

This kid could not possibly be a new and rich upstart, right?

Everyone in the cabin muttered amongst themselves, but their attitude toward Qin Feng was changing for the better . Although that last move may have seemed a bit foolish to them, the previous moves he did were very impressive and efficient .

Qin Feng quickly landed on the huge landing pad, the other hover copters that were following him started to simultaneously arrive .

When they saw him rush ahead earlier and take down about 20 Giant Elder Eagles, any complaints that they would have had about him before were dispelled .

The border was at war and it was a desperate situation . Was there anything more important than killing ultra beasts and defending a country?

They even had a sense of admiration, thinking that Qin Feng was decisive and skilled .

“Everyone, we’re here . Get off the hover copter!” Qin Feng’s voice rang out .

The people in the cabin felt as if they had just snapped out of a dream .

By now they realized that the cabin door had already been opened .

“Ah! Right, right!”

“Yo, my dude, your gunner skills are pretty impressive . Here’s an idea, you and I should team up!”

“Hey, be considerate . Add me in too!”

Everyone looked at Qin Feng with admiration and naturally wanted to fight alongside Qin Feng .

With such a gunner as their support, they would be able to kill plenty of ultra beasts .

“Everyone, get off first . I need to store the hover copter!”

Qin Feng started to stand up .

Everyone was confused for a moment . Store the hover copter?

When Qin Feng was already outside of the cabin, the other aptitude users who needed to get out of his way started to spill out of the hover copter .

He raised his hand and put the Sky Dweller away .

After he had done so, the other hover copters landed and their cabin doors opened one after the other .

“Huh, it’s actually Qin Feng!” A B-tier said when he saw him, then thought, ‘why is he everywhere?’

However, not everyone recognized Qin Feng . Not everyone had gone to the arena and watched the Prodigy Tournament . Sometimes, the life of an aptitude user was a very busy one .

“You’re not going to be air support? Why did you put your hover copter away?” A passenger from his hover copter asked .

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“Man, don’t tell me that was just some one-time heroic moment . Did you use up all your energy?”

“How did you modify your hover copter?”

“Where can I buy something like that?”

Qin Feng did not stop for conversation this time, “When the battle is over, go to the Fengli Organization and you can modify yours to be like mine!”

“Fengli Organization?”

“Who’s that?”

“Oh yeah! I think I saw an ad about it a while ago!”

The people who knew Qin Feng held back their laughter . After all, Qin Feng was genuinely recommending his group but after thinking about his origins, they felt that everything seemed logical . Qin Feng did take over the Grans’ Floating City and the Fengli Organization sold firearms!

The gunners among them made a mental note to get some modifications later . There were other aptitude users who had also planned to buy a hover copter, it would be a saving grace to have that kind of speed when trying to escape in the wilderness .

At this moment, there was a roar in the distance . Everyone did not ask for details and immediately went toward the wall .

It sounded like it was only a hundred meters away!

Qin Feng and Bai Li moved side by side and in the blink of an eye the two were once again ahead of the group .

He did not unleash a great power either, but he moved at an astonishing speed . When his Dragon Steps were activated, there was nobody that could keep up with him .

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Some of the C-tiers found that incredible, but the B-tiers did not try to challenge that since they knew who he was .

Instead, they were more curious .

‘Previously, Qin Feng had always gained a lot from the Northern Abyss, I don’t know what his true strength is!’

‘I want to see how powerful this guy is!’

‘If he performed like how he did in the Northern Abyss, I’m pretty sure he can deal with this beast wave all by himself!’

While everyone had this train of thought, Qin Feng did not think that he would be able to deal with a monster wave all on his own .

The power of a single individual was limited .

The strongest among the humans had a primary task when fighting a monster wave: Take out the biggest and strongest things in said wave . It was to prevent the stronger ultra beasts from wiping out the weaker humans .

That was the only way to deal with a beast wave .

The moment Qin Feng leapt over the border wall, he discovered a powerful presence within the beast wave .

It was a ten meter tall savage looking bull that was charging forward despite the constant artillery bombardment, it was already a hundred meters away from the wall .

With the size of this bull, a hundred meter charge would lead to more than just an impact!

Qin Feng’s consciousness was mobilized in a flash and a huge burst of flame appeared above his head . The flame continuously expanded and in the blink of an eye it reached a diameter of ten meters .

It was as if there was a molten planet floating above his head .


He thrusted both hands forward and sent the molten planet rushing outward .


The fireball exploded as it collided with the bull’s body .

The bull was only a C2 beast king and Qin Feng already had the consciousness of a C3 beast emperor . Against the bull, the results were crushing .

As the molten planet slammed into the bull beast king, it dug its hooves into the ground as if to brace itself but ended up getting sent flying backward . There was a huge gorge left in the wake of the impact, along with a charred corpse .

“Nice!” The highly stressed gunners who had been blasting at the beast king cried out their praises and looked for the new attacker .

To their horror, they saw Qin Feng, an ability user, jump off the wall and fall into the incoming beast wave .

They were reeling . Should an ability user not be standing on the wall and firing out abilities left and right?

Was this guy insane? Did he jump down to commit suicide?

But they could not stop Qin Feng at all, they could only helplessly watch Qin Feng as he sank into the sea of ultra beasts .

Qin Feng went in deep without backup and suddenly a group of ultra beasts smelled the scent of food .