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Master of the End Times - Chapter 521

Published at 2nd of January 2021 02:55:17 AM

Chapter 521

Chapter 521: Beast Wave Outbreak

Within a single night’s time, they had been driven away and hurriedly rushed into this place, a world entirely unlike their own . They wanted to eat, but were attacked and had already been enraged!

Seeing the meal that was Qin Feng appearing in front of them only tempted them to approach .


With a heart-stopping bellow, about five bulls rushed toward Qin Feng while other ultra beasts surrounded him in a tight circle .

“Die!” The flaming Verdant Emperor Saber appeared in his hand with a flash of fuchsia light .

“Burning Sword Glare!”


A flaming blade of light up to 10 meters long swept out and spread like a peacock’s fan, destroying all of the enemies in front of him as if they were made of paper!

He killed as he moved, tossing the beasts in his path on their backs as they opened up like bloody fountains before reaching the Bloodfrenzy Bull King .


He swung the Verdant Emperor Saber .

The beast king felt a great danger and let out a loud bellow as it tried to avoid the blow .

Its large body was obviously not flexible enough!


A huge slab of flesh was slashed off from its body .

The Bloodfrenzy Bull King boasted an incredible defense, even the shells that bombarded him only managed to singe a few of its hairs but Qin Feng easily broke right through it .

The bull let out a roar and charged toward Qin Feng .

“Dragon Steps!”

He became so fast that he could not be seen with the naked eye and leapt to the bull king’s side .

With both feet touching the ground, he stomped hard .


The ground cracked and he leapt high, instantly reaching the same height as the Bloodfrenzy Bull King .

The Verdant Emperor Saber was thrusted forward and pierced a hide that was as thick as the border’s fortifications .


The saber sunk all the way in, leaving only the hilt still sticking out

“Out of my way!”

He planted a foot on the beast king’s body and grabbed his saber before dragging it all the way down .

Qin Feng’s actions made a huge wound that split open instantly .

He had reached the side of the bull that was near its stomach area . His weapon was about a meter long and when he cut down he parted the skin and split open the bull’s belly!

Blood instantly gushed out . Qin Feng fortunately had his internal force to defend himself but the gushing blood spilled forth into the air . Nobody could see Qin Feng due to the blood shower blocking their view .

It was then the bull’s innards started to slip out from its wound .

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That attack was a heavy blow to the beast king!

It let out a pained bellow and endured the severe pain . Its head snapped itself toward Qin Feng’s direction, swooping its horns toward him .

In a life or death situation, the awkward lumbering body of the Bloodfrenzy Bull King suddenly became more agile .

This blow almost looked as if it was going to hit Qin Feng’s body .

“Fiery Rampage!”

Qin Feng unleashed a fire ability, not to the sides but went upward instead before dropping down .

He immediately managed to avoid the attack .

His hands started to get shrouded in a horrible force of dark energy .

“Dark Decay!”

A large patch of darkness shrouded the lower body of the Bloodfrenzy Bull King, where the wound was opened up .

It had already become an exposed weak spot and the bull was barely clinging onto life, having no way of resisting Qin Feng’s rune based attack . The stench of decay clung to that raw power of an Emperor, eroding the insides and draining the bull’s vitality .

The corruption continued to spread as the bull, unable to withstand the pain, collapsed to the ground on its side!

The Bloodfrenzy Bull King indeed had a strong defense, otherwise Qin Feng would have killed it in a single attack after using one of his finishing moves, but instead he had to use multiple attacks before his opponent would be weakened .

The following battle was much easier, Qin Feng’s weapon burst into a burning light before he managed to sever its spine once the darkness had severely weakened it . The Bloodfrenzy Bull King was a hardy one indeed, but it ended up being the one who took its last breath .

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In just five minutes, Qin Feng had slain a beast king .

Qin Feng was used to such a record, but this was surprising for many who witnessed it .

Soon, something that filled them with more dread appeared in their field of vision .

The beast wave naturally did not only have two sides, there was also a pride of C3-tier Luminous Lions . Their golden bodies and bright manes made them all shine brilliantly, with their Pride Leader shining as if a miniature sun .

The destructive force of a Luminous Lion was greater than a Bloodfrenzy Bull’s . It moved quickly and used the light around it to conceal its movements . It was a tricky opponent for the average B-tier .

However, the Pride Leader was currently bound around the neck by a young girl with a whip . The whip she had was no more than three meters long, but once she had activated her ability the whip turned silver and grew a hundred meters long . After the lion was entangled, she did not kill it and instead looked in Qin Feng’s direction .

When Qin Feng killed the Bloodthirsty Bull King, the young girl waved her hand and the Pride Leader crashed down in front of him .

Needless to say, this girl was none other than Bai Li .

Crack! With a tug of her spatial whip, the Luminous Lion Pride Leader’s head was removed from its neck and it collapsed in front of Qin Feng .

He pretended that the Pride Leader was not dead and went ahead to stab it in the forehead .

The Pride Leader did not understand just how did it manage to provoke a C-tier beast emperor before it was slain .

Of course, the main reason Bai Li did not kill it immediately was so Qin Feng could absorb the Pride Leader’s energy after its defeat .

Now with the force of two beast kings inside him along with some parts of the B-tier Pyric Wyvern beast king, his body’s strength had finally achieved a breakthrough .


Due to the recent battles, Qin Feng’s rank-up speed had increased rapidly .

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At this moment all the surrounding soldiers and aptitude users broke out into cheers .

This scene was a huge boost to their morale . Originally there was this unrelenting feeling of dread, but now that was washed away by the feeling of survival, the battle was won!

“Dead! The beast kings are dead!”


“Onward! Force these beasts back!”

The crowd roared and surged into battle .

Qin Feng followed in the carnage, quickly and cleanly killing any ultra beast he came across .

However, not everyone on the battlefield had the same strength Qin Feng did . Some C-tier aptitude users were unfortunately slain by ultra beasts, crushed and broken where they stood or torn to pieces in an instant without so much as leaving behind a corpse .

There would always be death in a beast wave, what Qin Feng could only do was kill every ultra beast as quickly as he could until these things were forced to retreat .

After half an hour, the terrifying beast wave finally retreated .

By then, there was a steady stream of troops arriving . A large number of D-tier and E-tier soldiers began to clean up the battlefield, build cannons and send out drones to scout ahead .

“Beep beep!” Qin Feng was not tired, but before he could even sit down and catch a breath his communicator began to beep .

Drone footage could be seen from the notification .

The person in charge of the Far Woodland border, a B-tier general, suddenly called out .

“Everyone, get ready! Another wave of ultra beasts is incoming! ETA 10 minutes!”

Beast waves were never solved in just one wave, especially when there was bloody fighting . The scent of death and blood would only cause more ultra beasts to approach .